Jeanine Crombé, Global EFT Trainer, Published EFT Author, Authentic Feminine Success Mentor, Founder of the EFT for Life Academy has a full-time practice in Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) since 2002. She specializes in EFT exclusively. Her success rate is over 90% consistently

She has helped thousands of people worldwide with releasing their emotional pain and blockages. She has trained thousands of professionals in North America and Europe, allowing them to be proficient in Emotional Freedom Techniques

Jeanine received extensive and Advanced Live Training, including Mastering EFT for Serious Diseases in Seattle and Stamford from Gary H. Craig, Founder of EFT. She attended the EFT Masters Boot Camp in Denver, conducted by Gary H. Craig

She is one of the first people in North America to hold an Advanced Certificate in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Jeanine teaches EFT Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Trainings. She hosts EFT Women Retreats, private luxury Intensives, leads EFT Specialty Workshops, offers EFT Audio Programs and EFT Video Programs

Today, she enjoys teaching and assisting women from around the globe living their Authentic, Feminine, Successful life with EFT

Jeanine practices EFT full-time as a Personal Performance & Life Coach and EQ Consultant. She is the Owner and President of Crombé J Life Coaching Inc., a private corporation, formed in 1995

She is a former member of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers, a Founding member of Coachville, a member of Coach University, and former member of the International Coach Federation. Currently, she is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine 

Before moving to Canada, Jeanine enjoyed a 21-year successful and fulfilling teaching career in Belgium. She received her Bachelor Degree in Education in Antwerp, Belgium. Jeanine is a Graduate of Coach University in Colorado, one of the leading coach training organizations in the world. As a member of the International Coach Federation, her professional work ethics are guided by the Standards, Procedures, and Policies of this organization

Jeanine’s consulting and coaching experience has created the opportunity to bring all her gifts and talents together in a meaningful and fulfilling way. She works with individual clients on tangible issues, and offers techniques and tools to bridge one’s inner and outer worlds in practical ways. She blends her knowledge, experience, and wisdom to professionally guide and support people on a deep, insightful and compassionate level

Jeanine acquired strong diagnostic skills by working with individual clients and groups. Through her experience, she developed a ‘critical eye’ ability to see problems before they arise, detect what is missing, in need of change, improvement, added value, or elimination. She always operates as a symptom–to-source–to-system thinker who is comfortable working in a dynamic, innovative, evolving setting

By working and traveling extensively throughout Europe, she absorbed a pan-European outlook on human interaction and sensitivity to facilitate complex situations. Jeanine added 18 years of North American experience, deepening the resource of sensitivities and strategies for effective cross-cultural consulting work and consensus building

She established a strong foundation for influencing workplace transformation through many years of experience in Belgium as a member of the teaching faculty, applying the European model for Emotional Intelligence. Jeanine worked intensively together with other teachers to implement EQ projects that resulted in transformative parenting as well as significant gains for the students

Jeanine believes in supporting people in creating loving connections and meaningful relationships. What she desires for her clients is the experience of joy, peace and fulfillment in their lives. What inspires her is supporting others in finding their own passion and creating valuable opportunities for growth, development and service

Her teaching style is interactive, action-oriented and enthusiastic. You will learn more about yourself than you were previously aware of. You will take with you the knowledge to access new power for creating the life you really desire. It is Jeanine’s philosophy that all answers lie within oneself, and her talent is the ability to bring that knowledge to the surface

Jeanine practices her belief that life is a beautiful cycle of learning, sharing and applying wisdom and using this for the highest good of everyone involved


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