As a (grand)parent, how often have you wished that you could make your (grand)child’s sadness, upsets and fears just disappear, especially in today’s world? 
Is your child restless when going to sleep, or being teased or bullied in school leaving him or her with damaged self-esteem and a compromised sense of safety? 

Has an unkind comment or person left your child feeling stupid or inept? What about fears and phobias … do you worry that your child will carry these into adulthood?

As a parent, are you worried or anxious about the new school year?
Are you worried about what kind of world your child will inherit?

Are you worried about how to prepare your children in a way so they can become strong, resilient and confident adults? 

One of the main principles I teach my EFT students is that we first need to tap for our own worries, pain or fears about our children before we can help our kids. When we are confused ourselves, we have no clear intuition to help them , effectively

This is why our tapping script today is the first crucial step in helping you, as a parent, to achieve big success for your kids with EFT.

How to soothe, comfort AND empower your child with EFT!

STEP ONE: Clearing my own fears and worries about my kids!
How to tap for the happiness and well-being of my child

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop: Pick one specific problem

‘Even though I am so worried about my child, I am still an excellent parent’
‘Even though I have all this anxiety about him/her 
being at ease in this fast-changing world  and to be able to create healthy friendships, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I wish I could make his/her 
fears, doubts, anxieties  and upsets go away, I feel so powerless, I choose to focus on the highest good for all of us, no matter what

Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I have all these worries
  • I have this old habit of worrying
  • Whenever something happens
  • my heart tightens
  • and I worry
  • I feel anxious inside
  • I worry about how s/he
  • will cope with this new world
  • When my child is sad or unhappy
  • or angry or scared
  • I have this habit of blaming myself
  • My heart hurts
  • I want to stop worrying
  • and thinking it is all my fault
  • Even though I know it is not my fault
  • because I did my very best
  • I have still these regrets
  • I sometimes wonder
  • if I did it all wrong
  • I have this guilt inside
  • about past events
  • I wish they would have
  • turned out differently
  • I know I did my very best
  • at the time
  • Nobody knows
  • how much I did my best
  • Nobody will ever know
  • how much I have tried
  • how hard I worked
  • to take care of everything
  • I have this sad story
  • running through my head
  • and I don’t like it
  • I want to find another way
  • to be with my child
  • I want to inspire and uplift
  • I want to be
  • a beacon of light for my child
  • I like my child to know the value
  • of who s/he is
  • I like my child to know
  • s/he is cherished and loved
  • I like my child to know
  • its own value
  • I know that the biggest gift
  • I can give my child
  • is my own happiness
  • Therefore, I want to
  • take very good care of myself
  • so I can be happy
  • balanced and peaceful
  • I want my child to feel
  • the safety of the love
  • between his/her parents
  • I want my child to feel
  • this blanket of our love
  • that keeps him/her warm and safe
  • I want to hold the intention
  • that things are always
  • working out for my child
  • I would like my child to have
  • a confidence about him/her
  • as s/he goes into the world
  • that s/he feels guided as where to go
  • and whom to be with
  • I like my child to have good timing
  • and to be in safe places
  • I would like my child
  • to look into the world
  • and have a sense of who s/he is
  • I would like my child
  • to be completely accepting
  • of who s/he is
  • and to trust his/her inner power
  • I want her/him to be
  • all that s/he was born to be
  • I want her/him to have fun
  • and have clarity
  • and feel good
  • I like her/him to wake up
  • and feel eager for the day
  • I want her/him to sleep good
  • and eat healthy
  • I want her/him to know
  • how good s/he is
  • I like her/him to know this now
  • I like to help her/him
  • to know her/his value
  • and feel good about it
  • I like to teach her/him
  • how to find solutions
  • I like for my child to know
  • that my loving positive gaze
  • is upon her/him at all times
  • I am going to take good care of me
  • because I like to move around with her/him
  • I like to shine my light on her/him
  • and have fun
  • I like to be associated
  • with all good things in life
  • with satisfying, enjoyable
  • fun, life-giving experiences
  • I don’t want to see lack in her/him
  • Instead I want to see her/his brilliance
  • because I know that people
  • always rise or lower,
  • depending on our expectation about them
  • Therefore, I like to see
  • the very best in my child
  • now and always!

Below are a few examples where EFT has proven to be very effective with children:

Learning multiplication tables rapidly
Nervousness about exams & grade improvement
Fear of making mistakes

Blocked creativity

Separation anxiety
First day at school apprehension
School phobia

Dealing with peer pressure
Driver’s test anxiety
Student/teacher friction
Being bullied, teasing


High pperformance anxiety
Sports anxiety


Fear of criticism

Fear of not being good enough

Feeling guilty

Fear of the dark
Bedtime fears due to TV programs
Dealing with temper tantrums

Fear of Santa Claus, Halloween costumes, masks
Fear of thunder, lightening

Pet grief

Travel sickness
Homesickness, loneliness


Food addictions
and many more…

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