What is inflammation?

Inflammation is our body’s natural defense system. When our body senses foreign invaders, a specific cascade of events is set off, in which your white blood cells and some special chemicals called cytokines mobilize to protect you.

This normal type of inflammation is a good thing. It helps your body protect and heal itself. However, when your immune system shifts out of balance, inflammation can run rampant, causing a chronic, smoldering fire inside your body that contributes to disease and weight gain.

The causes of this type of inflammation are all around us. The sugar we eat, high doses of the wrong oils and fats in our diet, hidden food allergens, lack of movement, chronic stress, and hidden infections all trigger a raging, unseen inflammation deep in our cells and tissues.
And this inflammation leads to every one of the major chronic diseases of aging—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and more.

Inflammation can wreak havoc for years.. If you are dealing with systemic inflammation, it becomes critical to cool the fire within to prevent the cascade of damaging events that can occur from hidden inflammation.

Today, we will focus on two major causes of inflammation:

Sugar and stress.

Sugar becomes often the quick-fix to numb stress.. The good news is that EFT provides us with a much more healthy solution for sugar and stress.

It is my intention to help you with relaxation, more inner peace and health!

Come prepared with your favorite sugar craving item, and/or select a specific stressful event, situation or person

Drop Sugar – Reduce Stress

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:
‘Even though I so want to have this sugar item right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’
‘Even though whenever I think about this stressful topic, I need this sugar item to soothe myself, I love and forgive myself for feeling vulnerable’
‘Even though I have this habit of calming myself down with this sugar item whenever I feel overwhelmed and anxious, I am open to the possibility of welcoming a more healthy habit into my life’

Tap through all the Points:

  • Here I am
  • with my favourite sugar item
  • It has so much power over me
  • It is so hard to resist it
  • I so want to have it
  • I am so tempted
  • This sugar item is my friend
  • It says never ‘no’ to me
  • It is always there for me
  • I can always count on it
  • to make me feel better
  • This is what I call
  • a ‘really good friend’!
  • But my body doesn’t feel good
  • I have all these signs of discomfort
  • My body is telling me
  • that sugar is actually not good for me
  • but I don’t want to listen to those signs
  • I am in denial
  • I want to ignore the messages of my body
  • It is just easier to ignore it
  • because if I listen
  • then I have to make better decisions
  • and I am not ready for that, yet
  • Plus if this specific stressful person,
  • situation or event would change
  • then it would be so much easier
  • to deal with my sugar craving
  • It is all their fault
  • If they would be better behaving
  • then I wouldn’t need so much sugar
  • in order to deal
  • with my stress and anxiety
  • I have been waiting ‘forever’
  • for them to change
  • and they don’t
  • It is sooo annoying
  • So… if I cannot change other people
  • in order to please me
  • and make my life easier
  • How about
  • if I would make my own life easier
  • by making healthy choices for myself?
  • What if I would take my own power
  • in my own hands
  • and make my own healthy decisions
  • How would that feel?
  • I wonder….
  • I can see that I have so much resistance
  • Resistance to change
  • I rather stay with the familiar
  • even though it is not healthy for me
  • I don’t like change
  • Change is scary
  • I am scared to let go
  • of my addiction to sugar
  • What would I do instead?
  • I know that all valuable changes
  • start from the inside-out
  • So how about if I would start
  • with having a more loving and supportive self-talk
  • and be loving and forgiving towards myself
  • Loving and forgiving myself
  • for all the years
  • that I have abused my beautiful body
  • and have allowed toxic stressful situations
  • and have used sugar to cover them up?
  • and have numbed myself?
  • I want to change my energy
  • on the inside first
  • because that is the easiest and
  • most productive way to start
  • The physical changes will follow my alignment
  • with positive inside energy
  • because my intelligent body
  • is comprised of trillions of cells
  • and they are seeking and finding alignment
  • and balance at all time
  • I know that a good-feeling body
  • makes for a more pleasant physical experience
  • Therefore, I want to find pleasurable things
  • to focus upon
  • because that makes for a good-feeling body
  • There is no greater advantage
  • that I could offer to my body
  • than this gentle releasing of resistance right now
  • For my natural state is one of absolute well-being
  • and, in the absence of resistance
  • my physical body must thrive
  • I want now to focus deliberately
  • on good-feeling thoughts
  • so it is much easier
  • to neutralize my sugar craving
  • and allow my physical cells
  • to return to their natural balance
  • My  cells of my body
  • are guided by a higher intelligence
  • and my cells have the ability
  • to find their balance
  • no matter what, every time
  • I am ready to recover
  • from these unwanted conditions
  • of stress and sugar addiction
  • and move into a steady stream of well-being
  • As I release and relax
  • the maintaining of a good-feeling body
  • will come easily
  • Even these unwanted conditions
  • that have been with me for a while
  • will gradually diminish
  • until they no longer exist
  • From my place of alignment
  • beneficial behaviour will be inspired
  • and wonderful things will unfold
  • with great ease
  • The less resistance I hold
  • the more the cells of my body
  • can find their balance
  • I know it is natural for me
  • to feel good and be well
  • and for me to experience
  • perfect bodily conditions
  • And as I am becoming
  • a vibrational match to well-being
  • my body will show me the evidence of that!

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