A Precious Gift for Women who want to be Healthy, Happy and Free!



It is my pleasure to welcome you as the Founder of the EFT for Life Academy! I am the Creator of the Art of Authentic Feminine Success with EFT. I enjoy my specialized practice as an EFT Trainer, Feminine Success Mentor and EFT Author

Smart, conscious, creative women (and a few wonderful men too!) come to me because they want to have it all whatever it means for them, specifically. Mostly, they deeply desire to be healthy, happy and free!

My work is based on the fascinating world of neuroscience, epi-genetics and the science-based Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). My clients enjoy over 90% success, consistently, with EFT. At least once a week, one of my clients tells me I am their ‘Angel of Hope’

what would it feel like, if you could experience all the health, happiness and freedom your heart desires?
what would that be like for you?

Imagine being free…
free from your worries
free from your pain
free from anxieties

how would you feel?
how would your health, happiness and wellbeing improve?

Imagine, if you could ‘have it all’, whatever ‘it’ means for you
–   unshakeable confidence
–   a healthy ageless body with an abundance of energy
–   happy relationships
–   peace of mind and serenity
–   having always as much money as you are able to spend
–   being satisfied with your body image
–   loving life and enjoying every moment
and… feeling strong, courageous and resilient in the process!

and of course… we are doing all of this the easy way with EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques!