What is EFT?

EFT Techniques or tapping are based on the ancient eastern tradition of acupuncture, but we use our fingertips instead of needles, to gently tap and stimulate certain meridian points.

We tune mentally and emotionally into a limiting belief, emotion or even an entire experience.

Tapping, also called, energy psychology, has been proven effective in thousands of case studies and clinical studies over the past 20+ years.

EFT is a mind-body technique that allows us to do two major things in order to experience transformation:

(1)It allows us to access our subconscious mind and (2) the tapping helps us to turn down the fight/ flight or stress response in our body

This is very important to know because neuroscience shows us that our subconscious mind and its programming determines our daily life experience for more than 90%.

Our beliefs, memories and automatic behaviors are stored in our subconscious mind. This is important knowledge when we want to delete our blocks, limiting beliefs and old paradigms to success, health, inner peace and wellbeing.

They all reside in our subconscious mind and in the body’s energy system And when we can delete those blocks, we open ourselves to receiving more inner balance, peace of mind, health, and happiness.”

Done-for-You Tapping Script: ‘I am a people pleaser!’

Step one: Write down specific topic
Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)
Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?
Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop
‘Even though I have this habit of over-doing, over-giving and over-accommodating, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, anyway’
‘Even though I am afraid I am not good enough and I need to compensate for some invisible, undefinable flaws, I welcome more self-confidence and self-acceptance’
‘Even though I feel so dissatisfied because I am ignoring my own needs, I am open and willing to listen to my inner voice of love and self-care’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points (see Gift 1 for the Tapping Points Guide):

  • No matter how hard I try
  • I cannot make others appreciate me
  • in the way that I need it
  • It is so frustrating
  • I do so my best
  • I am careful
  • I walk on egg shells
  • I over-give
  • and deplete myself
  • I over-do
  • and get exhausted in the process
  • I put their needs
  • before my own
  • and then I become angry
  • and resentful
  • I would do almost anything
  • to prove that I am good enough
  • and nobody really cares
  • because they all care
  • primarily about themselves
  • I am the one
  • who is having this
  • big battle inside of me
  • I am scared and nervous
  • I know in my heart
  • that my happiness
  • should not depend
  • on their approval because
  • I cannot make them change
  • I have tried
  • and I did not work
  • but I cannot let it go
  • I worry what they
  • think about me
  • I work so hard
  • to extract approval from them
  • and it is also exhausting
  • to keep their approval coming
  • I cannot control how they feel about me
  • I have given my power away
  • and allowed others to
  • negatively influence my emotions
  • and my daily experience
  • And I love and forgive myself for this
  • Because I know in my heart
  • when I attempt to shore up their weakness
  • with my strength
  • it never works
  • I have this need
  • this invisible
  • undefinable need
  • to proof to everyone
  • that I am good enough
  • And they don’t seem to care all that much
  • but I do care a lot
  • because it makes me feel miserable
  • and dissatisfied and stressed
  • because I am ignoring my own precious needs:
  • My healthy need to feel confident
  • My healthy need to feel good enough
  • My healthy need to feel satisfied
  • My healthy need for self-acceptance
  • Accepting my own inner voice
  • And knowing it comes from love
  • I want to relax
  • and enjoy the unfolding of
  • all the feelings of well-being
  • and value and honor myself
  • and feel appreciation for what is
  • and eagerness for what is coming!

Enjoy and see you again in 3 days for your third gift!

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