Personalized one-on-one EFT Program for you!

Do you desire to feel comfortable with receiving compliments, gifts, help and support without feeling guilty?

Are you ready to surrender to your inner wisdom instead of surrendering to other people and allow self-love to be your guiding light, no matter what?

Do you give so much more than you receive and are you ready to make yourself a clear priority and be proud of your decision?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then this program could be for you!
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Turning Co-dependence into Inter-dependence

  • Do you care more about keeping others happy at the expense of your own contentment?
  • Do you try to rescue people who don’t want to be rescued?
  • Do you over-give in the hopes of feeling worthy of love?

We get in life what we tolerate
This is true in every are of our life, particularly within our relationships with family, friends and colleagues

For best results, I recommend you picking one specific person, situation or event to focus on

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though I am obsessed with keeping people happy, I choose to take care of my own happiness first’

‘Even though I am terrified that people will not love and adore me just the way I am, I am open and willing to accept myself first, just the way I am’

‘Even though I don’t want to say ‘no’ because I am worried they won’t like me anymore and I will be rejected, I deeply and completely love and accept myself first’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

Tapping through all the Tapping Points:

  • I feel it is my duty
  • to keep other people happy
  • I know I am sacrificing myself
  • every day with this specific person
  • and I am tired of it
  • I don’t like to do this
  • I know better
  • I am smart enough to know
  • I should not be doing this
  • but I can’t stop it
  • I want to feel important
  • I want to be acknowledged
  • I want to feel worthy of their love
  • and therefore I am tolerating so much
  • I go to great lengths to please them
  • and it is costing me
  • It is costing me dearly
  • in terms of my own contentment
  • happiness and wellbeing
  • I realize that I am getting in life
  • what I accept
  • and expect of being worthy of
  • I know this person is disrespecting me
  • and taking me for granted
  • I have tolerated this for so long
  • and I want to love and forgive myself for this today
  • I know people show up late
  • when they have a meeting with me
  • they are doing this
  • because I have tolerated it
  • I love and forgive myself for this
  • I know I have been underpaid
  • and  overworked
  • and this will continue
  • unless I say something
  • but I am scared
  • I don’t dare to speak up for myself
  • Deep down I feel unworthy
  • to have the best of life
  • in every area of my life
  • I forgive myself for feeling unworthy
  • I can’t believe it
  • how my life is organizing itself
  • around the standards
  • that I have been setting for myself
  • I have felt victimized by other people’s behaviors
  • but now I realize that I have choices
  • and control over how people treat me
  • Today I have gained more awareness
  • I am ready and willing
  • to protect my emotional
  • mental, physical and spiritual space
  • so I can live with peace
  • rather than in chaos and stress
  • I want to design my own rhythms
  • of wellbeing and be consistent with it
  • I am ready to create and environment
  • that is welcoming and supportive
  • for my needs also
  • so I can be, do and perform
  • at world-class levels
  • because I know in my heart
  • I am a high-quality person
  • with a loving heart
  • and great values
  • I matter
  • I have value
  • and I deserve the very best in life!
  • I want to remember this
  • now and forever!

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