EFT for Critical Mother-in-Law – Tapping Script

‘Lisa’ feels intimidated by her in-laws and has huge anxiety when they come for a multiple-day visit.
She wants to be perfect and impress her in-laws.

It is my wish that you may borrow many benefits while tapping along!

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Start Tapping on the Karate Chop:

  • ‘Even though I am so afraid I don’t measure up, I deeply and profoundly accept myself as a beautiful woman’
  • ‘Even though I think my in-laws have all these expectations about me, and that makes me nervous and anxious, I accept who I am and how I feel’
  • ‘Even though it is such a big task to transform myself into the perfect woman when they visit, I choose to be relaxed and be my natural me’

Tap through all the points:

  • I am so nervous
  • I will need to be perfect
  • The kids will need to be perfect
  • I feel as if I need to do an exam
  • And it is hugely important to me to pass the exam!
  • I feel criticized
  • I feel judged
  • I am afraid I am not good enough
  • Especially not good enough for their precious son
  • I feel this pressure
  • This pressure to prove to them
  • that I am good enough
  • This pressure to show them
  • that I am competent enough
  • When they come to visit it is ‘show-time’
  • To give them the impression
  • that I am the perfect wife
  • The perfect mother
  • The perfect cook
  • The perfect everything
  • And we are living
  • happily ever after
  • This is a huge task I put on myself
  • and they don’t make it easy on me
  • They stay formal and observe me
  • Observe all of us
  • I bet they have their opinions
  • and I cannot control their opinions
  • I cannot control their perceptions about me
  • Sometimes I have these thoughts
  • that they secretly want me to fail
  • I feel intimidated by them
  • They expect to be served
  • It is so stressful
  • I am so worried
  • I am convinced that I am never good enough
  • Never good enough for their beautiful gorgeous son
  • I have all these fears
  • I feel so insecure
  • That is why I want to prove to them that I am good enough
  • Of course, there is this little voice inside my head
  • That wonders if I am indeed good enough
  • I have this habit of criticizing myself
  • And judging myself
  • I am pretty good at that!

Tap a Positive Round starting with the Karate Chop:

  • ‘Even though it is not my favorite time of the year when my in-laws are visiting, I choose to feel calm and confident’
  • ‘Even though I put all this pressure on myself when they come, I choose to know that I am doing the very best I can’
  • ‘Even though, I desperately want to proof them I am good enough, I love reminding myself why I married my husband in the first place’

 Tap a Positive Round while tapping through all the points:

  • I choose to feel calm and confident, no matter what
  • I am open to having a different experience this time
  • What if things would go really well?
  • What if I say good things to myself all the time?
  • What if I imagine the best?
  • Instead of my old habit
  • of imagining the worst,
  • I choose to experience harmony this time
  • especially harmony inside of me
  • I choose to feel loved, adored, admired, and respected
  • I choose to be gentle with myself
  • and stop betraying the beautiful women I am
  • by the way I talk to myself privately
  • I look forward to having the best visit ever
  • and to be happily surprised how easy it will be
  • when I let go of my fear and self-judgment
  • I choose to be positively surprised
  • by seeing how different things are this time
  • when I let go of my self-criticism
  • I choose to have a really good time
  • and to shine my beauty as a confident woman
  • who values herself on all levels
  • And so it is!

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