Tap into Emotional Freedom – Heal 12 Major areas in your life

If you want to create Emotional Freedom Beyond Belief, even if nothing has worked for you in the past…
Learn How to Heal Fears, Migraines, Insomnia, Backpain, Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Procrastination,  Fear of the Future or Lack of Money, and much more…
— just with a touch of your finger tips
by tuning into the Ancient Secret You already hold in the palm of your hand.
Simply by using Ancient Chinese medicine, quantum mechanics, and cutting-edge psychology!

Hello and Welcome!

This Program came about after many of my workshop participants wrote on their evaluation form things like:
“Can I please please please take you home with me” and “I could listen to your voice all day, it is so soothing” and “The only thing that was missing from the workshop was that it was only 1 day instead of 3 days”
These repeated comments made me think on how I could serve more people and how people ‘could take me home with them’ without me actually having to travel. . .
and yes. . . you guessed it . . . this is the reason why I have created this EFT Take-me-Home-Tapping-Program!
After working with enthusiasm and passion for many months, my EFT Tap-along Program is ready to be presented to the world!

What is this “Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT” Tap-along Program?
It is a Home Tapping System you can use every day for an entire year (12 months) and it covers 12 major areas of your life.


Some of the major areas we will cover are how to use EFT for Stress, Anxiety, and Pain Management.
Like in Barb her EFT story for example… Barb used EFT successfully when she was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 8 years ago and her doctor told her she had only 6 weeks to live….

When Barb heard this devastating news, her friend told her ‘You better learn EFT, and you better learn it real fast’ and that is exactly what she did. . .

Barb attended right a way one of my EFT Level 1 Worskhops and was surprised how easy, simple, and fast EFT was working for her. She used EFT successfully for the fear of the unknown, the shock of the devastating news, for the stress, and anxiety of having to go through chemo and radiation.

She used EFT to manage the pain and recover faster from the side effects of chemo and radiation. Knowing and using EFT on a daily basis made all the difference for her. As a matter of fact it made so much of a difference that she could stay hopeful through the whole ordeal by tapping away all her fears, stress, anxiety, and manage the pain with EFT (even the strongest pain medication was not as effective as EFT)

I am happy to report that Barb has now a clean bill of health and the doctors told her she is cancer free!

Just imagine what EFT could do for YOU…

What it will be like to wake up every morning and know you hold the key to ‘master your own emotions’ by releasing all the ones that are bothering you.

Once you have learned this EFT ‘tapping’ system you can use it as often as you want on yourself… even if it is just for a few minutes each day to improve any area in your life!
You can listen and ‘tap’ along with this ‘Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT’ Home tapping system and use it to give yourself an Emotional Make-over!

Using EFT can… 

Release conflicts around relationships
Attract more money-making opportunities
Dramatically increase your intuition
Tune your subconscious mind into a perpetual ‘joy frequency’
Transform your fears and anxiety rapidly

In short…. This ‘Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT’ Home Tapping System could heal even the most stubborn longstanding negative beliefs and emotions and transform them into astonishing real-world results with consistent and persistent tapping

You could feel free in ways that you never imagined possible before. Finally, you would feel in control of your emotions and be able to live your life on your own terms with grace, love, and joy.

Once you have completed this program you could attract the things you’ve always wanted, because you are in alignment with your highest values and principles of life. You would feel more in control of your destiny because you would have released your self-sabotage and old beliefs on a cellular level.

Here are the 12 Topics we will cover in our ‘Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT’ Tap-along Program:
Month 1: Releasing Anxiety: Erasing angst-ridden and uneasy feelings
Month 2: Preventing Stress and Overwhelm – Stop the damage from constant pressure, worry, and burnout
Month 3: Using EFT for Pain Management – Alleviating physical and emotional pain
Month 4: Conquering Fears and Phobias – Calming your overwhelming fears
Month 5: Using EFT to become Thin – Eradicate self-sabotage and self-defeating emotional eating habits
Month 6: EFT for Parents – How to help your Child or Teen with EFT
Month 7: Leave Procrastination Behind – and follow through
Month 8: Abundance & Prosperity – tap into prosperity by releasing limiting beliefs
Month 9: Successful Personal & Business Relationships – Removing barriers to meaningful interpersonal communication
Month 10: Fuel your Goals and Desires with EFT – Removing blockages and obstacles and breaking through to peak performance
Month 11: Fast Track your Personal Development with EFT – Developing a more positive relationship with yourself
Month 12: EFT for Spiritual Growth and a Successful Life – The inner path to emotional freedom How does this program work? From the moment you sign up you’ll receive an email that contains all of the links that you can easily download to your computer. They are yours to keep.

