[Tapping on Tuesdays] – Relieving Chronic Pain

There are numerous ways to relieve chronic body pain with EFT.

Oftentimes, underlying unresolved emotional drivers are causing chronic pain in the body. This could be anything: past trauma, anger, grief, sadness and a myriad of other issues.

Today, our tapping script has two parts:

Part one: 3 ways to release pain with setup phrases that you can modify for your own specific issue.
Part two: focus on a healthy body and overall well-being

Loving EFT Self-care for this Month!

Done-for-You Tapping Script: Relieving Chronic Pain

Part One

Start with the Karate Chop and then tap through all the points:

1. Focus on your actual pain and be very specific:
‘Even though I have this lightning bolt pain in my side, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”
‘Even though I have this throbbing headache in the front of my head, I deeply…’
‘Even though I have this dull ache in my left knee….’

2. Focus on how you feel about the pain:
‘Even though I’m afraid if this pain keeps up, I won’t be able to dance anymore, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I’m terrified I’ll lose my job if this pain gets worse…..’
‘Even though if I was the person I think I am, I would have gotten rid of this pain long ago…..’
‘Even though I have these emotions about having this pain….’

3.  Find an emotion or quality in the pain or part of the body in pain:
‘Even though I have this resentment in my shoulder, I deeply and profoundly accept myself’
‘Even though I have this anger in my lower back – nobody ever supported me and I’m tired of doing it all myself…..’
‘Even though I have this shame/grief/sadness (whatever it is) in my…’

Part Two

Tap through all the Tapping Points:

Tap in the positive – a healthy body and overall well-being

  • My beautiful body is comprised
  • of trillions of cells
  • I want to enjoy
  • feeling more balance and harmony
  • between all of my cells
  • I am ready now
  • to release gently
  • all my fear and doubt
  • because I want to feel
  • absolute well-being in my body
  • Living in a pain-free body
  • is one of my biggest desires
  • I have always allowed fear to run my life
  • and now I choose peace and trust instead
  • My good-feeling body
  • will come easily
  • because I choose to stay more
  • calm and centered
  • I allow the pleasure and comfort
  • of a healthy body
  • I am ready to evolve
  • to a better way of life.
  • I choose to see the world
  • as a safe and beautiful place
  • so I can put safely
  • my attention on the future
  • I send love and healing
  • to every part of my body
  • I envision optimum blood flow
  • to the part(s) of my body
  • that need it the most
  • and my physical body responds quickly
  • to my new fresh energy
  • I choose to trust and love myself
  • I am ready to create
  • a happy and healthy body
  • I easily derive pleasure
  • from experiencing my better-feeling body
  • I continually amaze myself
  • with my ability to heal my body
  • I am proud of the fact that
  • I can count on me for
  • making healthy life-choices.
  • I choose to enjoy life
  • without this enslavement
  • of pain and restriction
  • I continually amaze myself
  • with my increasing ability
  • to act from a place of alignment
  • so beneficial behavior will be inspired
  • and wonderful things can unfold
  • with great ease
  • And the more ease I feel
  • the less resistance I hold
  • and the more the cells of my body
  • can find their natural balance!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!

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The Heart of a Man

In honor of Father’s Day in June and to celebrate all the great men in our life, I am proud to announce my first one-on-one...

This program came about after having several conversations with high-quality, strong, hard-working men.

This is the essence of what they told me:
‘Jeanine, you are doing all these wonderful things for women (or our wife) to help them, but what about US…??? We need help too! We are also stressed and burned out. There is a lot of pressure on us and high expectations because we want to be fully involved dads, too. We need to manage and juggle so much. We are exhausted and nobody acknowledges this and my buddies are having the same problems’
Honor your essence
Reconnect with your power
Strong. Courageous. Protective. Loyal. Generous.
Being Proud of who you are
Proud of being a Hero in someone’s life

Enjoy reading inspiring stories below from some of my strong, courageous and committed male clients. I have also included an insider wife’s perspective on how her marriage and her life improved dramatically as a result of her husband working with me!
Special note: I didn’t include my clients their personal information, however, they are happy to speak with you, personally.

My life is forever changed!

"I am a 45 year old male, a husband, a father of five children and a business owner. 

