How to release body pains with EFT!


Step One: Select your specific tapping topic

Step Two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start Tapping on the Karate Chop Point:

1. Focus on your actual pain and be very specific:
‘Even though I have this lightning bolt pain in my side, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”
‘Even though I have this throbbing headache in the front of my head, I deeply…’
‘Even though I have this dull ache in my left knee….’

2. Focus on how you feel about the pain:
‘Even though I’m afraid if this pain keeps up, I won’t be able to dance anymore, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I’m terrified I’ll lose my job if this pain gets worse…..’
‘Even though if I was the person I think I am, I would have gotten rid of this pain long ago…..’
‘Even though I have these emotions about having this pain….’

3. Find an emotion or quality in the pain or part of the body in pain:
‘Even though I have this resentment in my shoulder, I deeply and profoundly accept myself’
‘Even though I have this anger in my lower back – nobody ever supported me and I’m tired of doing it all myself…..’
‘Even though I have this shame/grief/sadness (whatever it is) in my…’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:
Tap in the positive – a healthy body and overall well-being

  • My beautiful body is comprised
  • of trillions of cells
  • I want to enjoy
  • feeling more balance and harmony
  • between all of my cells
  • I am ready now
  • to release gently
  • all my fear and doubt
  • because I want to feel
  • absolute well-being in my body
  • Living in a pain-free body
  • is one of my biggest desires
  • I have always allowed fear to run my life
  • and now I choose peace and trust instead
  • My good-feeling body
  • will come easily
  • because I choose to stay more
  • calm and centred
  • I allow the pleasure and comfort
  • of a healthy body
  • I am ready to evolve
  • to a better way of life.
  • I choose to see the world
  • as a safe and beautiful place
  • so I can put safely
  • my attention on the future
  • I send love and healing
  • to every part of my body
  • I envision optimum blood flow
  • to the part(s) of my body
  • that need it the most
  • and my physical body responds quickly
  • to my new fresh energy
  • I choose to trust and love myself
  • I am ready to create
  • a happy and healthy body
  • I easily derive pleasure
  • from experiencing my better-feeling body
  • I continually amaze myself
  • with my ability to heal my body
  • I am proud of the fact that
  • I can count on me for
  • making healthy life-choices.
  • I choose to enjoy life
  • without this enslavement
  • of pain and restriction
  • I continually amaze myself
  • with my increasing ability
  • to act from a place of alignment
  • so beneficial behavior will be inspired
  • and wonderful things can unfold
  • with great ease
  • And the more ease I feel
  • the less resistance I hold
  • and the more the cells of my body
  • can find their natural balance!


How to use EFT for dealing with difficult people! 

Step one: Select your specific tapping topic

Step two: Rate your intensity on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest)

Step Three: Where do you feel this intensity in your body?

Step Four: Start tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though I am so angry at this person, it is eating away at me, I deeply and profoundly accept myself’
‘Even though I can’t believe this relationship is deteriorating and I am so scared, I accept who I am and how I feel’
‘Even though I have all this anxiety in my body and I am afraid of conflict, I accept that I am very good person anyway’

Step Five: Tap through all the Tapping Points:

  • I am so angry
  • I can’t believe
  • how my life is
  • unravelling right in front of me
  • I am afraid of confrontation
  • I don’t like conflict
  • I keep it all inside
  • I am so scared
  • I feel so insecure
  • Afraid to express my anger
  • This situation is eating away at me
  • I feel so overwhelmed
  • I feel abandoned
  • I feel betrayed
  • I lost my inner peace
  • I lost my inner balance
  • and it is not my fault
  • I am so angry at this person
  • I am furious
  • It affects me so deeply
  • It affects my health
  • I cannot sleep
  • I cannot eat
  • It consumes me
  • I so hate this person
  • and I don’t want to release my anger
  • I keep it all inside
  • My anger is justified
  • S/He deserves my anger
  • because it is all his/her fault
  • S/He has hurt me so deeply
  • and I want to hold it against him/her
  • until eternity…
  • I have the right to be angry
  • I am afraid to express it
  • And I don’t want to express it
  • If I would release my anger
  • it would feel as if
  • I am okay with what is happening
  • And I am not!
  • I am so angry
  • I am furious
  • I want to punish him/her with my anger
  • Punish them with my silent anger
  • I hope this will teach him/her a lesson
  • ….
  • But you know what?
  • I have noticed that
  • s/he actually doesn’t care about my anger
  • Doesn’t seem to care at all
  • But I do care about my anger
  • because it is destroying my body
  • My health is breaking down
  • and s/he even doesn’t care
  • So who am I really punishing here?
  • It feels that I am the only one
  • who is suffering from the anger
  • because I am carrying this anger in my body
  • S/He doesn’t seem to care
  • and this makes me even more angry
  • The anger is inside of my body
  • I am the one suffering
  • from all the side effects
  • of being angry
  • not him/her
  • So therefore,
  • how about if I would release my anger
  • for me
  • because my body
  • does not deserve to suffer like this
  • I want to release this anger
  • out of self-love for me
  • because the anger is in my body
  • And it hurts me
  • S/He doesn’t care that I am suffering
  • So the only one who is really suffering here
  • Is me… beautiful me…
  • Therefore, I want to consider
  • releasing this anger for me
  • Out of love for me
  • Because it destroys my health
  • It compromises my happiness
  • and I deserve so much better than this
  • I deserve to get my radiance back
  • I deserve to get my sparkle back
  • I deserve to get my glow back
  • S/He is not worth it
  • that I am destroying
  • my health and well-being for him/her
  • Therefore, I want to release my anger
  • for my benefit
  • for my well-being
  • so I can feel better
  • I deserve better
  • I deserve more
  • I am not going to allow someone else
  • to control my feelings anymore
  • or allow them to control my life
  • I want to be in control of my own feelings
  • and not let this person have power over me
  • by giving him/her the power to make me angry
  • I choose now my own feelings
  • Feelings that make me feel good
  • Feelings that make me feel lighter
  • I want more inner peace
  • more inner harmony
  • more ease in my relationships
  • I so very much deserve this
  • I deserve to feel better
  • and if I cannot have good feelings right away
  • at least I want to feel more neutral
  • Feel more indifferent
  • Feel more like an observer
  • Be more in charge of my emotional life
  • and release my fear
  • Trust that I will be guided
  • to express my feelings when I am ready
  • and ask that things will always be working out for me
  • and when I relax things will work out much faster!



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