• Is it difficult to quiet down your mind before you start meditating?
  • Are your thoughts racing?
  • Do you get even more nervous once you start?

Or, would you like to go deeper into your meditation?

Turning inward and connecting with our Wise Self is one of the most nurturing things we can do for ourselves in these challenging times!

EFT is an effective way to quieten our mind and transition into a relaxed state.
The easy way to start your mediation! 

In March 2002 I started my full-time EFT practice.
I do what I love and love what I do!
I adore my wonderful clients!


Meditation is not a luxury… anymore!

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop;

‘Even though my mind is racing right now and I cannot let go and relax, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though it is so hard to quiet down my mind, I accept and love all of me’
‘Even though I am so annoyed with myself because I cannot get it right, I choose to release the frustration and feel good now’

Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • It is so hard for me
  • to slow down
  • and relax
  • I am fighting
  • these racing thoughts
  • My mind feels
  • out of control
  • I am working so hard
  • at relaxing
  • feeling calm
  • and peaceful
  • Feeling zen
  • The more effort
  • I put into this
  • the more stressful
  • it becomes
  • I so want to let go
  • of all my worrying
  • planning and strategizing for now
  • I want to breathe deeply
  • Letting go with every breath
  • Letting go of the external world
  • with all of its attractions
  • and distractions
  • Feeling calm and content
  • No worries, no hurries
  • No pressure
  • Letting go of my burdens
  • and responsibilities
  • Feeling light
  • and focus on this new experience
  • Focus on this new day
  • This is a new beginning for me
  • ‘This is me’
  • choosing my experience
  • more deliberately
  • ‘This is me’
  • choosing the way I am feeling
  • ‘This is me’
  • in this new day
  • being aware of the value
  • of my emotions
  • This is a really good day
  • with my energy field filled
  • with all kinds of wonderful things
  • ‘This is me’
  • in this really good day
  • This is a new beginning
  • Me, tuning into the frequency
  • of All these wonderful things
  • that are available to me
  • on this really good day
  • I allow myself
  • more than ever before
  • to be in the receptive mode
  • of everything that I have intended
  • everything I’ve asked for
  • everything that is available to me
  • on this really good day
  • I am Being in full alignment
  • with all that I have become
  • This is a good day
  • This is a really good day for me
  • This is a new beginning for me
  • I am ready
  • to transition into a wonderful communication
  • with the wisest part of me
  • I so look forward
  • to hear the messages
  • If there are any today
  • I look forward
  • to watch the movie
  • In my meditation
  • If there is one today
  • I want to allow and receive
  • I know it will be good
  • and I know it will be for my highest good
  • I am ready to relax
  • and be open
  • to receive loving messages
  • that will serve me very well
  • Messages from the universe
  • Messages of love, caring and clarity
  • I am ready now!

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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