Before I started working with Jeanine, I thought my life was manageable.  Now however, looking back, I couldn’t have been more delusional!  In reality, I was spiraling downward, without noticing the profound negative impact it was having in all aspects of my life.  I coped with life’s stresses for 20 years with alcohol and tobacco, and these substances had taken over my life!  My motivation, my relationships and my family life were taking the brunt of my addictions and my life in all reality was unmanageable x10.  Rock bottom was next, and it took the courage and love of my wife to confront me and offer what I now see as the most generous of ultimatums, “You need to give up alcohol and get therapy, otherwise, I will have to make a choice for myself and our children.”  It was a wake-up call that I took offence to at the time, but that I desperately needed.  Looking back, it was a pinnacle moment in my life that saved my marriage and my relationship with my family.  I am truly grateful for my introduction to EFT and Jeanine.
I immediately abstained from alcohol and put my trust in Jeanine.  At first I was unsure about EFT and dreaded my appointments with Jeanine, however, it wasn’t long before I started to see the results.  Without alcohol to cope, the fog began to clear and my eyes were opened.  I became painfully aware of my circumstances and the pain I had caused my precious wife and the damage I had done to myself.  Now, almost a year later, and numerous emotional EFT sessions with Jeanine, I have peeled back many layers of trauma that existed in my life that had led me to where I was.  I then began to build a life committed towards becoming a superior man for myself, my wife and my children.  Jeanine’s intuition and wisdom have taught me, and challenged me to take control.  I even quit smoking after over 20 years!  EFT was a crucial part in my success with overcoming my addictions.
Jeanine is a God send, an angel sent to me and my family, and I am grateful for her every single day as I live this wonderful yet challenging new life.  Through our sessions, Jeanine has taught me how to laugh, and that it’s ok for a man to cry.  And most importantly, she has helped me clear the traumas that contributed to who I had become.  Now I am learning to be the man that my family deserves, I am taking control!!!
To all the men out there!!!  We need EFT!!!  Our lives as men can be trivial and unbalanced.  Our responsibilities can be overwhelming.  If you want to find long lasting peace and balance in your life, then trust in the freedom that EFT will bring.  My life is forever changed.  Thank you to my wife, thank you to Jeanine, and thank you for emotional freedom.  I am a continuing work in progress :)"

A new life has opened up for me, one of peace, pride in myself and excitement for the future where I can realize my dreams!

"Before I began my work with Jeanine I lived a lie. On the exterior I was a success in Business, a hard working executive, a confident and funny man. On the inside I was insecure, fearful of and expecting failure, angry, easily hurt and a workaholic. I did not feel proud to be a man and in fact loathed myself. I was in my third marriage, this time with who I consider my soulmate, and quickly heading to ruin. I day dreamed often of a righteous death performing some noble act that my loved ones would be proud of. I drank too much. I suffered with physical ailments. I was exhausted living a life where I felt unable to make anyone happy versus failing everyone.

Jeanine saved my life. I have no better words than those. Through our work together she has helped me exorcise my childhood demons, flush years of guilt and self-loathing, help me relax and help me feel proud of who I am and proud to be the man I have always wanted to be. I trust Jeanine completely. She made it so easy to open my heart, my fears and my stories. The work is very hard but her gentle guiding soul allowed me to confront my past and bring me peace. 
Today, my relationship with my wife is on a great path. I have great relationships with my children. I feel great physically. I am more relaxed in life and business which brings me greater success in both. I like myself and feel proud to have survived well while under such internal stress and self-loathing. I made it to where I found my guiding angel, Jeanine, who has opened up a new life for me. One of peace, pride in myself and excitement for a future where I can realize dreams that had long been put aside."

He’s excited about life and his motivation to take care of things has increased exponentially! 

