for EFT Level 1 Graduates 

Once you have learned the basics and seen your own results, you are ready for a whole new level of EFT skills!

What people are saying after attending EFT Level 2:

  • – “Level 2 EFT two day workshop was awesome for me! Not only did we learn so much more about EFT, but we worked on many aspects, for us who attended, borrowing benefits, and getting the feel of where and how to go if you are “stuck”. Jeanine is very supportive, and helpful, with a sense of humor that keeps the workshop moving along. I feel substantially more competent, and confident following level 2, to move ahead in helping people to remove their dis-ease!! ”
  • “What I liked most is seeing EFT work in person, not just on the DVD’s, because this course was more in depth. I also enjoyed the great people in our group! I learned that it is difficult to look at some things and how denial causes such problems”
  • “Thank you again for the excellent course! I enjoyed watching you work with EFT. You have excellent clinical skills and it is enjoyable to watch someone use a technique or modality that they so enjoy and have mastered. What I liked most is working on core issues I have gained more confidence in doing EFT with myself and others. I experienced cognitive shifts through tapping. You are a great teacher. You have great intuition and creativity and you have obviously had much experience in the healing profession!”
  • “What I liked most about Level 2 is seeing all the true life experiences, participating in Borrowing Benefits, and having a better understanding about EFT I have grown and gained new insights and awareness of how much the emotional aspects of life are so tied into the physical aspects. I also have new insights of how we are all so connected. I love Jeanine’s energy, enthusiasm, and patience she has and shares with everyone”
  • “What I liked most is putting the words together to see results. I have learned to trust myself to take that giant step that I can heal my issues as I have the EFT tools to do this. Jeanine is the best instructor I have ever learned from. Thank you!

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In this 2-Day Intensive EFT Training you will learn how effectively assist others using EFT. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice and experience EFT from the basic techniques on Day 1 to more advanced EFT on Day 2. You will learn some advanced processes and ingenious word patterns for leveraging and enhancing the results you can achieve with EFT.

We will cover

  • The Principles from the Palace of Possibilities and clearing Limiting Beliefs as outlined by Gary Craig, Founder of EFT
  • Review of Foundational Concepts
  • Questions for uncovering Core Issues
  • Core Issues and Physical Conditions
  • Tail enders and Affirmations
  • How to introduce the positive skillfully
  • EFT for Groups
  • Giving Borrowing Benefits instructions to a group
  • EFT for Children
  • Surrogate tapping
  • Working by Telephone
  • Different ways to test your results
  • What to do when you are not getting the results that you want by studying Psychological Reversal, thoroughly
  • Refinements in the Procedures like ‘The Tearless Trauma Technique’, ‘Chasing the Pain’, and ‘Sneaking up on the Problem and Guessing’
  • The Choice Method by Dr. Patricia Carrington

You will learn

  • Additional Tapping Points
  • How to find and treat Core Beliefs
  • How to use ‘Borrowing Benefits’
  • How to overcome your own resistance
  • How to use EFT with children
  • How to use EFT to treat trauma
  • How to address physical issues
  • How to apply EFT to enhance peak performance


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