When a problem consumes us we can’t get our eyes off of it. We want to understand it, deeply dig into it, ask ‘why-why-why’ and by wanting to get to the bottom of the problem we become a vibrational match to the problem, instead of the solution.

We argue for our limitations by telling ourselves and the world: but, it is true!

This is where tapping can help us to soften and dissolve our fixation on the problem and become more receptive to a solution-based  answer.

The problem and the solution have different frequencies. We can’t hear the answer while we are focused on the problem. ‘We can’t get there from there’.

Note: When you have more than one problem, tap on one specific problem at the time for excellent results.

Being a Solution-seeker instead of a Problem-Solver!

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Start Tapping the Karate Chop Point:

‘Even though I am consumed by this particular problem and I cannot find the solution, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’
‘Even though I am obsessed by this problem and I can’t get my eyes off of it, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I am convinced, if I focus long enough on this problem it will go away, I accept my limiting belief and I am open to a new fresh perspective’

Tap through all the Points:

  • I am so consumed by this problem
  • and the more I think about it
  • the bigger it becomes
  • I am convinced
  • if I focus on it long enough
  • obsess about it deeply
  • try to understand it completely
  • dig deeply into every aspect
  • ask why-why-why
  • and get to the bottom of it
  • this problem will go away
  • But it is not going away
  • because now I have given it
  • so much attention and energy
  • that I have become a vibrational match to it
  • When I think about this problem
  • or feel upset, stressed, frustrated
  • and fixated on this problem
  • I cannot find the solution or the answer
  • There must be another way…
  • I want to remind myself
  • when I am in problem-mode
  • I am not a vibrational match
  • for the answers to come to me
  • The problem and the solution
  • live in a different vibrational world
  • I cannot hear the answers
  • when I am focused on this problem
  • ‘I cannot get there from there’
  • What if I could release my anger
  • about this problem?
  • What if I could let go
  • of my frustration about this?
  • and all the sadness
  • I feel about this?
  • Imagine, if I could release
  • all these unwanted emotions
  • and have open free space
  • in my body to connect
  • to the frequency of the solution
  • get into a different vibration
  • a higher vibration
  • where I have access to the answers
  • where I can allow myself
  • to be inspired by solutions
  • receiving the answers
  • being inspired by
  • a new fresh perspective
  • I welcome the solution-mode
  • I am ready to wave good-bye to my problem-mode
  • I am ready to soften and dissolve
  • my fixation on this problem
  • so I can become more
  • receptive to the solution-mode
  • I am open and willing to listen for the answers
  • relax and breathe
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if
  • I could get around this problem
  • and welcome the solution?
  • This would feel so much better
  • Imagine making new decisions with confidence
  • Being receptive to new answers
  • by listening and feeling for the solutions
  • Receiving the answers
  • from a place of deep inner wisdom
  • being inspired with love
  • for the highest good of me
  • and the highest good of
  • everyone else involved
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