Would you like to ‘unlock’ extra lockdown-body-weight’ and boost your energy?

If yes, this edition is designed to help you in both areas.
If you love ‘stress eating’ this tapping script will soften the stress and calm you down!

Bring your favorite food-craving item for the best tapping results!

this EFT Program is for you if…

you want to set up your day with the right conditions to receive miracles and pre-pave the way for a promising future with ease

you are ready to experience every day more fun, more lightness and more pleasure, naturally

you desire to awaken within the memory of how wonderful you are and how worthy of your desires you are


Boost your energy and release lockdown weight!

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop

‘Even though I could eat all of this food right now or I could choose ‘not to’, I am ready and willing to value my myself and my health first’

‘Even though I have this habit of soothing/numbing my emotions with food, I choose to upgrade my habits and honor my body with the 80% full principle’

‘Even though it is so easy/convenient to grab for food in the spur of the moment and ignore/tune-out my loving Wise Self, I forgive myself for disrespecting myself’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I want to acknowledge myself first
  • because I stopped for a moment
  • to tap before stuffing this food
  • in my beautiful body
  • I could have chosen
  • to ignore this script
  • and just fall unconsciously
  • into my old habits
  • and regret it again
  • one hour from now
  • and feel heavy with guilt
  • But, I am tapping right now
  • and I want to honor
  • my new positive choice!
  • I so want to eat this food
  • and numb and ignore
  • my current emotional discomfort
  • I want to stuff it away
  • by stuffing my body
  • I so want to have this food right now
  • No I don’t
  • Yes, I do
  • No, I don’t
  • Yes, I do
  • This inner conflict
  • This inner tug of war
  • Who will win today?
  • I am not letting the monkey mind win
  • I am going to choose
  • for myself today
  • and I decide to be a winner today
  • I choose to release
  • my current anxiety and fear
  • with weightless tapping
  • so I can be proud of myself
  • for the rest of the day
  • because I honored my body
  • by making a new upgraded choice
  • I don’t like myself
  • when I make these excuses
  • and let myself get away with it
  • and allow the old habit
  • of disrespecting myself
  • be my dominant way of living
  • I so very much want
  • my beautiful body back
  • but a part of me is very lazy
  • and doesn’t want to do the work
  • A part of me is rebellious
  • and I want to believe
  • I can cut corners
  • and that things magically will change
  • Yeah right!
  • I know better than that
  • but when it comes to food
  • I let the least evolved aspect of me
  • run the show
  • and I just let it
  • I choose to ignore it in the moment
  • It is just easier
  • It is less work
  • Less effort
  • And then I tell myself
  • the wonderful excuse
  • that I will start tomorrow
  • Always next time
  • I fool myself with my excuses
  • and I hate myself for it
  • It is easier to blame
  • other people for my weight
  • It is not my fault
  • but today as an adult
  • it is my responsibility to fix it
  • but I don’t want to grow up
  • in this area of life
  • I am stuck in my victim story
  • and I don’t want to let go of it
  • I am living in the past
  • and I base my future decisions
  • on my limiting past
  • and old traumas
  • and that’s why I am stuck
  • with this food thing
  • I don’t want to become an adult
  • in this area of food choices
  • It is easier to stay overweight
  • but it eats away at my self-confidence
  • It eats away at my self-esteem
  • It eats away at my self-worth
  • Every time I break my promises
  • with myself I feel bad
  • I feel like a loser
  • and then I eat some more
  • and dig myself again a little deeper
  • which makes it again harder
  • to climb out of the hole the next time
  • I know all the right things
  • I have all the right information
  • and I choose to ignore it
  • I am afraid to change
  • I just don’t want to change
  • Until now….
  • I really desire to have my beautiful body back
  • and I bet my wonderful partner would like that too
  • and my kids would be proud
  • to point at his nice-looking mom
  • instead of a heavy-waggling mom
  • I know I can do this
  • I really want to do this
  • Every day I want to make this
  • life-affirming choice
  • that I am worth it
  • that I am good enough
  • to live in a beautiful body
  • That I am important enough
  • to live in a beautiful body
  • That I matter enough
  • to live in a beautiful body today
  • That I deserve
  • to live in a beautiful body
  • I want my beautiful body back
  • and I want me back
  • My body is my temple
  • and I am ready to treat it
  • with love, respect and care
  • Wouldn’t this be nice?
  • Imagine…
  • I get to decide!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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