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Counting our blessings is the way to happiness

Gratitude is the fastest way to get there!

EFT is one of the easiest ways to transform a negative emotion or a bad state of mind into a positive one.

When we give thanks and count our blessings we can sleep better, lower stress and deepen our relationships with others!

Focus on your Blessings instead of your curses!

Please note; no Set-up Phrases needed with this script.
We start right away tapping through all the points

Tap through all the Points:

  • Today, no matter where I am going
  • No matter what I am doing and
  • no matter who I am doing it with
  • It is my dominant intention
  • to look for good-feeling things
  • When I wake up in the morning
  • it is my intention to be refreshed and
  • look for reasons to feel good
  • I am going to dig up positive things
  • from the past
  • I am going to look
  • for positive things from where I stand and
  • I am going to look for positive things
  • In the future because
  • It is my natural state
  • to be a happy person
  • It is natural for me
  • to love and to laugh
  • It is natural for me
  • to be a happy person
  • I love for it to be easy today
  • because easy is good
  • I am going to count my blessings
  • This is a new day and
  • today everything
  • will respond differently to me
  • because I care enough to focus in a way
  • that serves my highest purpose
  • of being in this life
  • I want to be easy about it
  • I don’t want to rush into things
  • I want to start savoring them more
  • I will make more plans
  • and be more deliberate and specific
  • about the plans that I am making
  • and in all that I do today
  • I let my dominant intent to find
  • that which pleasures me
  • as I imagine it
  • I will let my desire for pleasure
  • my desire for feeling good
  • be my only guiding light
  • As I am seeking those thoughts
  • that feel good
  • I will always be in harmony
  • with the energy that creates worlds
  • and under those conditions
  • only good can come to me
  • and only good can come from me!
  • Whatever I am thinking about
  • is literally like planning a future event
  • When I worry
  • I am planning…
  • When I appreciate,
  • I am planning….
  • What am I planning today?
  • I am planning to be in the flow today
  • so that ideas can come easily
  • They will be implemented easily
  • I will begin to tell the story of my desire
  • and then add to it
  • the details of all the positive aspects
  • that I can find and that
  • are matching my desires
  • and then I will ask myself
  • ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if’…questions
  • I want to say things like:
  • ‘Only good things come to me’
  • I will figure it out
  • as I go along
  • because the better it gets,
  • the better it gets!
  • Even for me!

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