Do you have relationships that leave you drained, frustrated, and chronically walking on eggshells, but you rationalize it’s easier to just comply with their demands than rock the boat?

Are you afraid of someone in your life’s reactivity?

Do you ever feel like someone you love is living in another reality — saying one thing one day then another the next — leaving you with the feeling that you should be taking notes on basic occurrences?

What about parasitic financial relationships where you keep finding reasons to offer money to a friend or family member who’s always just around the corner from getting it together?

Avoid living happily never after in your primary relationships! 


Valentine’s Day!
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Resolving fear of conflict

Turning Fear of Conflict into Self-Confidence and Assertiveness!

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop

Even though I am so angry at this person, it is eating away at me, I deeply and profoundly accept myself

‘Even though I can’t believe this relationship is deteriorating and I am so scared, I accept who I am and how I feel

Even though I have all this anxiety in my body and I am afraid about the future, I accept that I am very good person anyway’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I am so angry
  • I can’t believe
  • how my life is
  • unravelling right in front of my eyes
  • I am so scared
  • I feel so insecure
  • This situation is eating away at me
  • I feel so overwhelmed
  • I feel abandoned
  • I feel betrayed
  • I lost my inner peace
  • I lost my inner balance
  • and it is not my fault
  • I am so angry at this person
  • I am furious
  • It affects me so deeply
  • It affects my health
  • I cannot sleep
  • I cannot eat
  • It consumes me
  • I so hate this person
  • and I don’t want to release my anger
  • because my anger is justified
  • S/He deserves my anger
  • because it is all his/her fault
  • S/He has hurt me so deeply
  • and I want to hold it against him/her
  • until eternity…
  • I have the right to be angry
  • If I would release my anger
  • it would feel as if
  • I am okay with what is happening
  • And I am not!
  • I am so angry
  • I am furious
  • I want to punish him/her with my anger
  • I hope this will teach him/her a lesson
  • ….
  • But you know what?
  • I have noticed that
  • s/he actually doesn’t care about my anger
  • Doesn’t seem to care at all
  • But I do care about my anger
  • because it is destroying my body
  • My health is breaking down
  • and s/he even doesn’t care
  • So who am I really punishing here?
  • It feels that I am the only one
  • who is suffering from the anger
  • because I am carrying this anger in my body
  • S/He doesn’t seem to care
  • and this makes me even more angry
  • The anger is inside of my body
  • I am the one suffering
  • from all the side effects
  • of being angry
  • not him/her
  • So therefore,
  • how about if I would release my anger
  • for me
  • because my body
  • does not deserve to suffer like this
  • I want to release this anger
  • out of self-love for me
  • because the anger is in my body
  • And it hurts me
  • S/He doesn’t care that I am suffering
  • So the only one who is really suffering here
  • Is me… beautiful me…
  • Therefore, I want to consider
  • releasing this anger for me
  • Out of love for me
  • Because it destroys my health
  • It compromises my happiness
  • and I deserve so much better than this
  • I deserve to get my radiance back
  • I deserve to get my sparkle back
  • I deserve to get my glow back
  • S/He is not worth it
  • that I am destroying
  • my health and well-being for him/her
  • Therefore, I want to release my anger
  • for my benefit
  • for my well-being
  • so I can feel better
  • I deserve better
  • I deserve more
  • I am not going to allow someone else
  • to control my feelings anymore
  • or allow them to control my life
  • I want to be in control of my own feelings
  • and not let this person have power over me
  • by giving him/her the power to make me angry
  • I choose now my own feelings
  • Feelings that make me feel good
  • Feelings that make me feel lighter
  • I want more inner peace
  • more inner harmony
  • more ease in my relationships
  • I so very much deserve this
  • I deserve to feel better
  • and if I cannot have good feelings right away
  • at least I want to feel more neutral
  • Feel more indifferent
  • Feel more like an observer
  • Be more in charge of my emotional life
  • and release my fear for the future
  • Trust that I will be guided
  • and ask that things will always be working out for me
  • and when I relax things will work out much faster!

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