Welcome to the energy of love! 

This is my Valentine’s wish for you!

As you go out into this world today
call the kindest people to you
call the most nurturing conversations to you
call the healthiest food to you
call the best ideas to you 
call the best of everything to you! 

When we start our day in a place that feels the best, we will attract everything that feels the best.

Doing the very best from where we are right now is enough! 

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I am worthy of love!

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:
Even though I have these doubts and fears about being lovable, I accept that I am amazing and deserve a loving relationship’
‘Even though I don’t feel confident to attract and keep a matching relationship that nurtures my heart and soul, I love and accept myself completely’
‘Even though the feeling of being truly loved is unfamiliar to me, I choose to start making it familiar right now’

Tap through all the Points:

  • I have all these doubts and fears
  • about being lovable
  • I would love to feel loved
  • but I don’t feel confident enough
  • I wonder how it would feel
  • when I would be more confident
  • when I would feel more certain
  • and secure about myself
  • I wonder what difference
  • it would make to my feelings
  • I want to focus on who
  • I want to be
  • and move away from who
  • I don’t want to be
  • I want to feel good enough
  • I want to feel more than good enough
  • I want to be liked
  • I want to be understood
  • I want to focus on what
  • makes me move towards love
  • and not on what
  • makes me feel left behind
  • I choose to move toward with
  • greater and greater confidence
  • Right now I want to develop
  • a much higher level of self-esteem
  • I want to increase
  • my self-esteem constantly
  • I am ready to put
  • a much higher sense of self-worth
  • and self- value onto myself
  • I am open to be more and more
  • self-assured, more self-trusting
  • and much more secure within myself
  • I want to believe more
  • in myself every day
  • As it becomes easier to appreciate myself
  • it is easier for others to appreciate me
  • I love knowing that it is becoming
  • easier to accept myself
  • as a unique lovable person
  • and other people start to love and accept me
  • It is easy for them to love and accept me
  • because I love and accept myself as lovable
  • I believe in myself
  • I am enthusiastic about being me
  • I radiate confidence
  • I would love to surpass
  • my own expectations about love
  • I am more and more optimistic and
  • more confident about myself
  • The most important words
  • I will ever hear
  • are the words that I say to myself
  • The most important opinion for me
  • is my own opinion
  • And the opinion about myself
  • is getting stronger and
  • more positive every day
  • As I tap and breathe
  • I experience continues success
  • in becoming more confident
  • and being more fully alive
  • I am becoming more successful
  • I am developing a talent
  • and enthusiasm for life
  • Inner confidence is a part
  • of me now
  • Every day I am becoming
  • more strong, more confident and
  • more at ease
  • The essence of me is
  • self-assured, self-trusting and self-confident
  • I feel secure within myself
  • because I am confident
  • I express myself clearly
  • easily and naturally
  • People pick up very quickly
  • my heightened sense of self-worth
  • and self-value
  • and they like me all the more
  • because of it
  • I can interact with others
  • so easily
  • People listen to me
  • People respond to me positively
  • I believe in myself
  • Other people believe in me
  • I feel understanding
  • and appreciation coming
  • from others to me
  • It is becoming easier
  • to make better decisions
  • when it comes to love
  • and selecting the one
  • who nurtures my soul
  • is my best friend
  • is sensually compatible
  • and likes what I like
  • I want to honor my intuition
  • to make healthy decisions
  • for my highest good
  • I notice that people like me because
  • I am warm, friendly and at ease
  • and this is the truth about me
  • However, I am still afraid
  • because when real love comes to me
  • I am afraid to let it in
  • because being loved
  • is unfamiliar to me.
  • Being rejected is
  • familiar to me
  • I can give love
  • but I cannot accept it
  • I cannot let it in
  • Therefore, I am going to practice
  • praising myself
  • letting self-praise in
  • so that self-praise becomes familiar
  • and rejection becomes
  • more and more unfamiliar
  • I can do this
  • I am going to be
  • my own cheerleader
  • and praise and encourage myself
  • Nobody is’ too good’ for me because
  • I am a good person
  • In the past I didn’t recognize
  • good-quality men/women
  • because I didn’t had the correct
  • brain-wiring for this
  • I can choose to make
  • relationships with
  • good-quality men/women familiar
  • and change my internal wiring and make
  • relationships with
  • narcissists unfamiliar
  • I am a loving person,
  • I am a kind person
  • I am a caring person
  • I want to make having pleasure
  • in little things familiar
  • I am a really good person
  • therefore, I want to make ‘loving me’ familiar
  • I want to remember that
  • self-praise boosts my self-confidence
  • and self-criticism withers
  • my self-esteem away
  • This is why I want to make self-belief familiar
  • because when I believe in myself
  • believe that I deserve big love
  • the Universe will respond in kind!
  • And so it is! 


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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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