10 Pillars for Health, Emotional Well-being and Happiness

1. Resilience: Being able to bounce back quickly from adversity and life’s upsets

2. Having compassion, kindness, and understanding versus judgment of others

3. Confidence: keeping one’s heart open, having trust and belief in the good of oneself and others

4. Healthy relationships: mastering empathic listening and speaking – being closely connected with a supportive and loving family and community

5. Healthy Sense of Self: having a high degree of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth

6. Easily returning to an inner state of balance and peace

7. Enjoying healthy levels of stress

8. Being able to delay short term gratification for long term gain

9. Being an excellent communicator: getting one’s wishes, needs, and desires across, being understood clearly, and having patience to understand others

10. Social responsibility: having a purpose and vision that goes beyond oneself and contributes to the betterment of others and the world