One Day Private Intensive

Live, Love and Enjoy… Would this be something for you?

Why, from all places, would I invite you to Verona, the Town of Love to tap with me one-on-one for an entire day?

If Shakespeare chose Verona for his masterpiece ‘Romeo and Juliet’ there must be a very good reason for this.
He could have chosen any other amazing Italian town like Venice, Florence, Rome, or even the super-romantic Paris… instead the great Shakespeare decided on Verona.

Did you know Verona has a legendary ‘Juliet Club’ where a team of passionate and skilled volunteers ‘The Secretaries of Juliet’ respond to letters and messages sent from all over the world written to Juliet? Remember the movie ‘Letters To Juliet’ in 2010?

All the letters received at the Juliet Club are given a personal reply in the same language as the sender.
‘Cara Guilietta, Dear Juliet, Chère Juliette, Liebe Julia’ this is how senders desiring to share the story of their love. Juliet takes the role of custodian of the myriad of words of love, joy, sorrow, or loneliness written in any language

Are your ready to tap and
Re-kindle the love for your life?
Re-connect with the love for you?
Re-invent your personal love life?

Do you feel deserving of the benefits of tapping a full day One-on-One with me?
Did you know we can accomplish as much in one day as in 2 months of weekly sessions ?

These are some of the wins from previous EFT Intensives:
Life is easier and lighter
Feeling like a completely renewed person
Having better and more harmonious relationships

Starting to finally enjoy my life more
Feeling I do deserve so much more; it feels possible now
Transforming conflicts into easy and heart-warming relationships

Having more joy in life, feeling more energized, even while living a busy life
I really deserve to be happy and enjoy my family and be a role model of success for my kids
Understanding and embracing my feminine aspects and feeling much more connected to my essence

Feeling increased peace
More self-love and self-acceptance
Support and helping me to get my LIFE back
More clarity and deeper understanding of myself and ways to heal

If you feel that This time is Your time, then it would be my pleasure to tap and enjoy a memorable experience with you!

ONE DAY Private One-on-One EFT Intensive in Verona, Italy

Would this be this something for you?
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I look forward to enjoying time with you in Verona!

With warm regards,

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