Imagine receiving high-quality attention from me for one full day in a refreshing and healthy environment?

What would that feel like for you?

An entire day away from all distractions…
Relaxing, feeling uplifted and inspired by beauty while healing with ease and grace

Would this be something for you?
One day focusing on you, exclusively?

Email me at for more details.

Please note: Virtual options available for each VIP day!

January 2022

Paris, France

February 2022

Les Ardennes, Belgium

March 2022

Calgary, Canada

April 2022

Nice, France 

May 2022

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

June 2022

Paris, France 

July 2022

no VIP Days

August 2022

Seaside, Belgium

September 2022

Paris, France

October 2022

Calgary, Canada

November 2022

Les Ardennes, Belgium

December 2022

no VIP Days


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