EFT Level 1 Workshop for Parents and Teachers (2days)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) belongs to a new class of treatments referred to as Energy Psychology.

EFT evolved from Thought Field Therapy, which was created by U.S. clinical psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. Gary Craig, who studied with Dr. Callahan, is the Founder of EFT.
EFT is an easy to learn, lasting results, safe and non-invasive easy-to-use self-help tool.

Who would benefit from this Training?
Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Childcare Providers, Child Psychologists, Pediatricians, Nurses, School Counselors, Educators, School Principles, Coaches, or anyone who works with children in a professional setting.
Using EFT with our children can be a most rewarding experience.

You will learn in this high-quality, high-content training how to effectively use this incredible tool with skill and confidence.
This training will give you a solid foundation in EFT, so you can use it with your children at home, in the classroom, or in any stressful situation.

Application Areas
EFT applies to all issues, including: Stress, Dyslexia, Insomnia, Learning Difficulties, Body Pains, Anger, Trauma, Anxiety, Phobias, Allergies, ADD, ADHD, Shyness, Separation Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Sadness, Bedtime Fears, Nightmares, Travel Sickness, and much more…

What people are saying after attending the EFT Level 1 Training
“I have always believed that our emotions and thoughts cause our illnesses.  And I have always believed that if we could find a way to release those emotions and thoughts we could heal ourselves.
It was not until I attended an EFT workshop with Jeanine Crombé that I found a method to do just that.
This has been the most powerful tool that I have ever received and Jeanine’s essence is so peaceful and insightful that it was a pleasure being in her company for the day.
I have every intention of continuing to learn about this marvellous technique that improves my life daily. “
–  “I have greatly benefited from our experiences together and I was blessed to have a teacher like Jeanine. Her wisdom, great preparation, healthy humour and the most important great results with EFT”.
– “Many things stand out about being trained by Jeanine. She was perceptive to the different levels and needs of the participants and gracefully attended to those who required special attention.
Jeanine is obviously well experienced and very competent both in EFT and in leading workshops, so I always felt I was being trained by an expert.
Meeting Jeanine, and taking EFT Level 1 training with her was an all-round positive experience, and well worth the added effort and expense of traveling to another province (1400km)”.
– “As for the ADD demonstration…….Wow!  If only everyone associated with anyone who has ADD could have that experience I’m certain people would not only be more considerate and compassionate but there would be more demand for non-drug interventions to help ADD people settle and focus.  EFT would be in huge demand!
I want to let you know you are an inspiring teacher.  You are so gentle, respectful and you explain things very well.  I truly enjoyed the course. Thank you.  I look forward with excitement to studying with you in the future”.

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Workshop Structure & Content
The workshop will consist of a lecture, demonstrations, partner practice, and plenty of ‘hands-on’ experience:

Part 1 – Introduction
– What is EFT and how does it work?
– What are the advantages of using EFT with our children?
– Why should I use it on myself?

Part 2 – Theory
– Why is EFT so effective with children?
– How do negative emotions disrupt the energy system?
– How can a healthy energy system improve the life of my child and myself?
– Learn the Basic EFT Recipe and effective Short Cut Versions specifically for children
– Learn how to handle some of the blocks to EFT
– Plus…. Learn at least 10 ways to refine your application of the Basic Recipe for effective results with children

Part 3 – Practice
As a group we will tap on (your privacy is always respected):
– Specific issues related to ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism
– How to use EFT effectively when the child does not want to talk about their problem
– 3 Ways to use Surrogate tapping for the child
– How to simplify the technique for kids
– Specific issues suggested by the participants

You will be taught an extremely powerful confidence builder that is very nurturing for both parent and child!

Deliverables & Certificate

This EFT Level 1 Training includes your:
– EFT Level 1 Workbook (which is different from the EFT Manual)
– EFT Level 1 Certificate, which is valid to access the further training workshops Level 2 and Level 3

Important Pre-Assignment – please read
Pre-reading Material – Prior to this Training please read the FREE 79-Page EFT Manual so you can familiarize yourself already with the Technique and the various Tapping Points.

Release Form – Prior to the Training you will be asked to sign a basic release form, stating you will take responsibility for your own health and well being.

Important Note for your Certificate – As soon as you have registered, please email Jeanine at Jeanine@EFTforlife.com with the exact spelling of your full Name (and Credentials, if you wish) so we can print your EFT Certificate correctly.
If you have any questions about this training please contact Jeanine at jeanine@EFTforlife.com or call 03 283 49 41

Other Remark – please read
Please arrive minimum 20 minutes early (at 9:40) to ‘Meet and Greet’, so we can start right on time


How to register
Send me an email at Jeanine@EFTforlife.com


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