VIP Day – Tenerife

Dear friend,

Imagine… what would it feel like to receive high-quality focused attention for you and your partner for an entire day?  Just focusing on the two of you and your relationship in a warm beautiful destination?

An entire day away from all distractions…
Relaxing, feeling uplifted and inspired by beauty while healing and moving into higher levels of love and closeness?  

One day focusing on the both you, exclusively

If this is something that makes your heart sing, then I would love to invite you for a special day with me in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain!

“Dare to Live Authentically in a Feminine and Sensual Way
with your Love Partner!”

Be a VIP for the day and let yourself be inspired and guided by the empowered feminine sensual energy and empowered masculine essence of Spain !

Diving deep and creating lasting love transformation…

I love the breakthroughs my clients are experiencing after one full day with me!

Imagine spending high-quality concentrated time together and being focused only on you and your love relationship! Imagine what we could accomplish?

How would your love life, happiness and wellbeing improve?

Imagine being free…
free from your burdens
free from your pain
free from conflicts

and replacing these things with what you really, really, really desire!

What if we could turn around your biggest emotional relationship challenge in one full day? What would that mean to you and your relationship?

It is possible with EFT to transform our biggest challenges in one full day and get a clear fresh perspective on things and feel more hopeful, encouraged and pre-pave the way for a promising future with more love, happiness and closeness!

Enjoy ‘having it all in your love relationship’, whatever ‘it’ means for each of you

Unshakable Confidence
A Healthy Chemistry
Free Expression
Overall Well-Being
Meaningful Communication
Inner Peace
Feeling Safe and Secure
Honour and Loyalty
Admiration and Appreciation
Being Charmed and Enchanted
Enjoying every Moment

and… Feeling Strong, Courageous and Enthusiastic in the process!

When: Week of November 17, 2017
Time: One Day
Where: Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain (still nice and sunny in November with an average of 23 degrees!)
How to reserve your day: by sending an email to
Book your flights early! Airfares are inexpensive right now!

Imagine what it would feel like to increase your Love, Care and Attention for each other in the comfort of a 5* luxury Resort close to the ocean!

On the other hand, if you did not meet the love of your life yet, then we could focus on getting you ready to meet him and enjoy a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention, too!
If this is something you feel excited about, then I look forward to seeing you in Tenerife, Spain!


Not possible for you to travel to Tenerife in November?
Come and meet me in Paris in December for your transformational VIP Day!

Not able to come to Paris in December?
We can meet virtually for your VIP Day instead,
from the comfort of your own home!

VIP Day Destinations for 2017:

July 2017:
Knokke, Oostende, Les Ardennes, Belgium or Virtual
August 2017:
Knokke, Oostende, Les Ardennes, Belgium or Virtual
September 2017:
Calgary, Canada or Virtual
October 2017: 
Calgary, Canada or Knokke, Oostende, Les Ardennes, Belgium or Virtual
November 2017:
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, or Knokke, Oostende, Les Ardennes, Belgium or Virtual
December 2017:
Paris, France, or Knokke, Oostende, Les Ardennes, Belgium or Virtual


About Jeanine

Women come to me when they want to have it all.  They want money, freedom, time, health, beauty, and a life of authentic vision.  They are sick of struggling so hard, pushing like a man, and want to create a successful life in a feminine way.

At least once a week, one of my clients tells me, I am their ‘Angel of Hope’.  My success rate with EFT has been consistently over 90% since 2002.  
“Thousands of clients can’t be wrong.”

Jeanine is an International EFT Expert Trainer & Authentic Feminine Success Mentor, helping women worldwide with releasing their emotional pain, so they can experience emotional freedom instead. She has trained and mentored professionals in North America and Europe on how to become proficient in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Conscious, Intelligent, Successful Women (and a few wonderful men too!) from around the globe meet and tap with her to release subconscious beliefs which are holding them back on a cellular level. Releasing these beliefs gives them the opportunity to enjoy a full, rich and authentic life filled with beauty, grace and love. Others prefer to access Jeanine’s powerful work through TeleSeminars, Audio programs and Videos.

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