And that is not all….
– In addition you will receive 4 tap-along Specialty Audio’s on Money, Stress Relief, Pain Management, and Emotional Eating (40€ value) + 4 Tap-along Specialty Transcripts (40€ value)

people ask me all the time: “What words do I use while tapping?”
So therefore, I have created for you 4 Detailed Tapping Script Books on
–  Abundance & Prosperity (25€ value)
–  Stress & Anxiety (25€ value)
–  Pain Relief (25€ value)
–  Releasing Weight (25€ value)

Just imagine what it will be like when you are being guided from the comfort of your own home and are able to release most of your major emotional issues gently, easily, and privately.

Imagine feeling more free in ways that you never imagined possible before. Imagine being more in control of your emotions and live your life more on your own terms with inner peace, love, and joy.

Please read below about the experience of the people who participated in creating this wonderful program.

What I liked the most were the fact that it kept me using eft everyday.  I liked to be able to listen to how questions were put to others while also benefiting from it as well.  It was both instructional and functional.
Jeanine is fabulous.  I appreciated how you were able to keep people moving along as there were so many of us and I found it respectful for others to respect others time and to be clear about what they were wanting. Kelly Berreth, Olds
Hearing your words in all situations helped me , to be able to think of what I would do with my clients You have a very smooth way of keeping order with the group  of clients and keep them on track when things get out of hand. Dianne Dardis, Fort McMurray, AB

The mini lessons prior to the demonstrations.  It gave context and enriched my learning.  Jeanine is amazing she is respectful, vivacious and very talented with EFT.  I greatly appreciated her sensitivity to the variety of clients on the call and ensuring that each person was having a positive experience.  The only suggestion I have is sending out via email the brief mini lesson prior to the call.  It goes pretty quickly on the phone and it is difficult to write down all that Jeanine says.  Thanks Jeanine for such a great experience! Carolyn, Calgary

The variety of issues brought forward by the group participants – many of which I was able to relate and benefit from. Jeanine is patient, professional, highly intuitive, loving, gentle and direct.  Val, Calgary

The teleclasses, although geared to many different people, are highly rewarding for all who are on the call.  Not only do we borrow benefits, we also, almost always, relate to at least one person on the call who is tapping for their specific issue.  Jeanine is such a wonderful facilitator on the call.  She gives us pointers on how to make the call more valuable and she always explains if she does something that we may not have any experience with.
I enjoy Jeanine as a Teleclass leader.  She is very welcoming when anyone joins the class and she encourages everyone to participate, allowing them to go where they need to go concerning their issue.  She gently guides each caller along, helping them get to the core of their issue in, usually, no time at all.  She manages to throw a little humor in to the class just to lighten things and to allow everyone to release a little stress.  Jeanine is always non-judgemental, non-criticizing and very warm hearted.  Her genuine care for everyone comes through with each person on each call.
The only thing I would change is to have the class run about 4 hours!!  The benefits I borrow are many and I’m always disappointed when the hour is up! Michele Rogers www.happybutterflies.blogspot.com

Enroll Today! The enrollment fee for this ‘Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT’ Home Tapping Program is available at only $1997 which includes: –  12 Tap-along Teleclass Audios –  12 Tap-along One-on-One Audios –  12 Specific Tapping Scripts  Plus… –  your 4 Specialty Audio’s –  your 4 Specialty Transcripts  –  4 Detailed Tapping Script Books which is a total of 1100€ value for only $1997!

All you need to do is click on the link, start tapping, release, and feel good!


At this point you may be wondering about one thing…
Will the ‘Tap into Emotional Freedom with EFT’ Home Tapping System work for ME!
•         will your relationships be transformed?
•         Will your stress and anxiety level improve?
•         Will you experience more joy, inner peace, and harmony?
•         Will your health improve?

Well, my answer is YES! But just in case you are not entirely convinced, I will  take 100% of the risk away from you.
Your Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee   If you don’t experience a clearing of limiting beliefs within 30 days from your purchase, let me know and you can have your money refunded – all of it – no questions asked.

Because I believe this system can work in your life… like it did for Lynda:
The sharing – it really helps to know that you are not the only one with issues (the same issues). I really appreciated your calmness and steadiness in leading the tapping session and loved how you were able to pick up on hidden issues that were not even mentioned.

I hope I will be able to do the same in the future.

Also, many thanks for the last evening of the class with Spiritual Growth. I cried for two weeks about leaving my acreage and lifestyle, and losing my best friend to Ontario – that says it all as I am not normally given to crying. You really helped me to get past the obvious and thank you for saying that the path I am on is only temporary.  I am feeling much better about the move and will do the best I can with it You are fabulous, caring, leading us to things we did not even know were bothering us, and leading us to get rid of the emotional attachments that hold us back in life. Thank you.


If you have any questions please email Jeanine at jeanine@EFTforlife.com

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

With warm regards,


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