Please note: I have written permission from each person

EFT  Level 1 Workshop

Reprogramming the subconscious
I learned how to reprogram the subconscious mind. In the workshop I like the idea of working at building a list and then working at it daily.
Jeanine is a lovely and precious workshop presenter.
Barb Wright, Priddis Healing journey in my own life

I enjoyed this well presented workshop in a safe and comfortable environment
What I liked most is the healing journey in my own life so I can then use EFT to benefit others.
I was surprised that my anger, fear and phobias were instigated by the same cause; there were many similarities. I am anxious to keep up the tapping and see the changes.
Thank you for the wonderful workshop!
K.T., Edmonton

Effective and easy to follow and understand
This EFT Level 1 workshop was that it was easy to follow, easy to understand and effective.
By attending this workshop, I’ve learned that there are so many underlying issues to resolve.
Jeanine is an excellent workshop presenter. She’s beautiful inside and out.
Kim A., DeWinton

Positive and powerful networking environment
It was very educational to have first hand experiences with tapping, as well as being in a positive and powerful networking environment that is pursuing healing.
By attending this workshop, I’ve learned how to connect emotions with physical symptoms.
Jeanine is wonderful and I appreciated the flow and clear knowledge in the workshop
Moraima C., Calgary

Real-life examples and Borrowing Benefits
It was very powerful and helpful seeing the real-life examples and Borrowing Benefits. I loved feeling the energy of all the people.
I had several “AHA” moments during the tapping.
Jeanine is a fabulous workshop presenter! I appreciate that I was able to work through my issues without having to get specific.
A.R., Calgary

Refocusing my efforts
What I liked most about this EFT Level 1 workshop was meeting great people, meeting Jeanine, and refocusing my efforts on tapping and its importance.
It was great to be around people who wanted to learn the same topic as I do. No one in my personal world seems interested, which I don’t understand! I liked the breakdown of which emotions are linked to which body parts in the body.
Jeanine is a wonderful, wise and thoughtful presenter! The workshop was better than expected. Just plain GOOD!
Joanne Bennett, Calgary

All aspects can be resolved
I liked the entire experience – mostly the experience of seeing it done properly, as well as the tips for using EFT so that I can effectively use EFT in my own life.
I learned that aspects can be resolved quickly; however, they are only part of the whole problem so while all aspects can be resolved the problem may still exist until all aspects are all or mostly resolved.
Jeanine is a wonderful workshop presenter, full of energy, and always eager to answer anyone’s questions.
R.P., Calgary

How to work through your issues
I very much liked the process of how to work through your issues. What I’ve learned in this workshop is that it takes persistence of working on issues every day; it’s not a one shot deal.
Jeanine spoke clearly and answered questions well and was sensitive to people’s issues.
L.P., Calgary

Techniques for dealing with pain
What was most helpful for me was learning the different techniques for different issues. The demonstrations were powerful.
The techniques for dealing with pain were very educational and practical.
In one word, Jeanine is “outstanding”! She has a very calm, intuitive approach. I admire her style.
There was enough material for the length of time. Very good!
Thank you very much!
G.B., Calgary

Embracing life with new tools
What I like most in the EFT Level 1 workshop was the volunteers and seeing how you tapped for each issue. I found the entire workshop incredible. All the new tools we can use in change and really embrace our lives.
I’ve grown and gained new insights in the trauma tapping.
Jeanine was inspirational, professional, well prepared, warm and compassionate to our privacy.
It was awesome!
Deborah Klein, Bragg Creek

Exponential growth
I was amazed and inspired by the exponential growth in power from a group session.
Jeanine is a great and intuitive teacher.
Bart Robinson, Calgary

Easy way to help myself and others
I really liked the whole workshop! I am happy to know that there is such an easy way to help myself and others. I am excited to use this in my healing practice!
I learned that I have a few issues that I was not aware of, by tapping along with the volunteers. I noticed some triggering emotions.
I thought that Jeanine presented a wonderful combination of knowledge, intuition and I am less emotional that I expected coming into today.
Thank you Jeanine!
Cindy Lang, Drayton Valley

Hands-on learning
I liked everything in this workshop (especially liked the pain in my back and neck gone!). I also enjoyed talking about the subconscious mind and the hands-on learning.
I’ve grown and gained new insights in how my and others’ subconscious mind works. It will help me in terms of self-care and it will help my family, friends and clients as well!
Jeanine is a very gentle presenter, explains the material very well, and engages everyone.
J.W., Lloydminster

Simple is sometimes best!
I was amazed how easy to use EFT is; simple is sometimes best!
I learned so much in the workshop; what didn’t I learn! It’s so exciting. I can’t wait to just try it!
Jeanine is a compassionate, thorough and understanding workshop presenter.
Thank you!
R.T., Langdon

Receiving secondary benefits
I received so many secondary benefits by tapping along.
What I’ve learned in this workshop is that you focus on the negative points and it is because that negative point is already in your subconscious.
Jeanine is a great, entertaining and knowledgeable presenter.
L.B., Calgary

Replacing self beliefs

I loved seeing the practical sessions. I feel more comfortable practicing on myself, then sharing with others.
I have gained new insights and saw how neat it is that most people end with replacing self-beliefs. I liked learning about the different sequences.
Jeanine is great and keeps a positive, enthusiastic energy – it’s a treat to be in her presence.
K.R., Canmore

The shifts happened so quickly!

The results I experienced were incredible. I was quite surprised to feel the shifts happening so quickly!
I was amazed at how easily I was able to give up my number with craving food and at the subconscious answers that came up in regards to my attachment – this was extremely effective!
Jeanine’s loving energy radiates from her! She is extremely patient, especially in regards to the barrage of questions. She explains very clearly.
Thank you!
Alexis Lukenda, Calgary

Increased confidence
I love my increased confidence in practicing EFT.
I have gained insights and knowledge of how EFT affects the subconscious mind, that was very helpful.
Love Jeanine as a workshop presenter, her genuine warmth and love is in her aura.
R.V., Calgary

I learned so much in every area

The demonstration of different methods and vocabulary in dealing with different situations were extremely helpful to me. I liked the willingness people showed in sharing knowledge with the group.
I learned so much in every area and I’m anxious to practice all these aspects.
I liked the fact that Jeanine welcomed comments and included everyone. She is warm and gentle in her approach. She is confident and had answers for all questions.

Gaining insights in personal relationships
I was amazed at how we can borrow benefits from others while working on our issues too!  I’ve gained new insights in the relationship with my mom by attending this workshop.
Jeanine, you are a calming, comforting and heartfelt person.
Thank you.

Golden Nuggets plus much, much more
Everything in this EFT workshop was terrific – from the physical set up to the emotional safety to the educational component!
I have grown and gained new insights in A LOT: Surrogate Tapping, Golden Nuggets, Benefits as a Borrower, plus much, much more.
Jeanine is an insightful, thorough, and caring workshop presenter. She has terrific assistants – I really appreciated their help and comments.
So enjoyed the day!
Carol Schmick

Identifying problems with regard to emotional intensity
I really liked the lessons learned from others’ experiences and the techniques in the workshop.
Participating at the front was insightful; previously I was having difficulty in identifying problems with regard to emotional intensity. I have grown and gained new insights and awareness by attending this workshop.
Jeanine has a clear understanding of EFT and facilitating it. She is a fabulous and intuitive workshop presenter.

Made me think about EFT Level 2
I enjoyed the nice group of people.
Jeanine is a very good presenter and goes with the flow of the group. She does a very good job of answering questions.
Attending this workshop made me think about EFT Level 2.
Daryl Harrison

Keep “digging” until all is revealed and removed
I really liked the comfort and ease with Jeanine and the other participants.
What I have learned in this workshop is to keep “digging” in a non-threatening way until all the aspects of an issue are revealed and removed. I’ve also learned to use humour whenever possible.
Jeanine is a very warm, kind, compassionate and funny workshop presenter.
Susan Saracini

Transcending to a higher appreciation
I enjoyed this EFT Level 1 workshop and the people added to the overall experience.
Due to my process and the processes of others in this workshop, I feel I transcended to a higher appreciation of myself and others.
Jeanine’s presentation was informative, healing and loving.

Precious learning
The things I liked most about the EFT Level 1 workshop were the modelling examples.
Precious learning was refreshed and reinforced for me and I appreciated the Level 2 information which was incorporated in this workshop.
Jeanine is a great presenter and provides a very safe environment for everyone. It was peaceful and there was a nice energy.

