Self-care is my first priority in the morning!


Because the better we take care of ourselves first, the more we are able to give, without depletion

Today, I would love to share with you the most important ingredient of my morning ritual:

These are the steps:

  1. Select a beautiful journal and pen allocated to this purpose only
  2. Write down your specific intention for this specific day
  3. Read your intention out loud  while tapping through all the points
To make it easy for you, I have written an intentional morning tapping script to be inspired…

Enjoy the process!

How to create your day with intentional morning tapping!

Please note: no setup needed for this tapping script.

Tap through all the points:

My intention for today is:

  • As I go out into my world today
  • I call the best people to me
  • I call the best conversations to me
  • I call the best relationships to me
  • the best food
  • the best ideas
  • the best combination of everything
  • I ask to get into a place
  • that feels the best
  • because then I will attract
  • everything that feels the best
  • I will do my very best
  • from where I am today
  • My wise self knows exactly
  • the path of least resistance
  • on how to get to my desires naturally
  • I will remember today that whatever
  • I am in vibrational alignment with
  • will manifest into my experience
  • I am the creator of my own reality
  • I ask for excellent health and wellbeing
  • so I can get everything done joyfully
  • with vitality, strength and positive expectation
  • I ask to feel relaxed and joyful
  • and fully energized
  • and get everything done on time
  • I ask for happy surprises and solutions
  • in every area of my life
  • and feel more hopeful and satisfied
  • I ask to notice more helpful things today
  • and focus on what I want and why
  • I ask to practice
  • vibrational immunity from
  • negative thoughts and people
  • I ask to remember that
  • everyone walks around
  • with a level of insecurity
  • Therefore it is not a good idea
  • to take their words as guidance
  • I ask to trust my inner wisdom instead
  • I ask for everything to
  • always be working out for me
  • I ask for close-loving connections
  • and joyful experiences
  • with the people who mean the most to me
  • I like to know the Universe is on my side
  • I like being uplifted
  • I like words that feel good flowing through me
  • I like happy others
  • I ask for loving people
  • with loving hearts and kindness
  • I ask to feel loved, adored,
  • admired, respected and cherished
  • by everyone I meet today
  • I ask to be mindful with my words
  • and shower my loved ones
  • with compliments and positive words
  • I ask for a reserve of time
  • to get everything done easily
  • I ask to be a beacon of light and hope
  • for myself and everyone else
  • I want to feel satisfied today
  • and eager for more
  • And let it be easy
  • because easy is good!

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