With this last Tapping Script Gift of 2021, it is my intention for you to enjoy the very best restful sleep for the remainder of this year!

It is my wish for you that at the end of 2021, you are a fully-rested ‘sleeping beauty’ filled with grace, patience and optimism. These are natural benefits for us to enjoy after a good night of sleep.

Our body is our dedicated loyal servant which carries us through life, and has an innate intelligence that gives us life.

We activate this intelligence through a restful rejuvenating sleep.
In a way, sleeping makes us smarter:)

A Good night sleep is a gift to yourself and others! 

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop

‘Even though I am convinced I will have a horrible sleep again, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I would like to have a relaxing sleep, and I am sure this is not possible, I am open and willing to change my attitude today’
‘Even though I feel so tired and exhausted and I am fighting with myself and I feel anxious, I want to feel safe and have a relaxing sleep no matter what’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

    • I expect to have a bad sleep
    • I am in the habit of having bad sleep
    • I feel so exhausted
    • I feel anxious
    • I feel really and deeply tired
    • My body doesn’t feel safe
    • My tiredness makes me feel depressed
    • I would like to let go and
    • Feel safe to rest and let go however
    • my body is in a fight/flight mode
    • my body doesn’t remember anything else anymore
    • My body is in this habit
    • and I feel victimized by my body
    • victimized by my racing thoughts
    • It is the fault of everyone else
    • They are doing it to me
    • I blame them for stealing my inner peace
    • I am so angry at them
    • and I cannot calm down my adrenals
    • there is an emotional storm raging inside of me
    • I feel hopeless and disappointed
    • I feel as if I have to sacrifice myself
    • Day and night
    • And I never get a break
    • My body is on alert day and night
    • My body doesn’t feel safe to go to sleep
    • I have suffered for years
    • I have sacrificed myself for years
    • and I feel deep resentment because of that

    • and while this is all true
    • I am open and willing to experience a change
    • A change in my sleeping pattern
    • I want to have a peaceful sleep
    • So I feel rested and relaxed
    • I want to breathe deeply
    • Relax my muscles
    • and tell my body
    • It is time to rest
    • It is time to calm down
    • and relax deeply
    • in every part of my body
    • Relax my muscles
    • I want to love myself enough
    • to have a restful sleep
    • I deserve goodness
    • Sleep is my most important
    • self-care activity
    • I know this of course
    • but now I want to honor this
    • it is time to
    • Honor myself
    • Honor my health
    • I deserve a good life
    • No matter what is going on
    • in the outside world
    • I don’t want to hang around
    • with negative people anymore
    • because they have a problem
    • for every solution
    • I don’t want to bring the energy
    • of crazy people in my bedroom
    • My bedroom is private
    • and I respect myself enough
    • to keep it a private space
    • I tell my body
    • that I am in charge
    • From this day forward
    • I am going to be in control
    • of my body and thoughts and feelings
    • My body is in the habit of waking me up in the night
    • And I am going to re-educate my body
    • It is my responsibility to clear this old programming
    • this subconscious programming in my body
    • and I am ready for this, watch me!
    • I want to install good healthy habits
    • on a cellular level
    • because I deserve to feel good
    • I deserve to feel safe
    • I am ready to let go of unwanted emotions
    • before I go to sleep
    • I am setting clear boundaries
    • and am very mindful
    • to take only peaceful thoughts
    • into my beautiful bedroom
    • My bedroom is my sanctuary
    • I want to love and respect my body
    • and love and respect my bedroom
    • I will clear all the old habits and old energy
    • that is in my bedroom
    • Clear it with beautiful light and love
    • so I can start with a new clean energy tonight
    • I will be gentle with myself
    • speak softly
    • and be kind to myself
    • so I can feel safe inside
    • feel safe with my own self talk
    • And when I awaken tomorrow morning
    • I will feel refreshed
    • My resistance will have subsided overnight
    • I will step into my new day refreshed
    • and replenished and eager
    • I like things working out for me
    • I like the universe on my side
    • I like being uplifted
    • I like words that feel good
    • Words that light me up
    • I like to be well
    • Be clear
    • Be vital
    • Laugh and have more fun
    • I will have all those great feelings more often
    • because of my good night of sleep
    • I love knowing that all this positive change
    • is possible for me one step at the time.
    • I look forward to a relaxing sleep
    • Peaceful dreams
    • Warmth and closeness with my husband/wife/….
    • and I allow myself to feel safe and secure
    • and be very well taken care of
    • I very much deserve all of this
    • And that is the honest  truth!
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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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