Learning new and beneficial techniques
I enjoyed observing the practice sessions and learning which words to use. I liked most the “erase and replace” technique. The trauma technique was so beneficial for me to learn in this workshop.
Jeanine is an authentic and excellent workshop presenter. I felt very comfortable.
Thank you,

The Best in the West!
Jeanine you are “The Best in the West!”  You are very personable and kind.  During the workshop, I enjoyed the closeness of the other participants and the sharing of everyone in the group.
I’ve gained awareness in not beat myself up, to get rid of the negative and replace with the positive.

Seeing and feeling results
The thing I liked most about the workshop is that it has given me hope and opened me to the possibility of maybe one day helping others. I enjoyed the amount of tapping and seeing and feeling the results.
Jeanine you are warm, kind, funny and very knowledgeable.
Kim Dube

Learning the Trauma Point
I want you to know that I enjoyed the experience very much.  I found your voice, your smile and your presence so very soothing and yet powerful.
What I liked most in the workshop was learning the trauma point techniques, as well as the ease and comforting method in Jeanine’s teaching. I have grown and gained new insights in healing myself of pain and dealing with life’s lessons.
Jeanine is an excellent presenter. She’s very compassionate and I enjoyed her sense of humour.
Thank you so much and I look forward to Level 2.
I. Trevors

I Liked that the Other Participants were so Supportive

I enjoyed the comfortable approach of this workshop very much. I liked that others were so supportive and shared many of my issues.
Jeanine is a fantastic presenter, and her great sense of humour was an ice breaker that helped me to relax.

Seeing how EFT is Applied to Different Situations

Jeanine is great.  She is a very experienced and skilled presenter.  It was fascinating to see her interact and come up with so many varied verbal suggestions when tapping with individual people.
I valued receiving different ideas on how to apply EFT to different situations. I have learned to tap on my own issues before helping someone else.
The workshop was great and I enjoyed the good pace and well spaced breaks!
Lena Greer

The Speed that you can Achieve Results

What I liked most about EFT Level 1 is the ease with which it can be applied and the speed that you can achieve results with. It was great to share and benefit from the practical experiences.
Jeanine is wonderful, extremely knowledgeable and she presents with a sense of humour which makes the class enjoyable.
Thank you so much Jeanine. I look forward to continuing to work with EFT.
A. Robertson

The Ease and Simplicity of the Technique
What I enjoyed most about the workshop today was the ease and simplicity of the techniques used.  The trauma technique is a very good tool I have learned today.
I have learned that you should clean up your forest prior to helping others. I have also learned that you must consistently look within to see the tainted trees within.
Jeanine is an excellent presenter, she has a beautiful spirit and she is perfect for this training.
Everything was taken care of in this workshop!

Having a Group Accelerated Learning Process
Jeanine is very sensitive and compassionate. She was quick and thorough to answer questions and concerns.
I enjoyed all aspects of the workshop and having a group setting accelerates the learning process. I gained insights in how it is a very intuitive process and that it has the same benefits as concentrated meditation, more focused than therapy, and can get to major issues very fast!

I enjoyed the Practical Nature of the Material
I enjoyed the practical nature of the material and the time spent on practice. I am learning and believing more in loving and accepting myself.
Jeanine is intuitive and funny and she was very well organized. Jeanine and her assistants demonstrate the highest level of care and attention.
Linda Spencer

The Simplicity and Practical “Hands On” Approach

Jeanine is a fabulous instructor with a good sense of humour. She makes everyone feel very comfortable.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the course and the hands-on experience.  I gained insights in my ability to make myself feel good.
Keep up the good work.

I can’t wait to try it on my daughter
Thank you … I had a really great time.  I enjoyed everything!  Especially seeing how EFT worked on the women who came up front.  I learned so much … I can not wait to try EFT on my daughter and use it for my own issues.
Thank you!
Ramona Cooper

How crucial it is to come from clarity first
“I liked the way Jeanine brought a person through their issue and tuned into the client. It was very educational and showed how to use EFT at its best. I learned how to do the surrogate tapping and how crucial it is to come from clarity first – heal myself first before I heal others!
Jeanine, it’s great how you manage the class and keep everyone focused.”
Sally Parsons, Calgary

Let the emotions come out without judging the feelings
“I liked the wonderful energy in the room and the freeness or lack of difficulty that was involved. I learned to just let the emotions come out without judging the feelings.
Jeanine was fantastic, very warm, great sense of humor and very respectful.”
Lisa McCormick, Calgary

It’s the how for changing negative emotions
It gives hope and is a wonderful complement to the law of attraction. It’s the “how” for changing negative emotions.
After EFT Level 1 I feel better able to self-actualize.
Jeanine is very good at creating a safe environment and ensuring all questions received are answered, and she never got defensive.”
L.S. from Saskatoon

Easy changes in emotional and physical wellbeing
“It was fascinating to watch how fast and easy changes in emotional and physical wellbeing can be made. I learnt how to accept and self treat various emotional and physical problems.
Jeanine is excellent! Use of empathy and humor. She is very respectful of others and considerate of their emotions and feelings…even before the participants would recognize it!”
Debi Figenshau, Milk River

I am not alone with my problems!

I liked learning the technique, and to help work through issues that come up in my life and that I am not alone with my problems!
I am able to find balance in my life, to face issues that are causing me stress and to be honest with my emotions and an avenue to release these emotions.
Jeanine is wonderful, very personable, easy to understand, she kept my attention, very good instructor.
J. H., Milk River

How to correct issues in a SHORT period of time
The things I liked most about Level 1 today was teaching method, examples that were treated and the kindness of the facilitator.
I learnt a great deal of insight into how to correct emotional and physical issues in a SHORT period of time.
Jeanine fabulous, very intuitive, very considerate and an excellent listener thus returns fabulous feedback to questions etc.
Jane Reese, Milk River

We have lots that we can help ourselves with
The things I liked most about Level 1 today were the humor, the help to get rid of my pain, your insight into the human’s you were working with.
The one thing I have learned in this course today is that I will certainly continue on with EFT. We, as individuals, have lots that we can help ourselves with, thanks to teachers like you.
Jeanine is so personable; she knows people and is a wonderful person herself. She made us feel at ease with her and gave us the opportunity to open up to all the information she had to offer – an excellent education.
Charlotte, Milk River

Control over my anxiety
Now I can have control over my anxiety, aches, and any guilt of doing the right things, by working with EFT at home.
I learnt to breathe with control and to be aware that I may be able to help our children and/or grandchildren with specific issues eg. health, smoking etc. Jeanine is easy to understand and she keeps us focused. I felt she could hypnotize me just from listening to her.
Thank you so much!
Lynette Entzminger, Milk River

I enjoyed learning the process & language
“I enjoyed learning the process & language to bring the client into a resourceful state and the technique of peeling the layers back in a gentle and compassionate way. I learnt the use of this type of energy work for a specific and measure  result.
Jeanine is a very knowledgeable and capable presenter as well as compassionate and intuitive practitioner.”
Tina Tapaninen, Saskatoon

Freeing oneself of emotional issues will release physical problems
I really liked the hands-on demonstrations and applications to various issues. I realized that freeing oneself of emotional issues will release physical problems.
Jeanine is the most wonderful and warm individual and loves helping others to “free” themselves. It is so apparent that she is in tune to those she is treating. She knows just the right things to say, or not to say.
I loved this day!
Linda, Saskatoon

Seeing it work!
I liked the actual doing EFT and seeing it work!
I am more aware of my own issues and how to deal with them.   Jeanine is a wonderful instructor; I loved her analogies and explanations.”
Kay Mugliston, Saskatoon

To give people back their power
“The whole day was just incredible. As a firm believer already in the power of thoughts, feelings and emotions, this class helped break down the barriers I face in helping my clients, friends and family.
I learnt that it is possible to give people back their power. As we are hurt, angered, traumatized by accidents, or stress, we lose our power and we feel helpless and hopeless, therefore leading us into bad habits, irrational beliefs, irrational behaviors etc. EFT gives people back their power.
Jeanine is by far one of the most impressive facilitators I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. She just is. There are no judgments, criticism or sarcasm. She genuinely cares for ALL people – big or small, young or old.”
Michele Rogers, Saskatoon

I could feel energy just coming off Jeanine
It kind of amazed me how open everyone was.
I think that probably everything comes back to some emotional problem we have.
I could feel energy just coming off Jeanine.
P.T. from Saskatoon

I learnt the emotional root of cause

I really liked the hands on learning. I learnt the emotional root of cause of so many other symptoms.
Jeanine is very gentle, sensitive, intuitive and knowledgeable. She is passionate about her work and very professional and proficient.”
Agnes from Saskatoon

I Learned a Lot and I am Sure it Will Be a Powerful Tool

Thanks Jeanine, It was a lovely day! I learned a lot and I am sure that it will be a powerful tool in my own evolution and that of those around me. I have been tapping every day and I have found I have a lot more energy particularly when I hit the gym. I warm up by sitting on the stationary bike just doing the karate chop and the 9 gammut. I try not to be too conspicious. I get a few sideward glances but hey. It works I can pull in a lot more energy and feel rejuvinated not drained when I leave the gym.
Thank you for a wonderful and empowering day!
Deb T.

