Today I would like to welcome you to our EFT Summer Edition with a beautiful Ancient Proverb:

When there is Light in the Soul,
there will be beauty in the person
When there is beauty in the person,
there will be harmony in the house
When there is harmony in the house,
there will be order in the nation
And when there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in this world

My wish for this Summer is that every single one of us knows that Light within ourselves and through that we help create peace on this planet of ours.

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The regular tuition for this program is $ 198 however…

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Positive Summer Script!

Note: For a positive script there is no need to do setup statements, we start right away with…

Tapping through all the Tapping Points:

  • I am ready to rest
  • and digest this challenging year
  • I am ready to rest my anxious mind
  • I am ready to rest my confused emotions
  • I am tired of the overwhelm
  • of fight, flight or freeze
  • and instead of that
  • I simply want to
  • rest and digest and relax
  • It is my desire to enjoy
  • a positive vibrational atmosphere
  • no matter where I am this Summer
  • I want to let go
  • of the pain, loneliness and fear
  • let go of the anger and frustration
  • and allow more pleasure
  • and feel really good
  • about all the new plans
  • I have envisioned
  • and enjoy a promising summer
  • I want to live my life
  • as I intended to live it
  • relax and breathe
  • and focus softly on the words
  • that are offered to me
  • I am ready to relax into
  • the natural rhythm of my breathing
  • I am ready to live in a state
  • where effort and trying
  • are replaced with relaxing and allowing
  • A state where worthiness is not earned
  • but simply accepted
  • I know that my life evokes
  • continuous preferences and
  • decisions and expansion
  • I am living in this environment
  • where I intended to be
  • And if there is something
  • that is not pleasing me
  • I withdraw my attention
  • from resistant or fearful thoughts
  • I want to feel more in alignment
  • with the positive energy
  • that is at the core
  • of who I am
  • I relax and breathe and
  • allow more brain coherence
  • allow more heart coherence
  • and more natural inner alignment
  • My life is supposed to feel good to me
  • I wrap myself in a warm blanket of worthiness
  • and allow nurturing love
  • flow through me
  • My life is supposed to
  • serve me well
  • I want to feel good this summer
  • and focus on things
  • that satisfy and delight me
  • I feel eager for more
  • more fun and more pleasure
  • With each new experience
  • I want to feel expansive and
  • continue to feel more refreshed
  • I am ready to feel the steady rhythm
  • of wellbeing and
  • feel more relaxed and rested
  • I want to be easy about my life
  • and feel appreciation
  • for who I am
  • and allow better things
  • to flow naturally to me
  • Each day I want to find more clarity
  • more stamina and more satisfaction
  • My life is supposed to feel good
  • I am meant to feel happiness in my life
  • and I am meant to satisfy my dreams
  • I love being an inspiration to others
  • looking to create a satisfying future
  • I continually amaze myself
  • how flexible I am
  • I continually amaze myself
  • at my ability to act
  • upon my intentions
  • to rest more
  • and to digest more
  • and to relax more
  • I feel appreciation for what is
  • and eagerness
  • for what is coming this Summer!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!

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