Turning Jealousy and Envy into Positive Energy

This tapping script was inspired by one of my wonderful clients ‘Christel’:
She was worried that she would not be able to hide her jealousy and envy about an old friend.

They met for lunch and it turned out wonderful after she used this tapping script:

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Start Tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though I have these strong feelings towards xxx and I am puzzled by this, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I am so envious and jealous and I judge this about myself, I deeply and profoundly accept where I am today’
‘Even though I am scared I would come across as clingy and needy, I choose to be calm and confident’

Tap through all the points:

• I feel so betrayed by xxxx
• We used to be close friends
• I feel abandoned
• I feel rejected
• I felt so hurt
• She got first what I should have gotten
• She was promoted before me
• This is so unfair
• Because I entered this company first
• So I should have been promoted first
• I judge her
• She was not qualified
• She did not have the necessary skills
• I am jealous
• I am envious
• I want to compete with her
• And I deserve to win
• I am entitled to succeed first
• This is the story I am telling myself
• All these old emotions are triggered
• And it is costing me
• It is costing me dearly
• It is costing me my dignity
• It is costing me my self-respect
• And I hate this about myself
• I shouldn’t be hating myself either, by the way
• I am terrified she will pick up
• on these hidden emotions when we have lunch
• And I want to be perfect
• I want to have it all together tomorrow
• And prove her that I am perfect
• Or at least excellent
• I am comparing myself with her
• And it makes me anxious
• It is killing the friendship we used to have
• I feel sad about the loss
• About all the wonderful things we used to share
• She never invited me to her house
• And I was disappointed about that
• I expected her to invite me
• I am needy for approval
• And I don’t like that about myself
• It makes me vulnerable
• And it makes my clingy
• And I am scared she will see that when we have lunch
• I am constantly comparing myself
• And it is robbing me of my confidence
• And peace of mind

Positive round while tapping through all the points:

• I choose to release all these negative emotions
• And enjoy a wonderful lunch
• I choose to be calm and confident
• I forgive myself
• to the best of my abilities
• for my negative emotions
• I release my insecurity
• I let go of my fear
• I love knowing that I am releasing these emotions
• and replacing them with more dignity and self-respect
• I have this deep desire
• to focus on all the wonderful memories
• and radiate a loving and calm energy
• and be genuinely curious and open
• to see how she is doing now
• I would love to re-establish our wonderful friendship
• Life is too short
• I want to let go of these old feelings of comparing myself
• I do not want to waste my energy on this anymore
• Instead I want to invest my energy
• In a warm atmosphere when we have lunch
• It is my intention to re-connect with her
• On a new level
• On the level of who I am today
• This loving, kind, and generous friend
• That I really am!
• And so it is.

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