Thank You so Much for This Wonderful Day
Thank you so much for this wonderful day – the experience and the knowledge – the life skill.
Your information is presented in a clear way. The day was paced well, the lunch lovely.
I enjoyed being in your presence. You have a beautiful spirit and a lovely energy.

What an Exciting New Door that Has Opened by Learning the EFT Basics
I have had some interesting things happen, during this past week, by just using the basic recipe!
I have always known/felt ‘things’ clinging to the ethereal body and now believe I am on the path to assist myself and others to eliminate ‘things’ that no longer serve me/others and that have hindered growth per se, on many levels.
I am interested in taking the Level II course and if were in Sylvan Lake again….that would be great!
Wishing you a great day! Sincerely,
Kathy Law

The Course Was Amazing

The pain in my L scapula + L ankle dissapeared within minutes of using the tapping sequence + affirmations.
I am looking forward to use these techniques on other issues in my life + eventually, with my clients.

It Was Gentle, Personalized, and Effective
In my experience, this work was gentle, personalized, and effective.
In my practice if iridology, I sometimes use EFT to dispense emotional blockages. I have had great success with fears such as fear of heights, fear of flying etc.
The versatility and simplicity of EFT are beneficial to anyone, regardless of age or malady.

Wouldn’t the World Be a Better Place if We Could All Learn About this Wonderful EFT
You gave a “Fabulous” Course, Jeanine!
I have learned so much of this wonderful gift from you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all learn about this wonderful EFT.

This Seminar Was a Truly Enriching Experience

Thank you Jeanine, for your professional, enthusiastic and kind approach to teach.
This seminar was a truly enriching experience.
M.J., MSc., R.Psych.

You Have Taught Me How to Fly

Thank you Jeanine …
The door to my cage (prison) was open, but I couldn’t fly because of the heavy burden (boulders) around my shoulders. You have taught me how to fly.
Thank you!
Jeanine was very insightful in the Artful Delivery of EFT

I have trained and accessed several healing techniques to facilitate the healing of my visual changes that have occurred since age three.  After severe visual changes in early January and two surgeries by April 2006.
One April day I received an email from a friend connecting me with Jeanine and her website involving Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig. This email was quite timely as I had been search of a unique healing technique I could add to my energy-based nursing practice. I was in search of something that could facilitate increasing the amount of children entering my practice.
Within one hour of my calling Jeanine she returned my call…we discussed the fact that I was undecided in which of the EFT courses to attend EFT for Parents and Teachers or EFT for Health Care Professionals.  Jeanine answered all my questions and I decided to attend the EFT for Parents and Teachers.  That day I downloaded the manual and began my connection to EFT within three days I had begun using the technique on myself.
I was increasing my connection to my intuition and decided to add some affirmations to my daily work.  I began to explore the reasons for my life long vision changes.
I had mentioned my visual problems to Jeanine at the break of the course, and she encouraged me to mention it to the group.  Then the moment arrived when I spoke up like  never before… I chose not to tell the story but wanted to experience a group healing to assist me in letting go of whatever was connected to my vision problems.  Many people benefited from this decision as two people commented on it throughout the day.  Jeanine was very insightful in her artful delivery of EFT and dialogue without me sharing very much.  We did EFT for less than five minutes and there was a new gleam in my eyes
The workshop day was more than I could ask for… we were instructed to bring something we had cravings for but by the day of the actual workshop occurred I had already let go of my huge craving for chocolate…I only wanted the chocolate 1/10.   After the group did EFT I didn’t want the chocolate at all.  Now I eat chocolate in small amounts and as I desire, which is every now and then.
I left the workshop continuing to use EFT several times per day and now was seeing things I was unable to see before and I began to do EFT on each new challenge as it arose.  Generally, I began following my intuition and knowing what to tap on next.
I contacted Jeanine one week before my surgery and we discussed my progress and she gave me a couple of more suggestions to prepare for my eye surgery.  I had informed her that I was a nurse so I had no real fears of needles or Ivs…I asked how I could do EFT when I could not get my hands to my face she identified that I could do it in my imagination with the same intention.  I also accessed an energy-based nurse to complete the healing picture.
Throughout my surgical day I would use EFT and Reiki to facilitate healing at each leg of the process.  My surgery was pain free and my only challenges were the bruises from any pokes I received so I did EFT to facilitate my healing regarding this concept.   My fastest recovery time was post the third surgery and I continued using EFT to facilitate any left over healing during my recovery.  I was now able to re-look at my life.   I was now seeing everyone and everything with ‘love and tenderness’.
June 27, 2006…My eye pressures were 16 and 19 the lowest they have been since I began this journey in January, I had little to no swelling in my   left eye during this healing process, I had a ton of energy to facilitate my healing, I have connected with my true purpose in life, and know EFT and the connection I have with Jeanine was a very important part in my healing process.
I have taught EFT to a couple of family members and clients and they have  had their own success with EFT as well (see example below).
I also had a cataract in my right that was causing me some visual challenges and as of my check up today the vision in my right eye is the best it has been in two years…No one has yet confirmed what I believe that the cataract in my right eye has disappeared but that will be announced in late July.
As for my left eye… the surgical eye can take up to four months for the vision to improve so I will wait patiently for the process to unfold and see the world through new eyes in each moment.   Elevated Blood Sugar(BS):  This client reported an elevated Blood Sugar and was required to make a follow up appointment in the office of their physician.  This client chose to monitor their BS at home in April… BS was 17.1.  With minor diet changes BS went to 14.2 and symptoms included weight loss, fatigue, and frequent voiding.  This client had decided that the only way to get the BS down was to make an appointment with their physician to start medication.  This client became open to access the services of Compassionate Touch Ltd.  Education about diabetes was given and the importance of how maintenance of diet could assist in decreasing blood sugars as well as exercise.  Three sessions of Emotional Freedom Technique, practicing the technique at home or work two to three times per day, continued education about diet changes, BS evened out from 9.0-11.2, and two weeks later BS was reported to be 7.4.  A renewed sense of freedom approaching the follow up appointment scheduled for the following week. To be determined if medication required.
Thanks Jeanine for sharing and teaching your passion about EFT with me!
In love and light one step at a time!
Debbie Freeman
Debbie Freeman RN, Spirit Practitioner   403-266-2362

I Felt the Release of Pain … I had Carried around for over 25 Years!
Thank you Jeanine for offering EFT Level 1.
I had wanted to take this class since I down loaded the manual off of 10 months ago. I wanted the classroom experience of learning rather than just the videos. It was worth the wait!
Even though I had been to EFT sessions before I found the technique you taught us to be so much more effective.
I was amazed that other issues I had never thought of, were “hidden” and came up to be dealt with. The class saw my body  change, shoulders relaxing, and I felt the release of pain in my neck and shoulders that I had carried around for over 25 years!
I have already used the EFT techniques with my clients with wonderful results. IE: getting rid of pain in the neck causing a headache before my client got on the table for her massage.
In Peace and Gratitude Roseanne deBeaudrap RMT, CST1, EFT1 Roseanne’s Essential Massage Strathmore, AB 403-901-6046

I Have Opened to a New World of Peace and Joy
By taking EFT Level 1 I have opened to a new world of peace and joy.
I can quickly and easily release unnecessary emotional baggage that previously weighted me down. Not by suppressing the emotions but by lovingly releasing the negative effect they have, so I can be the best person I can be and move forward with grace. Jeanine is a wonderful and beautiful teacher. She followed her intuition to what the group needed most, added lots of humour, and kept us on track. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn EFT in such a wonderfully supportive & fun atmosphere!! Glenyce Hughes
The Healing Room Vermilion, AB

