Authentic Feminine Success with EFT – Module 2 6WK TeleSeminar Series

Last month we celebrated the graduates of our first AFS One!
A Class full of beautiful and enthusiastic women experienced the joy and power of integrating many core aspects of their Authentic Feminine Nature and… They wanted more…!
Therefore, I have been creating for you with enthusiasm, dedication, and passion our 6WK TeleSeminar Series – Authentic Feminine Success with EFT – Module Two

Even though Module 2 builds on the first module, each Module is designed as a self-contained Course, allowing you to easily participate, even if you did not take Module One.

These are some of the Topics we will cover in our 6WK Teleseminar Series – Module Two:

Week One

Discovering the areas of Toxic Love and Toxic Food in our lives. Learning how they are connected specifically for us, as women, in surprising ways and are holding us back in ways we could not have imagined.

Week Two
How many times have you given away your feminine power in exchange for approval, status, or the illusion of safety? Knowing the areas where we have destructive ties to Toxic Money and clearing them is very powerful. We will learn why it is so crucial to rewire our brain and leave the love-hate relationship with money behind.

Week Three

Do you know what is the most attractive quality in a woman? (and it is not her shiny hair, shapely body, or sexual energy) In addition, I will share with you the 3 other most important qualities that make men feel charmed and enchanted with us. We will use EFT to align our energy authentically with those 4 most attractive qualities.

Week Four
Discover the 3 Archetypes of Authentic Femininity and how men respond to each of them. You don’t want to miss this one!

Week five
Experience the power of Self-Forgiveness with EFT. Forgiveness carries with it such an intense energy. It is hard to be truly successful as a woman without enlisting the powerful force of forgiveness. Learn what the number one thing is that we need before we are able to forgive.

Week Six
Learn brand new, advanced concepts for fulfilling your needs and receiving your deepest desires. Discover the 3 categories of specific needs we have as women. Looking at our needs from what they would allow us to BE in the future, will put us in the point-of-view to receive them instead of demand them.

In addition…
You will receive your Invitation for One Integration Bonus Class (TeleClass 7)
All the details will be sent to you upon registration.

And last but not least…

One of my favorite parts of the program is the community! We are creating a community of women from around the world whom are joining energy and intentions to create a beautiful experience together. When conscious women are coming together in this way, magic is created. We have a private closed Facebook Group where we all join together, share questions, challenges, and celebrate our wins. This is your opportunity to connect with like-hearted women and create beautiful friendships for life.

When: six consecutive weeks
What: 6 TeleSeminars of 90 minutes each (all recordings are included)
One Complimentary Ticket to our Integration Bonus TeleClass
Invitation to our on-line private community, priceless!

I look forward to connecting with you and create a beautiful feminine Summer experience together!

If you are a man reading this, you are welcome to forward this invitation to the important women in your life.

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