• Do you have fear of not having enough in the future?
  • Are you worried about having sustainable reliable access to the basics? 
  • Are you afraid of supply chains breaking down? 
Instead of buying into fear-mongering….
  • Would you love to connect to your limitless supply chain of the universe?
  • Feel safe and secure knowing you can create all you need consciously?
  • Have inner peace knowing you can trust your own power to create sustainable abundance?
The first step would be releasing any abundance blocks making sure ‘your inner supply chain’ would be solidly connected to your ‘outer supply chain’! 

The good news is that we are the lucky ones because we have EFT to clear our abundance blocks on a subconscious cellular level, permanently., if we choose to do the work. 

I would love to help you: 

I am opening today just for a short period of time my highly successful Abundance Program: 

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>>> Yes, I am ready for predictable sustainable abundance! <<<
In addition, our tapping script for today will get you started with turning shortness-consciousness into abundance-consciousness! 

Turning Shortness-consciousness into Abundance-consciousness

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:

‘Even though I don’t believe it is possible for me to receive large sums of money to create my own sustainable supply of abundance, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyways’

‘’Even though I don’t believe that big reliable money can come to me easily and quickly, I accept who I am and how I feel about it’

‘Even though I am not worthy to get predictable money on a continuous basis from multiple sources, I am now ready to get into a daily practice of exercising my receiving muscle’

Tap through all the Points:

  • I am ready
  • open and willing
  • to awaken my abundance consciousness
  • and activate it now
  • in every part of my mind
  • I want to cover
  • all specific aspects
  • of my personal abundance creation
  • I am eager and ready to start
  • Large sums of money
  • come to me easily and quickly
  • I don’t want to have to work hard
  • for this money
  • I want it to be easy
  • I want large sums of money
  • I don’t want to just find
  • a dollar on the street
  • and I want it to come easily
  • and naturally as the next logical step 
  • I want large sums of money
  • come to me quickly
  • I want to generate a large sum of money
  • in my experience
  • I don’t want to have to wait
  • a long time to get it
  • So I want it to be quick 
  • Large sums of money
  • come to me easily and quickly
  • I also want the money to go up
  • I want increasing quantities of money
  • because there is no limit to my desires
  • I have big plans for my life
  • I want to make my life count
  • Money is a tool to accomplish this
  • with more ease and grace
  • I want to receive the money
  • from multiple sources
  • I don’t want it just from one place
  • because that source may dry up
  • or I may become too dependent on it
  • or I may give it too much power
  • So multiple sources helps
  • I don’t want it to come to me only once
  • I don’t want to get if for a while
  • and then for it to dry up
  • Just a one time lucky deal
  • I want large sums of money coming in
  • on a continuous basis 
  • I also want to get the money
  • by proper means and in ways
  • that are in alignment with my values
  • and in harmony with the essence of who I am
  • and for the highest good of all
  • One of my pleasures in life
  • is sharing abundance with my loved ones
  • make them happy
  • celebrate life together
  • Once I have large sums of money
  • I want to keep it
  • and not sabotage myself
  • with unexpected things that may come up
  • and that I have to give the money back
  • So I want to make sure
  • I tell myself
  • I am worthy of keeping
  • all of this money
  • I am worthy of
  • a limitless supply chain of abundance  
  • and let it grow
  • on a continues basis
  • I love feeling safe and secure
  • knowing I can create
  • everything I need consciously
  • I love feeling inner peace
  • knowing I can trust my personal power
  • to create sustainable abundance
  • for the highest good of all!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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