I am Very Excited having Learnt these Simple and Highly Effective Tools
For a number of years I have been totally immersed in accommodating my time, research and attending courses in the evaluation of mechanical and nutritional dysfunctions in the treatment of pain syndromes and then I learnt about EFT.
Indeed, I am only just getting started but I firmly believe that in a large percentage of my patient cases there are emotional dysfunctions that are preventing my success rate from being 100% consistently.
I am very excited having learnt these simple and highly effective tools and I look forward to helping my clients even more than before.” Jason Barlow, B.Sc. (Hons), CSCS
Corrective Exercise Specialist Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

As for the ADD Demonstration… Wow!
Thank you for delivering an interesting & inspiring course and making Saturday such a wonderful day.
I’m very happy that we will be taking the EFT Level 1 Professionals on May 27 as well.  It will be excellent reinforcement and I’m sure we will learn many new things.   As for the ADD demonstration…….Wow!  If only everyone associated with anyone who has ADD could have that experience I’m certain people would not only be more considerate and compassionate but there would be more demand for non-drug interventions to help ADD people settle and focus.  EFT would be in huge demand!   I want to let you know you are an inspiring teacher.  You are so gentle, respectful and you explain things very well.  I truly enjoyed the course. Thank you.  I look forward with excitement to studying with you in the future.
Blessings and Bouquets to you,

I was so Thrilled to Find a Way to Erase the Emotional Charge… so Easy and Quick… Amazing
I really enjoyed yesterday and have been tapping a lot today.  I even tapped on my barking dogs.
I have been on a spiritual path where I am aware of energy for about 5 years now and have had healing sessions with many excellent energy workers.
I was so thrilled to find a way to erase the emotional charge out of some of my memories and unwanted thoughts I still carried around.  That it is so easy and quick is truly amazing.
I am really looking forward to level 2. Watching you in action was also a real pleasure.

I’m ‘Re-Writing’ My Whole Life, and I’m Excited about Participating in Level 2

Many thanks for the Level 1 workshop –
I’ve been using EFT daily to work on my Personal Peace Procedure – from emotional pain due to the loss of my daughter in a fire, to hangnails, weight issues, anger and fear, it works on everything!
The Palace of Possibilities is terrific as well – I’m ‘re-writing’ my whole life, and I’m excited about participating in Level 2 – it may teach me how to fly or transcend space and time!
Win Dinn

This Has Been The Most Powerful Tool I Have Ever Received

I have always believed that our emotions and thoughts cause our illnesses.  And I have always believed that if we could find a way to release those emotions and thoughts we could heal ourselves.
It was not until I attended an EFT workshop with Jeanine Crombé that I found a method to do just that.
This has been the most powerful tool that I have ever received and Jeanine’s essence is so peaceful and insightful that it was a pleasure being in her company for the day.
Jeanine has also helped me work through some very difficult and long standing issues in private sessions.  I feel more relaxed, confident and relieved (my shoulders are down lower, my back is straighter and my breathing much deeper).
I have every intention of continuing to learn about this marvelous technique that improves my life daily.
Cheryl Darling

Helping Me with these Isssues that Western Medicine Doesn’t Consider Being Valid Problems
Thank you for providing such wonderful workshop and free CD’s before workshop.
You have made all the difference in my life by helping me with these issues that western medicine doesn’t consider being valid problems. I never even thought that emotions could raise heart so high (feeling as heart attack).
I have greatly benefited from our experiences together and I was blessed to have a teacher like Jeanine. Her wisdom, great preparation, healthy humour and the most important great results with EFT.
It has been great getting to know you, thank you for letting me into your life.

EFT  Level 2 Workshop

New Insights in the Value of Clearing Issues
One of the things that were really valuable for me was to learn how to use EFT for clearing spaces and people’s energies
I loved the The Choice Exercise and our Homework with the 90-day Tapping Challenge
I have new Insight in the Value of the Clearing Exercise to Cleanse my Personal Residence
I valued the New Ideas for Pain Control
Jeanine is outstanding and continues to provide Fresh, Insightful, and Enthusiastic Healing Techniques.
– Barbara Henderson

A much Deeper Understanding in All Areas
Jeanine made us all very comfy and made it Interesting and she is just overall wonderful !
In all areas I received insight and a much deeper understanding.
Jeanine is fantastic and so gentle, yet, she really gets the information across in a very professional, organized, and clear fashion.
– Colleen Davis

Enjoyed Learning the Different Processes of Choices
I truly enjoyed the entire 2-day Workshop
It was awesome
This entire experience gave me more hope to succeed in all areas of my life
What was most valuable were the different processes of Choices  and the tapping template for Chasing the Pain.
Jeanine is incredible as presenter
– Deb Klein

Learning How to Re-program my Subconscious Mind
One of the things I very much liked was the ‘I choose to’ exercise
I can re-program my subconscious mind and I am excited about that!
EFT made a lot more sense to me on a much deeper level
And I loved Barbara’s story… I love her inspiration!
I can now incorporate the Morning Routine into my daily schedule
Jeanine was fantastic!!
It was perfect !
– Katia Brosseau

Gained so much Emotional Awareness about Pain in the Body
I very much liked that I could meet other like-minded individuals who were compassionate and open to growing and learning together
And I finally got to meet Jeanine in person!!
I have become much more aware of how much my body has been holding on emotionally and is causing me pain.
I now have the tools to help within the ongoing release
Thank you…
Jeanine is fabulous, compassionate and intuitive.
Thank you!
With love,
– Lisa Benitz

Learning Shortcuts is very Effective
What I most liked about Level 2 was being able to practice with support and supervision
I enjoyed learning all the new tapping approaches and receiving new tapping templates
Meeting new like-minded people enriches my life
I gained insight in how to support others gently, because that gentle support is a real help!
Short Cuts are very effective, too
I learned that it is okay to make mistakes, EFT is a forgiving process and it will still work
I am now comfortable to put me first, so I can help others better.
Jeanine is supportive, a wealth of knowledge about EFT and also as a human being.
She is comfortable in who she is as a woman.
She has great personal integrity, balancing self-care, and knows how to support others with healthy boundaries.
Thank you
– Sonja Harder

I am Excited about the Homework
I liked everyting about the Level 2 Workshop.
The location was great. I really felt a positive energy amongst the group as a whole.
The Tearless Trauma Technique makes the “release” of emotions not seem so daunting
I am excited about the homework and the accountability system that Jeanine has organized to work on myself.
Jeanine was fantastic as always. Your teaching style is great and easy to learn from.
– J.M.

Clarity on How to Handle Chronic Issues
My linear mind liked that we progressed through the workbook in an organized way
I have learned how to handle chronic, stubborn issues
Jeanine her obvious strengths are her love, genuine caring, sensitivity, and positivity
– L.W.

My Beliefs, Values and Phylosophy of Life have Changed
I liked everything we talked about this weekend.
All the concepts we learned and worked on reflect where I am, and gave me tools, direction and ideas for further growth.
I enjoyed the high energy people.
I have gained new insights about my present Work. For a long time I have been feeling I am not walking my talk.
My beliefs, values & phylosophy of life have changed, but my tools at work (counselling) are the same representing the old World. Now I know what I need to do for myself & for the work I do.
This weekend re- inforced the value of the tapping technique
I learned effective ways to uncover core problems and resistance
Jeanine is an amazing, lovely soul
I enjoyed listening to her and learning from her experience and knowledge
She is very open, giving, and very effective
– M.F.

I Gained so much more Confidence
There was so much new information!
The new tapping points, the new tapping templates, how to clear spaces with EFT, how to tap for kids and so much more!
I have gained so much confidence in dealing with specific issues
Jeanine is very intuitive, generous, genuine, and very well prepared
– L-A. S.

What you taught me was invaluable
I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your EFT Level 2 course.
I learned so much and I feel so much more confident in my abilities to help myself and others.
What you taught me was invaluable.
I wanted you to know that I feel much lighter since coming home yesterday and I feel more positive in my outlook.
Thank you so very much for your willingness to share what you have learned about EFT.
Jennifer Reeves

The workshop demonstrations were very powerful
During this workshop I learned more about the tapping and the language to use.
I also feel more flexible about not being perfect at EFT.
The demonstrations during the workshop were very powerful.
Jeanine is an excellent facilitator.
Her gentleness and spirituality come through as well as her sense of humour.
She is very well organized, respectful and knowledgeable.
Jeanine, thank you so much for a very informative two-day workshop.  I truly enjoyed it!

