We do not have to have money to attract money but we cannot feel poor and attract money.

The key is we have to find ways of improving the way we feel right where we stand, before things can begin to change.

By softening our attention to the things that are going wrong and by beginning to tell stories that lean more in the direction of what we want (instead of in the direction of what we’ve gotten) our vibration will shift

Our point of attraction will shift and we will get different results.

We will soften our money resistance today and tap into the next level of abundance that is ready for you!

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Free yourself from financial fears – Plant the seeds of joyful abundance

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though I can do anything except making money and I am so deeply scared and hopeless about this, I accept that I cannot accept myself because of this’

‘Even though I am this smart and brilliant woman in all of the other aspects of my life, I am still a financial failure, and it is hard to love and accept myself with this condition’

‘Even though I get always the results I want in every area of my life, but never the results that I really want with money, I am so ready to release this deep-rooted self-sabotage’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I can do anything
  • except making money
  • I have been telling this
  • to everyone
  • for years
  • And it has been my truth
  • every day of my life
  • I just don’t understand…
  • You have no idea
  • what I all have done
  • to turn this around
  • I have taken classes
  • bought expensive courses
  • tried everything
  • and nothing has worked for me
  • I feel hopeless
  • I am terrified that
  • this aspect of my life
  • will never change
  • I so want to feel
  • safe and secure
  • I always get everything
  • except the things
  • that I really really want
  • -money- lots of it
  • I feel such a financial failure
  • I cannot seem to get it right
  • By now my story of failure
  • has become so big in my mind
  • so overwhelming in my feelings
  • that I have become desperate
  • at times
  • I am awake at night
  • feeling the panic
  • Having my heart
  • almost jump out of my chest
  • So much anxiety
  • So much fear
  • And the shame I feel
  • The embarrassment I feel
  • People see me as successful
  • Because I have excellent health
  • enjoy loving relationships
  • But if they only knew
  • how deeply I struggle
  • with money
  • I feel so alone with my money pain
  • I cannot talk about it with anyone
  • What will people think of me?
  • I am sure they would judge me
  • Think less of me
  • Reject me
  • I so need money
  • I so want money
  • Lots of it
  • Because money gives me comfort
  • Money nurtures me
  • I want to be able to save some money
  • Because savings make me feel safe
  • I ask for help from Source
  • to make wise decisions
  • to make the right decisions
  • that are good for me
  • in the long-term
  • Decisions that nurture me
  • and make me feel safe
  • I remember my mother telling me
  • Health is the only important thing
  • Money is not important
  • Rich people have miserable lives
  • They have especially bad health
  • and are miserable across the board
  • Nobody loves them
  • because they are so miserable
  • and they are always in a bad mood
  • I want to turn this heaviness
  • slowness and overwhelm
  • that I feel with money
  • into lightness
  • playfulness
  • Have an energy shift
  • on a deep level
  • I am ready
  • to create a new money story
  • for me
  • and tell myself
  • I am on my way
  • to feeling such freedom
  • I believe that
  • my vibrational essence
  • is full of all kinds
  • of wonderful things
  • It would be fun
  • to watch them turn out
  • in the way they will
  • I see evidence
  • every day
  • that the universe
  • is working on my behalf
  • I am happy
  • with the progress
  • I want to be sure
  • that I am moving
  • in the right direction
  • And I can tell
  • by the way I feel
  • that I am moving
  • in the right direction
  • I am feeling lighter
  • I am freer
  • and more optimistic
  • and more hopeful and believing
  • that things are going better
  • and I am trusting
  • that things start manifesting around that
  • I am really quite proud
  • how far I have come
  • I will never stop wanting
  • more for myself
  • It is time for me
  • to stop worrying about
  • the parts that have been missing
  • and appreciate the parts that are there
  • because there are so many of them
  • I can make a list right now
  • of all the things
  • that are going very well in my life
  • and my experience!

(hint: make the list now!)

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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