Do you have this Deep Desire to free yourself from negative emotions and experience Emotional Freedom?
You’ve come to the right place to learn Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)!

I work with people who struggle with self-sabotage, fear, anxiety, phobias, overwhelm and who want to be in control of their emotions so they can predictably be more productive and relaxed, powerful and creative, loving and strong, and play the big game of life fullout without burnout.
Midlife, Conscious, Successful Women from around the globe meet and tap with me to release their subconscious beliefs, which are holding them back on a cellular level. Releasing these beliefs gives them the opportunity to enjoy a full, rich and authentic life, filled with beauty, grace and love.
What separates my EFT work from other modalities is that I enjoy a consistent 90+% success rate. EFT has no side effects and is a safe, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use self-help tool with lasting results.
Best of all, you will enjoy a powerful tool that you can use independently and privately, every time you step into higher levels of performance and need new levels of self-confidence and self-trust!

Would you like to know more?

Send me an email today at jeanine@EFTforlife.com and I will call you to set up a time to share your struggles and desires, ask key questions, and talk about solutions, free of charge.