I have grown and gained new insights
Jeanine is a fantastic workshop presenter and she knows EFT very well.
She is open to all points of view and she never gets flustered.
What I liked most about this workshop were the concepts of core beliefs, choice method, tail-enders and pain issues.
I have grown and gained new insights as lots of core beliefs popped into my conscious mind that I wasn’t aware of before.
It was great!

Jeanine Is The Best Instructor I Have Ever Learned From
What I liked most is putting the words together to see results.
I have learned to trust myself to take that giant step that I can heal my issues as I have the EFT tolls to do this.
Jeanine is the best instructor I have ever learned from. Thank you!
Dianne Dardis

What I Liked Most Is Seeing EFT Work in Person, not just on the DVD’s
What I liked most is seeing EFT work in person, not just on the DVD’s, because this course was more in depth.
I also enjoyed the great people in our group!
I learned that it is difficult to look at some things and how denial causes such problems.
Jeanine is awesome as a workshop presenter!
The location was great and so what the food.
Cheryl Darling

I Experienced Cognitive Shifts Through Tapping.
Thank you again for the excellent course!
I enjoyed watching you work with EFT.
You have excellent clinical skills and it is enjoyable to watch someone use a technique or modality that they so enjoy and have mastered.
What I liked most is working on core issues and the discussion on ‘The Secret’
I have gained more confidence in doing EFT with myself and others.
I experienced cognitive shifts through tapping.
You are a great teacher.
You have great intuition and creativity and you have obviously had much experience in the healing profession!
Jennifer Beattie

Targeting Core Issues and More ‘Tools’ for my Tool Box
What I liked most about Level 2 is targeting core issues, more ‘tools’ for my tool box, and addressing F.A.Q’s
I have learned how creative one can be with the wording and all the gains I have made with my personal growth.
Here is my story of the day after attending Level 2:
An elderly client with M.S. came for his second Bowen treatment.  As something ‘fun’ (as I told him) to do, we would tap on general health.  He was unable to tap with the index and middle finger of his right hand as they would not straighten and have not straightened for many years; I got him to tap with his left hand instead.  These were some of the phrases that I used:  “Even though….the doctors gave me this diagnosis/it has been written in my medical file/that is what they all say/that I have this disease,  etc. etc.  I ‘choose’ to….. make my own diagnosis/write my own file/decide about my own health etc. etc.”  He then went for his Bowen treatment…..prone moves were done, he flipped supine and I did a few more moves, then left the room for a few minutes (as is protocol).  When I came back, he had both hands up in the air and was giving me peace signs (the index finger and middle finger…on both hands….were spread into a V) and he was laughing and said, “See what I can do now!”  He then started signing with his right hand (his brother had been deaf)….something else he had not done in years; and he was laughing with joy.  My eyes just about popped out of my head with surprise!!!  Now, Jeanine, what triggered all of the aforementioned I am not completely sure.  Who cares?!  Bowen/EFT seems to be a wonderful combination.
Kathy Law
Certified Advanced Bowen Therapist
Nutrition/Fitness Kundalini Yoga
Neural Touch/Reiki Master-Teacher

Gained New Insights & Awareness of How Much the Emotional Aspects Are So Tied into the Physical Aspects
The best part was seeing all the true life experiences, participating in Borrowing Benefits, and having a better understanding about EFT
I have grown and gained new insights and awareness of how much the emotional aspects of life are so tied into the physical aspects.
I also have new insights of how we are all so connected.
I love Jeanine’s energy, enthusiasm, and patience she has and shares with everyone
Shawna Tatebe

I Am Impressed with Her Knowledge of EFT
This is my second Workshop with Jeanine.
I am impressed with her knowledge of EFT, and her warm and light-hearted approach with dealing with the sometimes difficult problems that may arise.

I Feel Substantially More Competent and Confident following Level 2
Level 2 EFT two day workshop was awesome for me!
Not only did we learn so much more about EFT, but we worked on many aspects, for us who attended, borrowing benefits, and getting the feel of where and how to go if you are “stuck”.
Jeanine is very supportive, and helpful, with a sense of humor that keeps the workshop moving along.
I feel substantially more competent, and confident following level 2, to move ahead in helping people to remove their dis-ease!!
Feel free to msg me at with the subject line “EFT” (so I don’t delete the msg in error).

EFT  Level 3 Workshop

Understanding EFT on a deeper level
What I liked most about this Level 3 workshop were the great explanations, demonstrations, templates, storage bins and practicing in groups.
I think and feel I understand EFT on a deeper level. I feel more comfortable trying it on clients; however, I will use it on myself first to clear my own issues and get ready to use it for others.
Jeanine is an excellent workshop presenter!
Dawson City

Feeling much more confident in using EFT
I liked the demos and the borrowed benefits. I liked that some aspects from my own family of origin began to be resolved. I liked the practice in this EFT Level 3 workshop.
I feel much more confident in my ability to use EFT and I believe I have a stronger commitment to incorporating this into my personal and professional life.
I loved Jeanine’s enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. I also loved her clear joy in life with EFT as her constant companion.
Evann Lacosse

The “bigger picture” of the workings of the mind
What I enjoyed most about this EFT Level 3 workshop was hearing about the “bigger picture” of the workings of subconscious and conscious mind. I liked the emphasis on self-care, doing the personal work.
I especially valued learning the 17 doors technique and the double bubble technique. I am very inspired to add EFT for personal growth into my daily morning practice.
Jeanine’s passion for EFT is inspirational!!! There was such a nice flow in this workshop, considering the volume of information.
Thank you!

Great tools for my personal and professional health and well-being
This EFT Level 3 workshop provided many good tools, great demos, and a safe environment.
My growth is ongoing, but the tools Jeanine gave will contribute to my personal and professional health and well-being. Thank you!
Jeanine is an organized, clear, committed, passionate and ethical workshop presenter.

This Course really helped the Concepts “Come Together” for me.
I love the many tools I obtained in the Level 3 workshop! It was a “coming together” of the concepts for me.
I have grown, both personally and professionally, in how I approach issues such as weight loss and other subjects that I wasn’t so confident with. I learned about guidelines and boundaries in regard to the business aspect.
I feel more empowerment as subconscious issues have resolved.
Jeanine is polished and professional with the compassion and space that a good friend would offer. Everything was perfect!!
Kathy Law

How to Use EFT Professionally.
What I liked most about the Level 3 workshop were the concrete examples about how to use EFT professionally. Thank you for the individual help when I was lost when dealing with core issues.
I have grown in confidence! I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can now see me reaching a place where I can use EFT confidently to help others – big change!
Jeanine presents her workshops with sincerity and enthusiasm.  Her belief and knowledge about EFT is abundant!
As participants, we had a say in what we would learn. Everything was awesome!

Jeanine Is Very Professional, Using Integrity and Humor to Get Her Point Across
I enjoyed the group dynamics and learning from each other by sharing of our experiences. By this I mean seeing each other work with the others as well as listening to stories of what worked with their “clients” and why.
Practicing with each other over the phone was wonderful . I sense we all made a better connection with our classmates this way, while we learned to put our skills to use.
I learned some short cuts to make doing and explaining EFT to others easier. Personally I do feel calmer and more confident in my own life. I can talk about issues that used to make me teary, that speaks for itself!
Even though I still get a bit nervous about starting with a new client or issue I now feel more confident to try the new skills learned in class even it means having my “hand out” in front of me for the first try.
Jeanine is very professional, using integrity and humor to get her point across. Jeanine always puts the student at ease and has incredible intuition when choosing the perfect words for tapping on issues.
Thank you for allowing us to continue EFT Level 3 as a group. This also will give us the opportunity to make better contacts as colleagues…. hopefully we’ll feel comfortable to call each other in the future to help each other.
I liked the start time to allow the travelers an extra hour of sleep in the morning.
I appreciated that you always tried to end the class at the time specified and that you always stayed on track, always bringing us back to focus if we strayed.

