EFT for Six Figures and Beyond

Helping you to ‘have it all’ and Live – Beautifully – in these Emotionally Challenging Times 

Would you love to follow your passion, but are held back by a lack of money?
Do you feel financially trapped or controlled by others?
Are your expectations for your life greater than the results you are actually experiencing?

Would you like to heal your heart and your bank account? 

Money is just an energy and flows like water down the river
Our conversations around money either expand or limit the flow
We want to expand that river until its banks are overflowing with money

We need to clear our vibrational density around money, clear away the debris that obstructs the free flow of money, and the best and fastest way that I know is using EFT!

We can open up greater pathways and money will flow to and through you with more ease and grace!
Learn step by step how to Master the Abundance Creation Process with EFT!


In this 7-step Process we will Erase on a Cellular Level what we do not want and get rid of Useless Limiting Beliefs and Old Subconscious Programming with EFT:

1 .  My procrastination is blocking abundance, It is safer to stay where I am, I am afraid to change, Life has been always a struggle for me
2.  Guilt from my past is holding me back, Guilt about having more, Guilt about wanting more, Guilt about having advantages over others
3.  I am afraid to shine or stand out, What if they criticize my success, Fear of envy or jealousy, What if they think I am greedy
4.  I am angry about my financial situation, It is not fair, I deserve better, I feel trapped without money, I am afraid to ‘rock the boat’
5.  I do not believe in prosperity, I do believe in scarcity, I do not deserve abundance, Money does not come to me easily, Success is not for me
6.  There is never enough money for me, I resent what others have, I do not feel deserving of abundance, I do not belong with wealthy people
7.  I am not willing to work this hard, I’d rather stay in my comfort zone, I have fear of increase, I will not have enough free time, I’d rather feel safe than successful


7-step Process to install New Positive and Empowering Statements and New Programming that serves you to create and manifest your wealth, prosperity, and abundance with EFT!  This part of the program is based in part upon the timeless wisdom of the ‘Science of Getting Rich’.

It has always been my desire to combine The Science of Getting Rich with EFT to give you a powerful, measurable, and abundant increase in your life. In this part of the program, we will also catch the ‘tailenders’ with EFT ‘triggered’ by all the positive statements.

1.  How to make your desires and beliefs a vibrational match with EFT
2.  How to feel better one emotion at the time with EFT – Using the emotional guidance system
3.  The art of allowing your desires with EFT
4.  How to become a conscious creator with EFT – How to guide your thoughts and feelings versus controlling them
5.  How to change your mood with EFT
6.  How to co-create with the universe for your highest good – Do not put unwanted ingredients in your recipe
7.  Your greatest gift to give is your happiness – Am I selfish enough to ask for what I want so I can BE happy?

Your investment in yourself:

If you would take this Program with me individually, it would be 4.500€
however, I want you to benefit from this entire Program for only $1997

This audio training program comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

If you have any questions please send an email to Jeanine at jeanine@EFTforlife.com

Warm regards,

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