"Before my husband started working with Jeanine, it was difficult for us to talk about “hot topics” without an explosion resulting.  He was depressed, had no zest for life, minimal motivation, and little happiness.  He was confused about a woman’s energy and took everything personally.  When I was upset he always thought I was mad at him.
Since working with Jeanine, my husband has most definitely grown and evolved!!  He has learned how to listen to what I’m saying, and doesn’t take everything so personally anymore.  As a result, he’s much more approachable.  He’s excited about life, and his motivation to take care of things has increased exponentially!  He has also quit smoking since working with Jeanine, and he had been a heavy smoker for many years.
From a female perspective, working with Jeanine has been eye opening and absolutely amazing!  I have learned so many wonderful things from Jeanine, including how to give a voice to my feelings and emotions, how to better balance my masculine and feminine traits, and how to best approach my husband so that we both get what we want and need!  My life has improved dramatically.  I have more self-confidence, I am much more calm and relaxed, I am less stressed, I am managing my time better, and I have learned how to take better care of myself.  Self-care wasn’t something I made a priority in the past, and Jeanine has taught me the importance of self-care, and how to incorporate it into my life every day.
For most of my adult life, I have suffered off and on from TMJ.  It was at its worst when I started working with Jeanine one-on-one, and after only a few months of EFT my TMJ is gone!  Our family life has also improved.  We are a blended family with five children.  Home life is very important to us and can be busy.  It can be challenging making time for everyone, and working with the other parents.  Since working with Jeanine I am much more balanced emotionally, and have more to give back to my family.  I have taken the EFT training Levels 1, 2 and 3, and have learned how to use EFT with our children.  EFT is a fabulous tool to use with children of all ages!!

Jeanine is one incredible lady!!  She has helped our family immensely.  It is outstanding, in my opinion, what can be accomplished with EFT in such a short period of time.  I know couples who have done years of conventional talk therapy with minimal results.  EFT gives lasting, permanent results.  Jeanine certainly has a special gift.  I can’t recommend and compliment her enough.  My and my husband’s lives have changed for the better since working with Jeanine."
If you are a man who feels inspired and curious about what could be possible for you, please send me an email at jeanine@EFTforlife.com
If you are a woman, feel free to forward this invitation to the special men in your life.
Wishing you a beautiful day!

How to do EFT for kids?

What is EFT?

EFT is a highly effective science-based technique that offers a new explanation for your child’s intense emotional reactions and offers a solution to keep your child from taking trauma, fears, and anxieties into adulthood.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles. Instead, we stimu- late certain meridian points by tapping on them with our fingertips.
The idea is that negative emotions are caused by imbalances in the body’s subtle energy system and this tapping serves to restore that balance. Properly done, even the heaviest trauma or the most embarrassing rejection becomes “just something else that happened.”

How can EFT help my child?

You can help your child — your whole family in fact — gain freedom from emotional upset and trauma while they are still children. Using EFT will increase your child’s chances of growing up free of negative beliefs about themselves and without intense fears and anxieties.

For example, if your son messed up his lines in a school play and the whole school laughed at him, he may not want to speak in front of people anymore. EFT can help erase the trauma associated with that situation and reduce the likelihood that he will have a fear of public speaking as an adult. He does not need to keep feeling bad about himself and we as parents can stop worrying.

EFT can resolve temper tantrums, learning difficulties, nightmares, thumb sucking, or get rid of some tendencies to stutter.
Does your child have a fear that is interfering with his or her joy in life? Maybe it is a fear of water … of bugs … of the dark, or a fear of a child at school?

Can children learn EFT?

Anyone, even children, can learn the basics of EFT. This tool empowers you and your children to take control of lingering emotional hurts and upsets.

There are numerous stories where children have cleared traumatic emotional issues like the death of a pet, or grandparent, then gone on with their lives as if the trauma had never happened, and they are left with the happy memories.

Please note that in addition to eliminating children’s fears and traumas, EFT has been a consistently effective healing tool for hundreds of other important issues like ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, nervousness, car sickness, first day of school apprehension, loneliness, shyness, insecurities, blocked creativity, sports performance anxiety, and many more.

Once you are familiar with the foundational principles, you will know how to treat yourself with EFT for the things your children do, that upset you. In addition, you will give your child the gift of a lifelong skill how to self-calm and self-sooth them- selves from any emotional upset for the rest of their life!

Some examples where EFT has proven to be very effective with children:

Learning multiplication tables rapidly
Nervousness about exams & grade improvement
Fear of making mistakes
Blocked creativity
Separation anxiety
First day at school apprehension
School phobia
Dealing with peer pressure
Driver’s test anxiety
Student/teacher friction
Being bullied, teasing
Sport Performance
Sports anxiety
Fear of the dark
Bedtime fears due to TV programs
Dealing with temper tantrums
Fear of Santa Claus, Halloween costume fear
Fear of thunder, lightening
Pet grief
Travel sickness
Homesickness, loneliness
And many more

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