I Have Gained a Lot More Confidence and Many, Many, More Tools for my Tool Box
The things I liked most about Level 3 was the practice between the students … I think this was definitely a very positive, confidence building experience for all.
I also loved how the “group” really supported one another and grew together.
What I have learned in Level 3 is to not take myself so seriously … I definitely improved the “humor” within and also with others.
It has been extremely rewarding to me to see just how much we are helping others with EFT.
I have also gained a lot more confidence and many, many, more tools for my tool box (invaluable!!!)
Jeanine, I love your style of teaching.  Everyone feels special and acknowledged and supported.
You have such patience … sometimes there are issues that “pop” up and take a considerable amount of time and you just roll with it …. until the person is better!
The graduation ceremony was so important …. maybe allowing more time for it?
Karen B.

I Have Learned that Humor is Very Valuable to Help Clients Release
The thing I liked most about Level 3 was the opportunity to increase my EFT skills.
I have learned several different techniques that have helped me immensely.
I have learned that humor is very valuable to help clients release.
I have gone from being terrified to start my own business to being on the brink of getting one going.
Personally and professionally I am expanding and utilizing my intuition regularly.
Jeanine is an excellent workshop facilitator.
She is most welcoming to her students and gives a bit of her background to them and lets them know that she is always learning too.
That very much puts them at ease.
She always appreciates input from her students and empowers them with independence, encouragement and guidance.
She intuits great results and her humor is admirable.
Man she’s good. Thank you.
I think the refresher sessions for the Level 3 Group are a great idea and can be only beneficial to us all!
Thank you for doing this.
Charleen B.

EFT Group Sessions

Leading us to get rid of emotional attachments that hold us back in life
I liked the sharing in this teleclass series – it really helps to know that you are not the only one with the same issues.
I really appreciated your calmness and steadiness in leading the tapping session and loved how you were able to pick up on hidden issues that were not even mentioned.
I hope I will be able to do the same in the future.
Also, many thanks for the last evening of the class with Spiritual Growth. I cried for two weeks about leaving my acreage  and lifestyle, and losing my best friend to Ontario – that says it all as I am not normally given to crying.
You really helped me to get past the obvious and thank you for saying that the path I am on is only temporary. I am feeling much better about the move and will do the best I can with it.
You are a fabulous, caring leader, leading us to things we did not even know were bothering us, and leading us to get rid of the emotional attachments that hold us back in life.
I loved it all just the way it was.
Thank you!

Keeping everyone on track
Jeanine has a very smooth way of keeping order with the group and keeping everyone on track during the teleclass.
Hearing Jeanine’s words in handling specific situations and issues helped me figure out what I will do with my clients.
Dianne Dardis

Each person in the group was taken care of
Jeanine is amazing. She is respectful, vivacious and very talented with EFT.  I greatly appreciated her sensitivity to the variety of clients on the call and she ensures that each person was taken care of.
What I liked most about this teleclass series were the mini lessons prior to the demonstrations. It gave context and enriched my learning.
Thanks Jeanine for such a great experience!

I benefited from the group format
I liked most the variety of issues brought forth by the group participants – many of which I was able to relate and benefit from.
Jeanine is a patient, professional, highly intuitive, loving, gentle and direct teleclass leader.

Jeanine’s genuine care for everyone comes through with each person
The teleclasses, although geared to many different people, are highly rewarding for all who are on the call. Not only do we borrow benefits; we also, almost always, relate to at least one person on the call who is tapping for their specific issue.
Jeanine is such a wonderful facilitator.  She gives us pointers on how to make the call more valuable and always explains if she does something new that we may not have any experience with.
I enjoy Jeanine as a Teleclass leader.  She is very welcoming when anyone joins the class and she encourages everyone to participate. Jeanine allows participants to go where they need to go concerning their issue. She gently guides each caller along, helping them get to the core of their issue, usually in no time at all.
Jeanine manages to throw in a little humour into the class, just to lighten things up and to allow everyone to release a little stress. She is always non-judgemental, non-criticizing and very warm hearted.  Her genuine care for everyone comes through with each person on each call.
Thanks Jeanine!
Michele Rogers

Forgive and Forget with EFT
It was thought provoking. Brought buried feelings and thoughts to the surface. – M. Allison
This was a workshop that ties metaphysics to science; logic to faith and energy. It is a true gift to gain awareness and enlightenment as well as receiving healing! – C. Laisnez
The balance between the heart and the mind – it was nurturing the soul with such great food! – A. Montgomery
I now have tools to help me deal with my issues. – K. O’Toole
It was very dynamic, and I was able to put the pieces together. – J. Montgomery
The way the EFT and talking about forgiveness flowed together. – L. Oakman
I liked the theory component mixed with the practical work. Also, tapping as different participants shared their story and hearing their story made me realize how much we all share. – D. Steen

I Have Learned How to Feel Worthy and Deserving
I have learned about EFT and how to use it. I have learned how to feel worthy and deserving. I learned how to effectively attract abundance into my life.
The facility was amazing, so comfortable, remote, relaxing, and clean. The food was incredible!! I loved meeting everybody. Everyone was so friendly and fun. This was a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.
Jeanine was incredible. You make everybody feel comfortable and safe. Your smile brightens up any room. Thank you for all you do and all you have done.
This weekend was perfect! I would love to do this again next year!!

The Understanding of My $ Beliefs Was Amazing
I have gained new insights, I am realizing that I am transferring my perception of my dad’s personality, needs, and demands onto my son. I am going to clear this for his sake and mine.
Also, the understanding of my $ beliefs was amazing! I truly had no clear picture of where the breakdown was. Thank you.
Jeanine is very giving, professional, and intuitive (as always), friendly, and funny.
I enjoyed this weekend and the time to remove myself from my ‘life’ and be able to make changes and shifts. I loved the weekend, 2 sleeps to rejuvenate, to be in the country by running water…
The North Bow Lodge is fabulous! The food was fantastic. I can’t make any suggestions as I found everything to be fabulous!
Thanks, Glenda

Jeanine’s Expertise Was the Catalyst for Me and Gave Me The Most Value
What I most liked about this Retreat is my personal experience in the ‘hot seat’, Borrowing Benefits, and the beautiful setting.
I experienced that Borrowing Benefits was such added value to me, I  feel possibility now. The core issue about myself was revealed – crucial.
Jeanine’s expertise was the catalyst for me and gave me the most value
The venue and food was superb and I would attend this Retreat again, no question
Alara Houghton

Thank YOU For All Your Expertise and Wisdom that You Have Been Sharing with All of Us
Thank ‘YOU’ for all your expertise and wisdom that you have been sharing with all of us!  I have enjoyed these last two sessions so very much.
You are fabulous, your humor is so delightful, and are amazingly intuitive!!  I hope to learn so much more.
I am very glad that you have now entered my life.  You came right when the time was best!  Isn’t life neat??
My guests enjoyed your last session too. It is fun talking about it to them.
I look forward to seeing you again, and learn some more.  Thank you so very much for all you have given me!!

EFT for Golf

Two Birdies in One Game versus Two Birdies in 6 Years
Jeanine, I want to thank you for your EFT session on the golf course and let you know how effective it has been in improving my golf game.
Prior to applying EFT I was always nervous and anxious particularly when I thought other people were watching me. Depending upon the setting my anxiety would be anywhere from a 5 – 10 .
Golf is 90% mental attitude and as we tapped prior to each shot I was surprised at the deep emotional issues which came up.  I did not make the connection of my golf score to my earlier years of needing approval and recognition for good grades. Recognizing I am not my golf score has been a huge breakthrough for me.
I golfed on Thanksgiving weekend with some people who would normally cause me to be very self judgmental and anxious and right away I kept repeating in my mind ” I deeply and completely love and accept myself,  even though I normally get anxious I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”  I repeated this mantra with each swing and I golfed my best game of the season. I had two back to back birdies which is in and of itself a miracle as I have only had two birdies in 6 years of golf. What was very evident was when I did not repeat the mantra prior to swinging I did not do as well.
I am convinced EFT is a great method to not only improve your life but your golf game.  Thanks again for working with me. I look forward to next season.
Yours sincerely,
K. Anderson

