Gift 4: Barbara’s story

How did you like our video with Bart? Where you able to release some of your fears around losing weight while tapping along?

Today, I would love to gift you with an inspiring audio about someone who is near and dear to my heart. Her name is Barbara.

I met Barbara when the doctors told her that she had only 6 more weeks to live (this was in October 2006). This interview which I recorded with Barbara in 2008, tells her powerful breast cancer recovery story and how she used EFT every step of the way as part of her healing and treatment plan.

Her update in February 2012… Barbara is still healthy and is leading a happy and fulfilling life! She is still using EFT on a daily basis to keep herself healthy and balanced!

Here is Barbara’s story

I hope you will enjoy this inspiring story as much as the thousands of people who have listened to it before! Feel free to forward this audio to anyone who is struggling with a serious disease, allowing them to receive this Gift of Hope from you…

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