Do you often worry about what people think of you?

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you had a fear that people will judge you?

Many people wonder what other people think, but if you allow other people to influence your opinion of yourself, you’ll never be free.

What others think of you doesn’t matter. It only matters what you think.
So often, we give away our power into the hands of other people.


How to stop worrying

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop

‘Even though I often worry about what people think of me, I accept who I am and how I feel’

‘Even though I sometimes stop myself from doing things I love because I am afraid people will judge me, I accept my uniqueness and choose to be true to my self-expression’

‘Even though I allow other people to influence me with their opinions, I choose to free myself and be congruent with my values’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • Oftentimes, I give away my power
  • into the hands of other people
  • because I worry what they think of me
  • I want to please them
  • I sometimes stop myself
  • to do something I love
  • because I am afraid
  • people will judge me
  • I oppress my feelings
  • I suppress my self-expression
  • I just want to be nice
  • making sure people like me
  • and making sure
  • I do the right thing for others
  • instead of focusing
  • on what matters most to me
  • I have this habit of worrying
  • I worry about so many things
  • I worry about the worst possible scenarios
  • (and I am really good at that:)
  • I feel I have to do everything alone
  • It is slowly eating away at me
  • What will others think of me
  • if I would ask for support?
  • I worry they may think
  • I am incompetent
  • and judge me
  • I hear myself chronically complaining
  • about how much I have to do
  • I feel as if the weight of the world
  • is resting squarely on my shoulders
  • I worry people will reject me
  • if I ask for help
  • I am afraid they will see me as weak
  • Sometimes I find myself crying
  • at unexpected times and
  • in unexpected places
  • Other times I start yelling
  • at inanimate objects
  • or at drivers in front of me
  • who are driving the speed limit
  • I worry about myself
  • I worry about my family
  • I worry about the world
  • I worry about everything
  • I realize that
  • this worrying mindset
  • is not what I signed up for
  • when I came into this world
  • This is not the life I wanted
  • Therefore, I am going to
  • start changing it today
  • When I get out of bed tomorrow
  • I will give myself
  • the time and space I need
  • to start my day in
  • a serene and relaxed state
  • I will no longer rush into my day
  • I will no longer compromise my needs
  • to keep the peace with anyone
  • I will no longer keep quiet
  • when someone is out of line
  • I will no longer
  • deal with difficult life situations
  • all alone
  • I will no longer
  • accept verbal abuse from anyone
  • I will no longer
  • let social norms dictate
  • what I should be interested in
  • whether it’s clothes, art, music or the like
  • because I love what I love
  • I will no longer
  • invest time in relationships
  • that aren’t aligned with who I am and
  • who I want to be
  • I will no longer
  • get caught up
  • in other people’s drama
  • I will no longer
  • feel an obligation
  • to spend time with family members or friends
  • who choose to live in chaos
  • I will no longer
  • feel bad about saying no
  • when no is what’s best for me
  • I will no longer stay silent
  • when I witness untruths
  • I will no longer follow the herd
  • I want to be an independent thinker
  • I will no longer
  • spend time with people
  • who talk at me
  • instead of with me
  • I look forward to start
  • implementing these new habits
  • New behaviors that will set me free
  • Free to be who I am
  • I know I deserve to live
  • by these new healthy standards
  • I am inspired to set
  • new healthy boundaries
  • because I know now
  • what others think of me doesn’t matter
  • It only matters what I think of me
  • This insight makes me feel good
  • and feeling good is natural
  • especially for someone like me!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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