As a woman, our capacity to give depends on our capacity to receive. The more we give ourselves the gift of a good night sleep, the easier it is to support, nurture and enhance the lives of our loved ones.

Sleep is true self-care. Balancing and optimizing our mental and emotional energy is often an overlooked benefit of having enough sleep.

Most people think that sleeping is a waste of time!

However, did you know that more sleep saves us time?
It actually saves us lots of time!


Because we are more alert, focused and have better concentration.
We make less mistakes. We come up with better solutions. We make better plans. This alone saves us a lot of time!
… plus we are much more fun to be around:)

But, what if you can’t sleep?
No worries, help is on the way…

Today, I will teach you a highly successful process on how to use EFT for a great night of sleep, every night!

The process is a little different than what you usually receive from me, however, I have taught this at least a hundred times to clients with insomnia.

90% of them enjoy permanent success with this specific way of tapping in two weeks, or less!

The remaining 10% of my clients had deeper issues that kept them awake at night and, of course, we needed to address those first, before they were able to enjoy a deep relaxing sleep, too.

Celebrating Father‘s Day!

Let’s make this entire month a month for celebrating
the great fathers and honorable men of this world

for being the fierce protectors of life
for providing safety and security

so we can sleep well at night!

there is comfort in recognizing
that strong, courageous, loyal men
are the reliable Protectors of Life

Today, I would love to inspire you with the experience of one of my wonderful male clients.

Imagine, what could be possible for you also?

Special note: I didn’t include my client’s personal contact info, however, he is happy to speak with you, personally.

As a man, I have always been a bit resistant to get help or open up discussing my emotional feelings, issues, or weaknesses.

Jeanine’s method was transformational in unlocking several of my issues and making me a much calmer, stronger, and steadier person in both personal and professional life. She is not judgmental or critical but rather let’s you walk through the emotions yourself (you may opt to even not share the specifics) and connect to your subconscious through the techniques she teaches you.

The method has permanent effects and you could utilize the learnings for your future use yourself. Attending her class has been one of the best things in my life that happened to me and the results are noticeable by close people around me; more importantly, it has freed me from a lot of anxieties that I don’t even remember anymore.

Highly recommended!

DONE-FOR-YOU Sleep Protocol with EFT

Turning insomnia into a great night of sleep!


  1. Lay in your bed in your most comfortable position to fall asleep
  2. Imagine tapping all the points while saying in your mind the following sentence on each tapping point; ‘I can not sleep’
  3. Repeat imagining these words, while imagining tapping all the points till you fall asleep
  4. If/when you wake up in the night repeat steps 1, 2 and 3
  5. Do this for 2 weeks every night, that’s it!


Why do I need to say the ‘negative’ sentence: ‘I can NOT sleep’?
Because this way there is no competition between the conscious and subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind negates ‘not’, ‘no’, never etc. therefore, the real message that the subconscious is hearing is: ‘I can sleep’
And obviously the conscious mind is not conflicted either, because consciously we believe indeed ‘we can not sleep’.

Why do I need to imagine tapping the points and not do real tapping?
Because otherwise we keep ourselves awake and active through the physical tapping

Will it be equally effective to imagine the words in my mind?

What if my mind wonders or I get distracted?
No worries… just notice it and bring yourself gently back to the process and continue

One more super-tip for effectiveness:
Be mindful to repeat the words very slowly and peacefully, as if you would be in a peaceful meditative state, versus rushing through the process, this would get you all excited and defeat the purpose!

Happy to hear how it goes for you!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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