EFT for Health

Free from Being Deathly Afraid of Needles in One Session
For as long as I can remember I have been deathly afraid of needles. I avoided them at all cost. To add to this fear, I continually experienced negative situations with a variety of Nurses and Doctors, who felt they knew more about me and my needs than I did.
I had an EFT Session at 3:00pm where we tapped on releasing my fear of needles. Later that afternoon, I had a doctor appointment scheduled. This appointment was delayed by 45 minutes (waiting for the appointment would have normally sent me into a frenzy).
I continued to tap while I waited for the Doctor and when he arrived I required 3 separate needles! The nurse asked me if I was nervous. My response was: “I used to be” – totally unheard of for me! I proceeded to have the needles and not freak out.
A month later, I required 2 additional booster shots and this experience created only a small amount of sweat in one palm of my hand – another victory for me!
Jeanine – how can I ever thank you enough for helping me overcome this fear, and not transfer it onto my child – you are the best!
K. B.
Carseland, AB

Restful Sleep with One Round of EFT
I love EFT! Jeanine taught me this technique and I use it every time I am upset.
One night I was really angry because I had a huge assignment to do for a class, and way too much to study. I went to bed, knowing I wouldn’t sleep for hours because I was so angry.
After an hour of tossing and turning I did EFT once, yawned, rolled over and went to sleep!
EFT saves me a lot of stress. This is great!
Nancy Richards

Amazing Results with my Seasonal Allergies
I have also found EFT to be very beneficial when applied to my seasonal allergies.
Normally I am absolutely miserable for the month of July and into August, with allergies to grass and pollens.
By combining EFT along with my regular homeopathic remedies I had some very mild allergy symptoms this year, which in comparison to previous years it was like I was practically allergy free. There was so much relief; it was absolutely amazing.
I really like the fact that I can do this technique at any time night or day very easily in the privacy of my own home. Plus, after the initial coaching sessions for learning how to apply EFT to myself, it doesn’t cost me anything further as it would if I was unable to do this technique for myself and had to go to a practitioner for regular EFT appointments/treatments.
–  P.L., Calgary

EFT for Self Image

Significant Increase in Self-Confidence and Sress Relief with just One Hour of EFT.
Before I learned about EFT, I often had a certain feeling that something was bothering me. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but it had something to do with some lack of confidence, feeling somewhat shy, and I often felt fear, especially when things were going good in my life, I always was afraid that something might happen that would take my happiness away.
After only one session of EFT with Jeanine, all these things have changed in my life, it has been amazing! It is hard to explain how I feel right now. What I can say for sure is that if feels like a big burden is lifted of my shoulders. I feel relieved from the stress I constantly felt about what other people would think about me. Now I feel so much more self-confident, and I say to myself: Who cares what other people think about me? It is more important how I feel about me, than what other people feel about me! I feel so much happier, more relaxed, and I feel proud of myself! I value myself much more and believe now that I deserve to do nurturing things and to take care of me.
I am still amazed how one hour of simple tapping could change my life in a way I never felt before!
Sonia Shahrabadi, Calgary.

Gained the Courage and Self-Confidence to follow her Passion
Prior to learning about EFT, I was having great difficulties around deciding what type of career I would like for myself. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start my own business or to continue to work for someone else.
I knew that I wanted to be doing something creative and perhaps unconventional from the standard careers that are out there. Along with this came pressures from those around me to not take such a risk and to be more responsible and conventional with my choices.
Initially I was making great headway brainstorming all kinds of wonderful ideas for my “potential business/career.” As things progressed I found that when it came time for me to actually “take action” and “to put my money where my mouth was”, I found myself running away in extreme fear and wanting to abandon all my great and wonderful ideas.
I had started a cycle where I would come up with these great ideas and then I would go in a completely different direction all because of my fears. This cycle continued to progress for quite a few months and it eventually got so bad that I became extremely blocked and shut down emotionally because of these fears.
I didn’t know what I felt anymore, what I was interested in. It was extremely frustrating and rather frightening to have become so disconnected from my intuition (a.k.a. inner voice).
Jeanine who had been coaching me at the time, suggested that we explore the technique of EFT to help get me through this difficult roadblock. When she first introduced me to EFT I was open to the concept but wasn’t completely sure exactly what the benefits would be if any for me.
Then after about a month or so of applying this technique “off and on,” I began to notice some subtle changes. I felt much more relaxed; I had a sense of calmness and well-being. I wasn’t running away in complete terror from the new and wonderful ideas I had come up with for my career.
I was able to “take action” and to follow through with my ideas. I found I was able to handle the day-to-day stresses more easily and gracefully than I had prior. I found this to be a very easy and invaluable tool which I am able to apply directly to myself, helping to keep my fears real or imagined under control and eventually removing them completely. I found this to be very helpful as I continued to work through each fear as it arose while planning my future career.
Overall, EFT is a very simple and easy technique that I have found to be very beneficial in helping me move forward in my life, by helping to release me from the paralysis of my fears. I am happy to say that with the benefits I have experienced from practicing EFT, I have now had the courage to return to school but most importantly to study within my area of interest for which I am truly passionate about. I am no longer concerned with what others think of my choices and I am moving forward with my life in a very positive and exciting direction.

Women Stepping into their Power
We were delighted with your presentation as it truly furthered our organization’s goal of encouraging women to step into their power.
We were thrilled with the number of ladies who came out to hear your presentation and it was our largest group in 2002.
Thank you for sharing one small portion of your life-coaching program with us. This technique that frees old patterns and negative emotions is easy to use. It is also a powerful and practical strategy that can help us to eliminate self-sabotage one step at a time.
We look forward to another presentation in 2003.
– Sandy Cutts, on behalf of “Connections”
Bow Valley Club, Calgary.
Contact: Lesli Stuart at

EFT for Weight Release

Gaining clarity and new insights
What I liked most about the EFT Weight Release Workshop is the Double Bubble Technique and being able to release issues during the workshop. I’ve grown and gained clarity and new insights about my issues by attending this class.
Jeanine has wonderful intuition in letting the group lead her with their needs. It was all great. Thank you!
Sheryll B.

These techniques work!
I liked most the group of people in the EFT Weight Release Workshop, following the EFT techniques and gaining an understanding of how it works.
I am confident that these techniques work and they’re not difficult to implement!
Jeanine is a genuine, warm, gracious, humorous person – and she also keeps everyone under control and the session moving!
Yolande A

Dealing with core issues and learning how emotions work
What I liked most about the EFT Weight Release Workshop is how to use EFT for weight loss, and receiving help from others when dealing with core issues first. It was a great help for me, to learn how your emotions and body work.
I’ve learned I need to be aware and let things go from the inside, and not be afraid or scared. It’s okay to get help, and not to worry or feel stupid about receiving it.
Jeanine represented the topics very well and was thorough in explaining everything. It was excellent! Can I take you home and help me deal with stuff?
Thank you Jeanine!

Safe and natural to release painful emotions and memories
Jeanine’s gentle guidance and soothing voice made it safe and natural to release the painful stored up emotions and memories. Through experience and Weight Loss with EFT, I have learned new techniques to use on myself and with my clients. I now have a full tool belt of techniques to help and empower the clients I use EFT with.
Jeanine is so gentle, tender and soothing. She is genuine and her concern, sincerity and dedication to her profession and her clients shine through each and every time I come to a workshop. Can we have a direct telephone line, Jeanine?
Thank you always for what you do for me… everything!!
Michele Rogers

I Lost 20 Pounds and My Cholestrol is Down to 3.3 from 9.8
September 2004, I first met you.At my first session, I had a big release about something that had been in me for many years- maybe from my teens until that day. Oh what a great feeling to be rid of the guilt.
Then, I attended some weight-loss sessions. The weight started to drop off along with a little diet change for my high cholesterol. By the spring of 2005, I had lost twenty pounds and my cholesterol was down to 3.3 from 9.8. I was also taking vitamins and I felt great.
My husband passed away suddenly and I was stressed- my cholesterol went up a bit and weight stayed the same even if I was off my schedule.
April of 2006, I am back on track and cholesterol is now down to 3.3 and my diet is not so strict.
I believe in E.F.T. and I know it has made me change a lot of my habits over the past 2 years. My life was so much better after the release and I didn’t feel so bad about myself. I was always told by a member of my family that I should lose weight and I had no self-esteem.
An E.F.T. Believer

