Today, we will release the subconscious resistance that is in the way of a naturally healthy body!

Living in a healthy, pain-free, feel-good body is a big desire for most people.


Because health (and money) are the two areas that determine the quality of our life the most. They influence every other aspect of our life in a big way.

Personalized one-on-one Program for you!

this EFT Program is for you if…

You want to set up your day with the right conditions to receive miracles and pre-pave the way for a promising future with ease

you are ready to experience every day more fun, more lightness and more pleasure, naturally

you desire to awaken within the memory of how wonderful you are and how worthy of your desires you are

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The joy of living in a naturally healthy body!

What I want for you is to experience a healthy Summer in body, mind and spirit! 

A beautiful time to relax and nurture yourself.
A refreshing time sprinkled with fun and adventure.

May this Health Script Gift inspire you to feel energized so you can experience all the joy your hearth desires!

No set-up statement needed, we will release resistance and align our body with better health on a cellular level:

Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • There is no greater advantage
  • that I could offer to my body
  • than this gentle releasing of
  • resistance right now
  • because my natural state is one
  • of absolute well-being
  • And in the absence of subconscious resistance
  • my physical body must thrive
  • By deliberately focusing
  • on good-feeling thoughts
  • I allow my physical cells
  • to return to their natural balance
  • The cells of my body
  • are guided by my Wise Self
  • and they have the ability
  • to find their balance
  • no matter what, every time
  • I will not only find recovery
  • from unwanted conditions
  • but a steady maintaining
  • of well-being will follow
  • As I tap and breathe
  • and release and relax
  • the maintaining of a good-feeling body
  • will come easily
  • even unwanted conditions
  • that have been within me for a while
  • will gradually diminish
  • until they no longer exist
  • These words I am reading now
  • are not about my body
  • but about my allowing of well-being
  • and alignment with my Wise self
  • My body is a reflection
  • of my positive thoughts
  • and releasing resistance
  • will produce positive change
  • I want to take the time
  • to tap and breathe
  • to find inner balance
  • From this place of alignment
  • beneficial behavior will be inspired
  • and wonderful things will unfold
  • with great ease
  • And the more ease I feel
  • the less resistance I hold
  • and the more the cells of my body
  • can find their natural balance
  • This process of breathing and allowing
  • while I am tapping
  • makes it possible to get
  • from wherever I am
  • to wherever I desire to be
  • It is natural for me to feel good
  • and for me to be well
  • and to experience
  • perfect bodily conditions
  • As I am becoming
  • a vibrational match to well-being
  • my body will show me the evidence of that
  • My body is supposed to feel good to me
  • and I am meant to feel healthy inside
  • The more I practice good-feeling thoughts
  • the more I will allow
  • unhindered cellular communication
  • and the more my physical body will thrive!
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    Wishing you a beautiful day!


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