As a woman, our capacity to give depends on our capacity to receive. The more we give ourselves the gift of a good night sleep, the easier it is to support, nurture and enhance the lives of our loved ones.

Sleep is true self-care. Balancing and optimizing our mental and emotional energy is often an overlooked benefit of having enough sleep.

Most people think that sleeping is a waste of time!

However, did you know that more sleep saves us time?
It actually saves us lots of time!


Because we are more alert, focused and have better concentration.
We make less mistakes. We come up with better solutions. We make better plans. This alone saves us a lot of time!
… plus we are much more fun to be around:)

But, what if you can’t sleep?
No worries, help is on the way…

Today, I will teach you a highly successful process on how to use EFT for a great night of sleep, every night!

The process is a little different than what you usually receive from me, however, I have taught this at least a hundred times to clients with insomnia.

90% of them enjoy permanent success with this specific way of tapping in two weeks, or less!

The remaining 10% of my clients had deeper issues that kept them awake at night and, of course, we needed to address those first, before they were able to enjoy a deep relaxing sleep, too.

Loving Self-care for YOU in August!
Private VIP tapping by the sea…

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