Authentic Feminine Success with EFT – Module 1 6WK TeleSeminar Series


Tap into your deepest desires as a woman,  and leave self-sacrifice, exhaustion, and burnout behind!

Come and Join us for our 6WK TeleSeminar Series:

Week One
Our body renews most of its cells every 30-40 days. It is like getting a fresh, brand-new start every 30-40 days! What is the opportunity in this for me as a woman? I invite you to make an emotionally true declaration of your intention and say ‘yes’ to yourself! We will set up a powerful framework for our 6-weeks (42 days) of creating together and supporting each other!

Week Two
Using EFT to become an Authentically Successful Woman Blending and fusing our masculine and feminine qualities in a way that serves versus depletes, us as women
Releasing obsessive doing-ness and move with ease and grace into Being-ness Letting go of guilt, exhaustion, and the pressure to ‘do it all’

Week Three
Connecting with our natural rhythm and listen to our heart beat of joy, beauty, and pleasure The difference between inspired action and massive action and how to implement it

Week Four
Learn the Five Ways of Living and Loving and discover your unique and authentic way. Knowing this on a deep emotional level will gently move you into a graceful state of living with ease on a daily basis

Week Five
Creating Success from a feminine perspective…Could it really happen for me? Letting go of deep-rooted conditioning. Good things happen for others, not me. The old world is gone. There is a new world out there with a new economy. It does not work anymore for us as women to push only in a masculine way. We will dispel the old myths and discover the new trends to create feminine balance

Week Six
Making the decision to be a High Vibrational, Energetic, and Authentic Woman Becoming a master at creating success in a feminine way. People are drawn to happy, healthy, high-vibrational women who feel confident, and are authentically successful in a feminine way.

In addition…
One of my favorite parts of the program is the community! We are creating a community of women from around the world whom are joining energy and intentions to create a beautiful experience together. When conscious women are coming together in this way, magic is created.
We have a private facebook group where we all join together, share questions, challenges, and celebrate our wins. This is your opportunity to connect with like-hearted women and create beautiful friendships for life.

When: six consecutive weeks
What: 6 TeleClasses of 90 minutes each (all recordings are included)
Invitation to our on-line private community, priceless!I look forward to connecting with you and create a beautiful feminine experience together!

P.S. If you are a man reading this, you are welcome to forward this invitation to the important women in your life.
Warm regards,

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