I Have Lost about 20 lbs, but the Key is that it is STAYING OFF
I feel I am one of those people who needs to address specific issues for my life to fall into place.  The initial weight loss seminar did not really address my weight loss issues, but did give me an overall sense of feeling better about myself and I realized that it was not cravings that drove me.
5 months later I had a private session with Jeanine to help me with feelings of anger and helplessness at my place of employment.  Within a week of that session I was exercising regularly and enjoying it.
2 months after that I joined weight watchers and have lost about 20 lbs to date.  It is coming off slowly as I learn more and more about myself and things I need to work on.  But the key is that it is STAYING OFF.
One of the most profound things is that I am now able to take chances and risks and do things I would never have done before.  I am still 50 lbs from my weight goal.  But I went on vacation to Mexico a week ago, which is something I would NEVER have done before “until I reached my goal”.  I decided to live my life NOW.   Our resort was all-inclusive – free meals and drinks all day long.  I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied and for the most part made very healthy selections.  I allowed myself some treats without feeling guilty.   I am the same weight today (4 days after returning home) that I was the day before I left for my vacation.
Some things to note that are very important to show the change in my personality –  I parasailed while on vacation;  I tried to speak a few words of spanish to the locals without “feeling stupid and embarassed” and I walked around in a bikini top without worrying about what everyone else would think of me.  It was very empowering, and I know that I probably would not be this person today without the help of Jeanine and EFT.
Audra Jones

Major Breakthrough after 27 Years of Emotional Eating
My emotional eating was controlling my life for the last 27 yrs and I was determined to overcome this before the end of 2004.  When I heard about EFT I was willing to give this my entire effort and focus.
I feel so much more positive, more accepting of myself and others and less judgemental.  I have started to feel again.  Emotions are starting to come to the surface and I am starting to allow them to be felt without the help of food pushing them deep down inside like I have done in the past which was a normal reaction for me to do.  I am now giving myself permission to live.  EFT has changed my life in so many positive ways.
Lynn Coldwell
Calgary – Carseland

Two Sizes Smaller in Two Months
The ability to lose weight without effort is not a concept any of us entertain.  However, using the EFT techniques as taught by Jeanine Crombe I have done just that.  From the  day we did the technique (two months ago) I have lost weight.  I am now two sizes smaller and people are asking me what I am doing.
How do you explain to most people that it was just a technique where you ‘tap’ certain parts of the body while stating a mantra.  There is no diet involved and there certainly is no struggle with hunger or cravings.
This after years and years of carrying the tremendous burden that comes with being overweight and never for an instant believing that it could be so quick and easy.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from the burden of extra weight and has a desire to release it with ease.
Judy Wilkie

EFT in the Workplace

Promoting Wellness in your Organization
As a presenter Jeanine was engaging, humorous and inspiring.
Her program allowed each of us to review our negative emotional patterns and release them. I found this experience to be profound and worthy of incorporating into my personal wellness tool kit.
Jeanine’s inspiring teaching style will add value to any organization who wants to promote and encourage personal wellness while enhancing their healthy organization.
– Natashia Halikowski, President of Intuitionworks

What people say about Jeanine

Terri Hillestad, R.N., Reg. Acupuncturist
“Without Jeanine’s unwavering guidance and support, I may never have organized the re-location of my business and managed three months off with a major vacation. Her gentle but firm approach, combined with her extensive knowledge created an environment for positive change.
What worked best for me was routine: our regular scheduled calls and meetings that kept me on track.”
– Terri Hillestad, R.N., Reg. Acupuncturist
(403) 244-2210

Maria Teply, Executive Director
“Jeanine is a person with strong character and determination. When she sets her goals she works hard to reach them. She is eager to learn new things and continually strives for improvement of her skills.
Jeanine is a very reliable and trustworthy person; she always keeps her word. She is also remarkably considerate, sensitive and generous.
It didn’t skip my attention how caring mother she is. Her children are very lucky to have her for she guides them skilfully and serves them as a model of human relationship. Her children in return have developed into adults with good heads on their shoulders.
In my relationship with Jeanine I mostly admire her emphasis to live meaningfully, to assist others in distress and to be true to herself. It has been a pleasure to have Jeanine as my friend.
Maria Teply, Executive Director (retired)
University of Calgary, Child Care Centre

Marcia L. Johnston, Partner
“I have found Jeanine to be a consistently positive person, who is secure and comfortable with herself and is caring and interested in others. She has the knack of giving whomever she is with the sense that they have her undivided attention and interest.
It is a joy just to be around someone so positive and her comments on various topics are insightful and valuable.
I also look forward to her newsletters and take time to read them, no matter how busy I am when they arrive, as they always contain both practical tips and inspiring uplifting messages.”
– Marcia L. Johnston, Partner, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
(403) 298-1051

Dr. A. DeBavelaere MD (France), ND, Hom D, Ac D
“It is with pleasure that I can describe Jeanine as a warm, uplifting and open-minded person, putting her interest in helping people.
She displays a special capacity to communicate and to express clearly her thoughts, yet without giving any sense of pressure or paternizing.”
– Dr. A. DeBavelaere MD (France), ND, Hom D, Ac D  (403) 242-9551

Rocque Goh, Manager Exploration
“Jeanine is a self-contained and self-motivated individual. She is thoughtful and respectful. She has a calm manner, looks ahead and thinks things through before acting.
She chooses her words and actions carefully. She is not a thoughtless follower. She is a person of her word, a person of consequence.
Jeanine has strong coaching skills. She listens very well, is highly observant, highly intuitive, and insightful. She maintains an objective viewpoint at all times, and is able to analyze situations to yield positive solutions and opportunities.
– Rocque Goh, Manager Exploration (retired)
Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Limited

Lynda Hay, Senior Investment Advisor, CFP
“I maintain relationships based on whether I relate the answer “yes” to three powerful words. These words are, “Like”, “Respect” and “Trust”. Jeanine is a “yes”.
She puts a person at ease, when we spend time together all of her effort and attention is directed towards me. In a coach that is paramount. Jeanine has added value both personally and professionally to my life.
I have every confidence in Jeanine. In this day and age there are not many people that you can say that about.”
– Lynda Hay, Senior Investment Advisor, CFP
(403) 299-8620

Gina Dolinsky, Feng Shui & Energy Clearing Consultant
“Jeanine is a gifted coach and mentor. She is a good listener, and she takes advice with wisdom. She has a gift for understanding events and actions, and translating them so others can understand their part in group situations.
Jeanine has added value to my professional life by supporting me in moving more fully into my chosen work.
Her generous nature and consistency in following through has brought trust to our relationship, which I value tremendously.”
– Gina Dolinsky, Feng Shui & Energy Clearing Consultant

Tracy Lyn Moland, B. Ed. Author of Mom Management
“I would like to take this time to commend Jeanine for the impact she has made upon my life and my business. She takes it upon herself to work with her colleagues to increase their successes. She has turned colleagues into friends with her sincere interest in their businesses, lives and well being.
One of her greatest talents has been to see her passion and specializing in it. In doing so herself, she has inspired many around her to do the same.
I would like to thank Jeanine for her contribution to my successes in business!”
– Tracy Lyn Moland, B. Ed.  Author of Mom Management

Auruta Illie, Esthetician
“She is the person who knows how to bring back to life the good things hidden deep within your soul. Even though you have a lot of talents and you do not know how to use them, she knows.
She is and excellent coach, she listens to you, she asks questions, she challenges you, and she gives you the trust and confidence that you need. Even though you knew you had a lot of soul resources, a lot of internal power, but you needed someone who can tell you that you can.
If someone has Jeanine in his/her life as a friend or advisor they can consider themselves a lucky person!”
– Auruta Illie, Esthetician
(403) 245-0359

Katherine Aerts, Certified Translator, Pakatra Inc
“I am impressed with Jeanine her sense of organization and her ability to remain focused on the ultimate goal.
I have seen Jeanine grow and develop professionally over the years. This growth is also very visible in the newsletter <<Fortune 100>> which she produces herself. It is well written, interesting, to the point and reaches out to all her clients and associates.
Jeanine is a very dedicated professional with a profound sense of respect of others.
– Katherine Aerts, Certified Translator, Pakatra Inc.
(403) 251-6391

Dee Berryhill, Owner of The Replenishing Shoppe
“My customers have benefited from having Jeanine in our store in a variety of ways.
She is very good at helping people step away from the problems and start to focus more on the solutions. She also does this without denying an individuals ability to see their solutions in their own way.
Sometimes my customers feel that Jeanine is the first person that has ever taken the time to truly hear them. That is a great gift to give someone!
I look forward to having Jeanine continue to perform workshops in my store as I can see the positive effects she has on my customers.
– Dee Berryhill, Owner of The Replenishing Shoppe


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