Before tidying up our physical space it is always a good idea to clean up our psychological space first.

I would like to ask you;
Are you happy wearing clothes that don’t give you pleasure?
Do you feel joy when surrounded by piles of unread books that don’t touch your heart?
Do you think that owning accessories you know you will never use will ever bring you happiness?
I imagine the answer is ‘no’ 🙂

Now imagine living in a space that contains only things that spark joy? Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of? Keeping only the things that speak to your heart and removing the rest?

Let’s get started today with cleaning up our inner space first!

When I do ‘Clutter Buster’ Tapping with my clients, I always recommend going to the specific messy room for targeted tapping. It is hugely effective!

In March 2002 I started my full-time EFT Practice.
I do what I love and love what I do!
I adore my wonderful clients!


Does your home spark joy?

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though I feel so overwhelmed when I look at all the clutter in this room, I deeply and completely accept myself’

‘Even though I have all this self-criticism, other people seem to get it all perfect and I don’t, I accept who am and how I feel’

‘Even though I can’t relax when I look at all this mess and disorder and I feel so much anxiety in my body, I am a good person and I do my best’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I feel so judgmental
  • I am judging myself
  • I feel very critical
  • Critical towards myself
  • When I look at this cluttered space
  • I know it does not get messy all by itself
  • The person who lives in it
  • makes it messy
  • Just like my mother used to say
  • A messy room equals
  • a messy mind
  • I always hated it
  • when she told me that
  • This mess distracts me
  • from my goals and dreams
  • It is so annoying
  • I feel so overwhelmed
  • and what is even worse
  • when/if I clean up
  • a clutter-free tidy place
  • feels so unfamiliar to me
  • Then I get all this anxiety
  • and don’t know what to do with myself
  • because when my place is beautiful and tidy
  • then what…?
  • Then I have no excuse anymore to start
  • focusing on my big dreams and desires
  • I am terrified
  • I would find out
  • that I would fail
  • and not have what it takes
  • to make my dreams come true
  • However, today I want to start with one important step:
  • When touching each object in this room
  • I will decide if I want to keep it or not
  • Because I only want to keep what gives me joy
  • and discard all the rest
  • I only want to keep things
  • because I love them
  • not ‘just because’
  • I want to organize my space 
  • for whom I am becoming now
  • not for the person
  • I was in the past
  • From this day forward
  • I am so determined
  • to become very successful
  • in tidying up my space
  • Every morning I am going to do
  • what really success people do:
  • Doing the one task that
  • I don’t want to do
  • and do it first
  • First thing in the morning
  • I will keep my place clean
  • I will do the one thing
  • that I don’t want to do
  • and I do it first
  • This one action in the morning
  • will make me feel like a winner
  • I want to adopt this habit
  • of what I least want to do, first
  • And I want to do this easily
  • rapidly and successfully
  • I am not going to wait
  • until I get motivated
  • I am just going to start
  • and motivation will come
  • as I am doing it
  • Successful people do what they don’t want to do first
  • and it makes them a success
  • I replace any negative habit like
  • procrastinating or complaining
  • with a positive habit
  • Every day I override and tap away
  • my old habit of leaving things messy
  • and replace it
  • with a new shiny habit
  • of having a wonderful
  • orderly inviting place
  • I tap this new habit into my body
  • I imprint it in my memory
  • I imprint it into my words by saying:
  • I don’t want to clean this up
  • so I am going to do it first, in fact
  • I am doing it right now
  • because I am choosing success
  • and therefore, I am choosing to do this first
  • I am becoming a phenomenal role model
  • for my family, my colleagues, my friends, my kids
  • I show them how easy it is
  • to do what I least want to do first
  • I am telling myself:
  • I am choosing this
  • and I am choosing to feel good about it
  • I do this as a matter of pride
  • because it is the right thing to do
  • Being disciplined about tidying up
  • feels good even if
  • I don’t want to do it
  • It makes me feel proud of myself
  • It makes me feel like a winner
  • I am a winner
  • I enjoy the feeling
  • of doing what I don’t want to do, first
  • because I am developing
  • the discipline and the commitment
  • and the new behavior
  • of living in very tidy place
  • The free flow of energy
  • feels so good in my place
  • The freshness
  • the positive energizing breeze
  • It feels so good
  • I want to make
  • this success habit my own
  • I am ready
  • I feel so much better about myself
  • I feel better about myself every day
  • because I am taking on this habit
  • of what I least want to do first
  • Keeping my place tidy
  • I am choosing this
  • I am committed to this
  • And the more I do it
  • the better I feel
  • I like my new habit of being disciplined
  • I can feel the stress leaving my body
  • because I am keeping
  • my promise to myself everyday
  • This winning habit of action
  • is really healthy for me
  • I am ready
  • willing, able and motivated
  • to do what I least want to do first
  • I like this new imprint
  • and it is becoming a part of my daily behavior
  • It is right for me
  • It brings me so many benefits
  • and that makes me feel good
  • It makes me feel wonderful
  • I am delighted by my natural enthusiasm
  • I feel now so much better
  • I enjoy my downtime
  • because I know now that I earned it
  • I deserve my free time
  • and I can savor it guilt-free
  • because I have done what
  • I didn’t want to do first
  • I delayed gratification
  • and now I can enjoy it so much more
  • I can enjoy it fully
  • because I know I earned it
  • People notice that I have more confidence
  • People see how efficient I am
  • how capable I am
  • how productive I am
  • People notice how focused I am
  • I get recognition
  • I get praise
  • I get great feedback
  • I notice every day
  • how much better I feel
  • I feel every day
  • the most wonderful feeling
  • of accomplishment
  • of achievement and inner satisfaction
  • Every day I feel proud of myself
  • I feel extraordinary
  • I have absolute confidence in my ability
  • I enjoy that I am developing
  • this winning attitude
  • of doing my least favorite task first
  • I am growing in self-confidence
  • Every day I am growing in self-esteem
  • I feel liberated
  • I feel wonderful
  • I feel free
  • And I very much like that


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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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