Loss is a universal experience

We live in a world where everything in impermanent
we lose something every day of our lives.
Loss means different things
to different people

When we have an emotional experience
without the ability to reconcile that experience
we contract, we constrict
we lock it down in our bodies

We will store that trauma in our body
in the organ or in the tissue
or in the body system that
we associate with the trauma

We store it in our heart, lungs, 
reproductive system or any other organ

Suffering comes from our expectations
of what life should be
We expect that something or someone
is going to keep existing in a way
that meets our expectations

Consciously or subconsciously
we expect things to remain as they were when
we entered in those experiences
and if they don’t,
it is the difference between what was
and what is in the moment
that is the source of our suffering

The body will store the trauma
until we have the tools to deal
with the hurt of the loss.

The good news is
EFT can help us gracefully and gently deal  with the hurt of the loss.

How to deal gracefully and gently with the hurt of loss

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:

‘Even though I expect things and people to keep existing in the way that meets my expectations, I deeply and completely accept myself’

‘Even though I know everything is impermanent but I don’t like that the world around me is changing so rapidly, I want things to go back to ‘normal’, I accept my resistance and I accept how I feel”

‘Even though change is happening all around me and I feel so much loss in small and bigger ways, I accept that once a loss has happened I cannot ‘un-lose’ it, I choose to deal with it in a healthy way’

Tap through all the Points:

  • I expect things to stay the same
  • It makes me feel safe
  • It makes me feel secure
  • I like the familiar
  • I have certain expectations about
  • how life should be
  • and when my expectations
  • are violated
  • I suffer inside
  • I want people to remain the same
  • the same as they were
  • when I entered into the relationship
  • People used to be a certain way
  • and now they are changing
  • This is a form of loss for me
  • Loss affects me deeply
  • The depth of our hurt teaches us
  • about our capacity to love
  • The deeper the hurt
  • the deeper we have to reach inside
  • to find the love to rise above the hurt
  • and this is very hard to do for me
  • I am suffering because of this
  • Sometimes, people violate our expectations
  • about how things should be
  • We expect people to keep existing in a certain way
  • that meets our expectations
  • in relationships, work and health
  • We don’t like change
  • We like our lives to be stable
  • predictable and secure
  • We know nothing lasts forever
  • but you know what?
  • When faced with loss
  • it is the hardest to be the one left behind
  • The longer we live,
  • the more things are going to disappear
  • Imagine living to 120….
  • This idea sounds great in theory
  • however imagine how do you deal emotionally
  • with this big ‘120 year life span’?
  • We are clinging to an ideal
  • of what the world used to be,
  • waiting for things to get ‘back’ to normal
  • waiting for the world to return to
  • what we have known in the past
  • But I wonder….
  • If our psyche and emotions
  • are filled with images  and expectations
  • of a world that used to be
  • where is the room for the new world
  • that wants to emerge?
  • Where is the room
  •  for the new and beautiful things
  • that are now replacing the world
  • that we used to know?
  • We would want to make space
  • in our minds and hearts
  • to welcome all the beautiful things
  •  that are on the way for us
  • Being ready to focus on a higher energy
  • higher vibration and higher frequency
  • becoming a vibrational match
  • to all the new promising experiences
  • that are on the way for us
  • and be filled with hope and positive expectation
  • Preparing ourselves to be ready
  • to transform the old energy
  • into new, vibrant and hopeful energy
  • This positive energy that is ready to emerge
  • allowing us to feel inspired and hopeful
  • to start living heaven on earth
  • This new beautiful world
  • is waiting for us
  • It wants to emerge
  • I am ready to be a part of this new world
  • and all the Divine promise it holds!

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