EFT for Loneliness – Tapping Script

One of the emotions that come up often for my clients  is ‘loneliness’. It seems to be one of the hidden emotions we carry around sometimes.  Therefore, I selected the question from Rita for our new tapping script: How to use EFT for loneliness? I have created the tapping script specifically for her, however, you are welcome to tap along and Borrow Benefits!

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Start tapping on the Karate Chop:

  • ‘Even though I have this deep sadness and I can feel it in my chest, I deeply and profoundly accept myself’
  • ‘Even though I feel so alone in this place where I am, I accept how I feel right now’
  • ‘Even though I have this desire to belong and feel loved, I choose to feel better today’

Tap through all the points:

  • I feel so deeply sad
  • There is nobody to love me
  • No likeminded people to talk with
  • Nobody who truly understands me
  • Even though I am very busy all day
  • I feel like I live in an emotional desert
  • I feel so disconnected
  • I feel so alone
  • So lonely
  • All this yearning for better places
  • For better emotional circumstances
  • I just don’t want to be here
  • I have so many hopes and dreams
  • And I cannot realize them where I am
  • I don’t see how
  • I want to be somewhere else
  • It is so hard for me
  • I feel this sadness
  • I have this inner conflict
  • I feel trapped
  • I do not see a way out
  • I feel so restless
  • So alone
  • And nobody who cares enough to listen to me
  • It is not fair
  • I deserve so much better
  • I am tired of chasing
  • If I just could see a different way
  • I need clarity
  • I feel stuck
  • I do not want to settle for a mediocre life
  • I want to let go of this lonely feeling
  • I want to feel more empowered and deeply connected
  • I deserve this
  • I am getting impatient
  • I need a change quickly

Positive round while tapping through all the points:

  • I am open to be inspired with solutions
  • I am ready to see new possibilities
  • To think in a different way
  • To let go of my resistance
  • To let go of feeling stuck
  • What if there is a solution?
  • What if I could not see it earlier?
  • What if really great things are on the way for me?
  • Will I be ready to receive them when they arrive?
  • I choose to let go of my current mindset
  • And be open to new insights
  • New ways that are bringing me joy
  • New ways to connect with people
  • Making my desired life a priority
  • New ways to connect with me, first
  • Building a solid connection with me, first
  • And be my own best friend first
  • Me and my own best friend
  • Then we are already with two!
  • I allow myself
  • To be deeply connected with my Trusted Source
  • Allowing myself to build a solid foundation
  • And be more hopeful and relaxed
  • I love knowing I am on the right path
  • I really like this new feeling!

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