What is EFT?

EFT is a highly effective science-based technique that offers a new explanation for your child’s intense emotional reactions and offers a solution to keep your child from taking trauma, fears, and anxieties into adulthood.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles. Instead, we stimu- late certain meridian points by tapping on them with our fingertips.
The idea is that negative emotions are caused by imbalances in the body’s subtle energy system and this tapping serves to restore that balance. Properly done, even the heaviest trauma or the most embarrassing rejection becomes “just something else that happened.”

How can EFT help my child?

You can help your child — your whole family in fact — gain freedom from emotional upset and trauma while they are still children. Using EFT will increase your child’s chances of growing up free of negative beliefs about themselves and without intense fears and anxieties.

For example, if your son messed up his lines in a school play and the whole school laughed at him, he may not want to speak in front of people anymore. EFT can help erase the trauma associated with that situation and reduce the likelihood that he will have a fear of public speaking as an adult. He does not need to keep feeling bad about himself and we as parents can stop worrying.

EFT can resolve temper tantrums, learning difficulties, nightmares, thumb sucking, or get rid of some tendencies to stutter.
Does your child have a fear that is interfering with his or her joy in life? Maybe it is a fear of water … of bugs … of the dark, or a fear of a child at school?

Can children learn EFT?

Anyone, even children, can learn the basics of EFT. This tool empowers you and your children to take control of lingering emotional hurts and upsets.

There are numerous stories where children have cleared traumatic emotional issues like the death of a pet, or grandparent, then gone on with their lives as if the trauma had never happened, and they are left with the happy memories.

Please note that in addition to eliminating children’s fears and traumas, EFT has been a consistently effective healing tool for hundreds of other important issues like ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, nervousness, car sickness, first day of school apprehension, loneliness, shyness, insecurities, blocked creativity, sports performance anxiety, and many more.

Once you are familiar with the foundational principles, you will know how to treat yourself with EFT for the things your children do, that upset you. In addition, you will give your child the gift of a lifelong skill how to self-calm and self-sooth them- selves from any emotional upset for the rest of their life!

Some examples where EFT has proven to be very effective with children:

Learning multiplication tables rapidly
Nervousness about exams & grade improvement
Fear of making mistakes
Blocked creativity
Separation anxiety
First day at school apprehension
School phobia
Dealing with peer pressure
Driver’s test anxiety
Student/teacher friction
Being bullied, teasing
Sport Performance
Sports anxiety
Fear of the dark
Bedtime fears due to TV programs
Dealing with temper tantrums
Fear of Santa Claus, Halloween costume fear
Fear of thunder, lightening
Pet grief
Travel sickness
Homesickness, loneliness
And many more