EFT for Hidden Pain – Tapping Script

Mother’s Day is a joyous day for many moms, however, some truly loving and dedicated women suffer in silence.

‘Jennifer’ is a single mom who suffers deeply every time when her little girl visits her dad. It affects her health and overall well-being.

It is my wish that you may borrow many benefits while tapping along!
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Start Tapping on the Karate Chop:

‘Even though it is so hard to deal with my daughter her dad, I feel so tired, I accept who I am and how I feel about it’
‘Even though I am so worried and stressed when he takes my daughter away from me, I feel so scared, I know I am a wonderful mom’
‘Even though I have these irrational fears and it is hard to let them go, I feel helpless, I deeply and profoundly accept myself’

Tap through all the points:

• All these challenges
• All these fears
• I have to do it all alone
• Nobody is helping me with my emotional overwhelm
• There is nobody who really understands how I feel
• I am so anxious
• Her dad wants more time with her
• And I am resisting out of fear
• I get panicked sometimes
• I have such a hard time to let my daughter go
• Even if it is just for a visit
• I so want to protect my little girl
• Even though her dad would not hurt her
• I still don’t trust it
• I need to hand my precious girl over to her dad
• And even though that is a normal procedure
• It gives me this tension in my stomach
• It makes me sick to my stomach
• I need to let my girl go for a visit
• But I don’t want to
• I really don’t want to
• I feel scared
• I don’t want my girl to be away from me
• for a longer period of time
• I just can’t handle that
• I get sick from panic and anxiety
• I am suffering in silence
• And nobody is here to take care of me
• I always have to give, give and give
• I am so angry
• I feel so resentful
• It is not fair
• It should not be this way
• I want my daughter to be parented my way,
• all the way
• It is hard to let you of control
• It is hard for me to trust
• That her dad will parent her right
• I have all these resistance
• I feel stuck
• I don’t want to let go

 Tap a more Positive Round while tapping through all the points:

• I choose to be calm and peaceful
• I would love to be more flexible
• I wonder where my deep distrust comes from
• I choose to let it go for the benefit of my daughter
• I want to be a happy mom
• I want to be a carefree mom
• who inspires her daughter
• I want to show her
• that the world is a safe place
• that the world is a friendly place
• But of course I first need to believe this myself
• So therefore, I choose to focus on me first
• And release my core issues that trigger fear and anxiety
• I feel trapped in these intense emotions
• I feel frozen and panicked
• and it is costing me
• It is costing me dearly
• In terms of my health and peace of mind
• Therefore, I choose to clear my own intense feelings first
• So I can be present for my daughter
• I want my daughter to feel my love
• and not my worries and fear
• I want my daughter to feel safe
• I want my daughter to grow up
• surrounded my love and joy
• I know I am a wonderful mom
• I deeply care about my daughter
• I would do anything for her
• including letting go of my fear, panic, and anxiety!
• And so it is

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