What is the connection between are thoughts and emotional state? 

We only accept, believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to our emotional state
we never accept and believe or surrender to any thoughts that are not equal to our emotional state.”
Our emotional state and mindset is everything
It can dictate if our life has meaning, has value and we feel fulfilled
or, we feel exhausted, drained and we are never going to be enough
Just as thoughts are the language of the brain
feelings are the language of the body
How we think and how we feel creates a state of being!
A healthy state of being is when our mind and body are working together allowing us to enjoy a genuine mind-body connection in the present moment.
While so many people struggle to heal themselves today, we know with EFT when can create our healthy mind-body connection easily and enjoy long-term peace and an abundance of well-being!

If you are searching for meaning and want more peace in your life, then today’s EFT script is for you!
Lets get started!

Our Emotional State and Mindset is everything! 

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:

‘Even though I feel so much fear and anxiety about the current state of the world, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel’

‘Even though I have all these worries about our world and I don’t feel very safe, I accept myself and  I ask  the Universe and the highest good to guide and protect me’

‘Even though I have this habit of focusing on the worst-possible-scenario, I choose to feel calm and peaceful inside’

Tap through all the Points:

  • I feel all this fear in my body
  • all this anxiety inside
  • I feel emotionally overwhelmed
  • I worry about our world
  • I don’t feel safe right now
  • I have this habit of focusing
  • on the worst-possible-scenario
  • and it is making things worse for me
  • I don’t feel calm and peaceful right now
  • My nervous system is in overdrive
  • I don’t know how to
  • feel strong and courageous
  • I would like to have access
  • to better-feeling thoughts
  • but I cannot get there from here
  • I know that adversity has the effect
  • of eliciting talents which
  • In prosperous peaceful circumstances
  • would have lain dormant…
  • I wonder which talents and gifts
  • are dormant inside of me right now?
  • Gifts and talents I could use
  • to help our world?
  • I cannot control the outside world
  • However, I can control my inside world
  • by the way I respond to circumstances
  • I want to be a loving influence
  • I want to see myself as a beacon of hope
  • a safe emotional haven for myself,
  • my loved ones and the greater good
  • When our world is in chaos
  • I want to be a part of the solution
  • through my high-vibrational energy
  • and positive thoughts and feelings
  • I want to send Light and Love to
  • all the people who are suffering today
  • who are scared and in panic
  • I feel empathy and compassion for
  • all the people in pain and panic
  • I see myself as resilient and
  • an angel of hope here on earth
  • I see myself as a wise decision-maker
  • I see myself as very stable, grounded,
  • centered and balanced
  • I allow low-frequency emotions to leave my body
  • I am shining Light into the darkness
  • and  I envision the best part of me expressed
  • inn my own unique way
  • I see myself as a beacon of light and hope
  • I see myself as a beautiful Force of Nature
  • From here now
  • May all of us walk in peace
  • Peace all around us and in us
  • May we walk with peace before us
  • May we walk with peace behind us
  • May we walk with peace above us
  • May we walk with peace below us
  • With peace all around us, may we walk….
  • let my words be Beautiful
  • let my words be a Blessing…

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